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Marlins Manager Search Could Take Awhile

     Now that the behind-the-scenes waltz with Bobby Valentine is history, expect the Marlins to return to basic protocol -- do it the old-fashioned way,in other words -- in naming a permanent manager. They'll compile a short list, haul in the candidates for interviews, and select a winner, the same way they did it in 2005 when Joe Girardi was selected. In 2005, the Marlins rented out a New York hotel suite to conduct the interviews.

      The thing is, it could take awhile.

      What I'm hearing now is that the Marlins intend to take a deep breath, proceed slowly, and perhaps wait as long as seven to 10 days before bringing in the candidates for interviews. And that list, as it stands now, is pretty much the same as it's been all along, with Bo Porter, Tony Pena, Bryan Price, Ted Simmons and Jim Fregosi on a list of potential candidates, along with interim manager Edwin Rodriguez. Porter interviewed for the job in June after Fredi Gonzalez was fired.


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bob buoniconti

I feel very bad for Marlins fans. What Laurie and his son in law have done is unconcionable. Look @ John Henry former Marlins owner and see what might have been. He bought the Red Sox,s, remodeled Fenway Park, brought a worls championship to Boston owns 50% of the Rausch racing team and has just purchased world reknowed soccer team. All So. Fl. did was run him out of town and look who we are stuck with frick and frack. Oh yea former Marlin mgrs., omes in the A.L.C.S. and the other was hired by the Braves 15 minutes after the Braves were eliminated, but neither was good enough for "the boys". God only knows wbhat lies ahead for us Marlins fans in the future.


frick and frack, dumb and dumber, laurel and hardy, two of the three stooges. no matter the name, they all fit.


Well at least we didn't spend billions building a new stadium for these a**holes. Wait...what?! Oh crap!!!


Hire Edwin...he knows the players well and is the only manager who could put up with the assinine ownership...

Aggie 67

After watching the playoffs this past week, it is painfully evident how far behind the good playoff teams the Marlins are. There is virtually no hope of being a playoff team by 2012.


Hire Moises Alou-he's out there somewhere and would probably be interested.


John Henry is just another very rich man that wanted the government to pay for the staduim. Since he left we did win a title before him! Oh wait... Loria did the same thing, crying about a stadium! What a waste of money! billions spent through bonds by 2040!!!!!!! Hopefully it brings money and jobs to the little havana area. We could have used that money for fire fighter, police, schools.......


whoever they bring in will be on the cheap !!!

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