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Larry Beinfest: Marlins "Never Really Got It Going"


            Just had our annual, end-of-season sit-down with president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest. Some of the highlights from the 30-minute season debriefing:

            -- Beinfest said it was apparent even before the rash of injuries toward the end of the season that the Marlins weren't a playoff-caliber team. Said Beinfest: "We never won a bunch in a row. Never lost a bunch in a row. Never really got it going. I think a lot of people will focus on the last six weeks and the injuries and say, maybe that's why. But when you look back on it in total, we never really got it going. It was never sustained winning. We never really made a big push. Even when you look at the most basic things, where we rank in batting average and ERA, we're just in the middle of the pack. And that's where we ended up. We ended up in the middle of the pack, right around .500."

            -- Beinfest said the offseason would be spent trying to improve the bullpen: "We definitely need to upgrade the bullpen. There needs to be more depth. There needs to be more quality. There needs to be more balance in terms of left/right. From my perspective, I think one of the greatest challenges for this organization is putting together a bullpen. It's probably one of our greater challenges." 

             -- On catching: "I think (Brett) Hayes and (Brad) Davis have done a really nice job in September. Obviously we need John Baker back. We need (Ronny) Paulino unsuspended. We're going to have to fortify the catching."

             -- On defense: "We still did not make the strides defensively. So now we have to spend the offseason saying: Are these people going to continue to get better? Was it good enough? Or was it actually the personnel? Are we going to have to change out some of the personnel to improve the defense to get it to the level that we need?"

             -- On the third-base situation, with Chris Coghlan penciled in for that position: "Let's face it, Matt Dominguez is coming. He played very well in the second half. Defensively he is well above average. We know Chris can play the outfield if something happens in the offseason that we want to make some changes. We know he can go back out there. As of today, we'll start hitting some ground balls when he's healthy and getting him ready."

             -- On the timetable for naming a permanent manager: "As quickly as possible I think would be the organization's preference, to have the manager and coaching staff in place. We met with all the coaches, explained the situation to them. Our pitching coach, Randy St. Claire, is under contract for this year so he will be back. The other coaches....will be considered." Beinfest said he has not yet asked other teams for permission to speak with prospective candidates.

             -- On the performance of Hanley Ramirez: "You can ask him, but coming from .342 to where he is today, he's going to finish at .300, I think we ask a lot of Hanley. I think we have high expectations only because of his talent. Hanley, his arm's bothered him for a good part of the year and he hung in there. Did he hit .342? No. I think he is going to be an elite player for a long time, whether that means he's going to be somewhere between .300 and .342, that's how we judge him, I don't know. He will probably tell you at times he had down times that he wasn't accustomed to. But that happens in this game. I think sometimes we lose some appreciation for it, the impact of the player in total, the way he can run, the way he can command a game. At times he can just take over because of his talent." 


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Thank u captain obvious. Way to aim for the middle.


no more disastrous trades like the CABRERA deal ....what a total bomb.

Stan M

We fans can't help but see a promising future. Our starters are all in place and some relievers are worthy of keeping. I see Cousins over Maybin in CF or at least used against RH pitchers. Dominguez had an excellent Playoff showing, so watch out around June or so. If he is ready, it's Coghlin back to LF, Morrison to 1B and Gabby traded. My major question concerns any need for catching. Why? Unless it's IRod? We have excellent defense in Polino and Brad Davis and a left handed bat that produces in Baker. Who out there is any better? What more is needed? And I love that kid SS. Are the Marlins a better team with his glove or Hanley's bat? Best scenario would be to eventually move Hanley to the OF. And what is expected of those two kid pitchers at AA who were surperb? I hope that Miller is finally sent packing; he's demoralizing. Best trade the Marlins could make...it's easy. Loria for a prison uniform. Unfortunately I live in NC so can't go to games and start a "Loria Must GO" chant...but some of you who read this certainly could and please, please do.


Beinfest.... You and loria and samshmuck never got it going!!!!


It took th entire season and TWO managers to finally admit that this wasn't a playoff team. Great job in stocking the bullpen and the bench. Now that we know that Dombrowski hoodwinked them in the Cabrera trade, can we just cut our losses already? Firing Fredi was an injustice, and not retaining Edwin now would be even more unjust. How about giving the guy a chance to manage with a full deck? Loria and Samson should neither be seen or heard when it comes to baseball decisions. They should learn from the Miami Heat model.....an owner who puts his money where his mouth is, and leaves the baseball decisions to Beinfest and Mike Hill! MLB should "encourage" them to sell the team to a real owner, the sooner the better.

David and the Boys!!!

Thank you Marlins fans for your support. Now go home and pay your taxes so we can wine and dine our friends in the new stadium while we watch the cheapest team in the league make us MILLION$...HAHAHA..SUCKERS!!!!

Stan M

Agree with comment above about current manager. He deserves a full year with a competent bullpen. Who is out there that would be an improvement? And more important to our esteemed owner...will he work for pennies on the dollar?


On Andrew Miller...


Ted simmons from the padres.. Keep an eye on him


Why would you consider trading gabby sanchez..? The problem the Marlins have is center field and third, I would not bet ant money on the success of Couglin, he has not been consistant over a complete year and is going backwards. If you wanted to improve the team you would put Ramirez in center, Ozzie at short and domingez at third. Trading Sanchez and handing Couglin the job he has not earned is foolish

Stan M

I've suggested Hanley in the OF several times. Regarding Sanchez, please consider the following: Moving Morrison to 1B would improve defense there and in LF. Coghlan hits lefthanded which is a plus. I have nothing against Sanchez at all, he was my favorite Marlin for much of the year. It's just that overall he is average to slightly below as a first baseman (as a hitter) and he either became tired or pitchers were starting to figure him out late this year. Coghlan went backwards? Leading all of baseball in hits over the last two months is backwards? He got better, not worse (as did Gabby) as his rookie season came to a close.Coghlan is a faster runner. He is 3-4 years younger. He can play more than one position. Is it possible that Gabby can catch? Dominguez will be at 3B soon and Ozzie Martinez is a major league shortstop...Hanley is not. If Hanley won't go to the OF, I'd ask around and see what he's bring on the open market...I dislike his attitude. Did you see my comment about what the Brave announcers said about him when our announcers were blacked out? It wasn't complimentary. I do think your last sentence is illogical. Coghlan would not replace Sanchez at 1B and Coghlan has certainly shown that he belongs. Possibly moving Sanchez has nothing to do with Coghlan anyway. And it wouldn't be feasible unless he is odd man out when Dominguez comes up. Consider that scouting is one of the Marlin organization's strong suits and they drafted Dominguez instead of Jason Heyward, so there must be something there to like very much. All of both of our comments could be just so much blather if Loria refuses to pay Uggla what he is worth. Then Coghlan goes to 2B and Gabby stays. My ideal team would be Coghlan in LF, Hanley or Cousins in CF with Stanton in right. Dominguez, Ozzie Martinez, Uggla and Morrison in the infield and a tandem of Polino, Baker, and Davis catching (unless IRod is available then sub IRod for Polino or Davis.)


Stan you and I are on the same page, I did not express myself well.
Our problem is center field not left and 1st . my thoughts (before I had my coffee)
Why trade Sanchez and move LoMO to first , just stick Coghlan in center.
I think that teams have figured out how to defend Goghlan, they have taken away his bread and butter hit to short left and he has not adjusted as of yet.Teams are able to play him close due to his relative lack of power . Ideally, they ship Uggla to the American league which would allow an infield of Dominguez, Martinez , Coghlan and Sanchez. Ramirez should be moved to center , I think in the long run any of the 2 rookie catchers will win the job, they are both excellent on defense

John Fort Lauderdale

I have always believed the buck stops at the top. Look at the top! Loria and Samson did their sales job on the Miami Dade commissioners, both should be held accountable with the taxpayers. All they do is spend their time promoting the new stadium and refuse to invest in the real assets to fill the seats. I prey the team is sold to Mickey Arison soon

Stan M

Yes, we are both fans and that's what counts most. I noticed one thing about the catcher who was recently hurt. When giving signs, all of his fingers showed well beneath his rear end. Anyone on a low level, and perhaps from a dugout, could easily see them. I noticed this in a JJ start when he seemed to be getting hit more than usual. Maybe it was his recent ailment but there is still no reason for an experienced catcher to show all of his fingers below his crotch line. I think I just like Coghlan a little more than you and so what. One thing I noticed was that when he was in his early season slump, he was dragging his rear foot DURING his swing. When he started to hit again, that seemed to be corrected. With regards to Coghlan hitting too much to LF, I think it was simply because everyone was pitching him outside. He seemed to adjust. Morrison has been recently doing the same and will have to make an adjustment. Any way we look at it, the team's only major weakness is its owner. If he will spend a little for some releaf help we should be a factor in the division race. In fact, there was some hope for the relief pitchers as of late. There are several keepers. Sanches, Soto. Hopper, Hensley and Ceda (I hope) have all been worthy of retention. One of reasons that I hope we retain this manager is because he isn't afraid to bring up some of the minor leaguers who helped him down there.


Stan, The ownership does deserve some of the blame
but the team gets no fan support, I live in SoFla and have watched them from day 1 . This is the 3rd ownership group , and none can generate
fans , Heizinga spent a fortune on the 96-97 teams and no one went to see them play. The stadium is godawful. The new park with the roof will make a huge difference . I look at the talent in the minors and the future for the team looks extremely bright. I'm not a fan of current ownership
but I think they make very astute personnel moves.

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