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Was Mike Stanton Nearly Traded To White Sox for Ozzie Guillen? Answer: No

             Here's one that'll cause Marlins fans to choke on their Captain Crunch this morning: Chris De Luca, my colleague over at the Chicago Sun-Times, is reporting that the Marlins were granted permission by the White Sox to talk to Ozzie Guillen -- but never did. Furthermore, De Luca's sources told him that talks between the Marlins and White Sox "progressed to the point that there was discussion of executing a trade that would send Guillen, who has one year left on his contract, to the Marlins for 20-year-old outfielder Mike Stanton...."

        Wrote De Luca: "After Guillen met with chairman Jerry Reinsdorf late in the season and agreed to return to the Sox in 2011 -- but not getting the desired extension -- the Marlins talks died, sources say.Ozzie

        That the Marlins requested permission from the White Sox to talk to Guillen about becoming their next manager hardly comes as a surprise. Those within the Marlins' front office considered Guillen to be the "perfect" candidate, and rumors were swirling late in the season that the Marlins had their eye on Guillen as he was making noise about his future with the Sox.

         And it might have taken a trade to pry Guillen from the White Sox, who surely would have demanded some form of compensation for the manager. A source with indirect knowledge of the matter told me several weeks ago that the White Sox wanted a player (or players) in exchange for Guillen. But Stanton? Let's be serious.

         While owner Jeffrey Loria and the Marlins front office were likely itching to hire Guillen, it's hard to imagine that they would part with someone of Stanton's immense talents to bring him on board -- unless, that is, they were out of their freaking minds. And, indications are, they weren't. A source told me that Stanton's name was never mentioned. "Didn't happen," the source said.

     Guillen might be a fine manager and all, just the person to take the Marlins into their new ballpark when it opens in 2012. But no manager is worth that kind of price. In fact, this report by the Chicago Tribune's Mark Gonzales indicates the Marlins asked -- but were not granted -- permission to talk to Guillen, and that while the White Sox asked about receiving a player in return, Stanton was a no-go as far as the Marlins were concerned.

         Let's see what happens next. If the Marlins decide to bring back Edwin Rodriguez but only give him a one-year deal, it could be a sign that they're planning to make another run at Guillen, or someone else of that stature, as they prepare to move into their new digs.