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Minaya Out as Mets GM -- Should Marlins Worry?


         As expected, Mets general manager Omar Minaya was relieved of duties and manager Jerry Manuel was dismissed this morning. Thus ends Minaya's six-year reign in which he spent lavishly (and, oftentimes, unwisely) on expensive free agents but repeatedly fell short of expectations, much to the benefit of the Marlins and the rest of the NL East. Only once did the Mets make the playoffs during the Minaya regime, which began with the 2005 season. That's one more postseason trip than the Marlins made during that same period, but....


         -- The Marlins spent $212 million and totaled 483 victories since '05.

         -- The Mets spent $730 million and totaled 506 victories.

         In other words, under Minaya, the Mets outspent the Marlins by a ratio of more than 3-to-1 and have only 23 additional wins to show for it. In head-to-head meetings, the Marlins have gone 52-55 against the Mets over the past six seasons -- 23-13 over the two past seasons.

         If you're the Marlins, should you now be concerned that -- with all that money at their disposal  and Minaya out of the picture -- the Mets finally take off under a shrewder G.M.? Is the Minaya ousting bad news for the Marlins?


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Worry...???? Haha that's funny


Hahaha!!! Mets suck!!!


Mets were horrible because of injuries sustained. In fact, if you look at most of the high-salaried teams who stunk, they stunk because of injuries to their expensive players. Yankees do it right because they also invest in their farm club. Of course, no one else has their kind of money.

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