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Dan Uggla to the Giants? In Cody's Dreams

    They were best of friends on the Marlins. Now, apparently, playoff hero Cody Ross is telling Dan Uggla that life sure is great in San Francisco and what fun it would be if they could reunite on the Giants. In fact, according to this article, Ross is supposedly lobbying Uggla not to ink a contract extension with the Marlins, play out his final arbitration year, and sign on with the Giants in 2012 after he becomes a free agent. After all, the Marlins and Giants talked trade at the last winter meetings. The Giants were mildly interested in Uggla then, but not enough to part with a package that included pitcher Jonathan Sanchez. End of discussion.

    The Marlins had preliminary talks with Uggla's agent toward the end of the season, but the two sides were far apart on a deal. They are expected to resume discussions this month. Who knows where Uggla will end up? Surely, though, Ross was jesting. Either that or the euphoria over turning into an overnight sensation has gone to his shaved head. If the Marlins sweeten their offer to an acceptable level, no 30-year-old second baseman (31 come opening day) in his right mind would pass up the financial security that comes with such a deal and gamble on his future simply to heed the advice of his pal. I mean, Ross can't even be sure that he'll still be with the Giants in 2012.


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Aggie 67

It is a dream-but a sweet one.
Do the Giants have a better hitting coach than the Marlins?? Someone took all the little neverous ticks out of Cody's approach at the plate.


Cody Ross another reason to not support the Marlins ownership. We are a farm team for the rest of the league. Lets trade Uggla for prospects so that we may prep them for another prospect in a season or two. What a joke the Marlins are across the league.


The marlins are a great organization producing some of the best young talent. MLB already told them they have to spend more, and they will.Cody Ross was not having a good season and every other team knew this, hense thats why we released him. Now if they use the same excuse about money in the new ball park... then my friend I will never again pay money to support them!

West Tucker

Has everyone forgotten what a terrific streak hitter Cody was with the Marlins also? His over-all average was not very high (270-280) but his streakiness was legendary. If you don't think so, ask the Phillies and Braves pitching staffs. I'm happy for Cody that he got on one of those rolls on baseball's big stage. What a tremendous bonus for him!


Marlins organization is a joke.. Everything they have becomes a success somewhere else and it always results in negative publicity for the marlins.. So pathetic loria.. Samson... Its a joke.. Last two managers get fired and get jobs with two of the best teams in the league in the braves and Yankees but they can't hang with loria and the marlins.. What a joke


Cast off Cody Ross MVP.

I can't even watch them on TV any more, and then they complain about attendance.

The team is making a ton of money and not putting it on the field

How much of this crap we are to endure?


We are the expos of the 21st century


I loved the marlins! But after I see how much they are making and lying to the fans, I am growing to hate the ownership and how they did freddi was wrong you cant win a division with no bullpen!!! If Uglla isnt resighned I am a free agent fan!!!


if dan uggla goes to the giants with cody im gonna become a giants fan

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