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Is The Miguel Cabrera Trade Worst Ever For Marlins?

           Derrek Lee for Hee Seop Choi was a bad one. Luis Castillo for Travis Bowyer wasn't such a hot swap, either. But now that the Marlins have closed the book on Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller, trading the two key pieces in their 2007 salary dump of a trade with the Detroit Tigers within a 24-hour span, it's time to put that mega-deal into perspective.

            Of the six players the Marlins acquired from Detroit 35 months ago for Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera, a potential Hall of Famer, only two remain: middle reliever Burke Badenhop and minor-league pitcher Dallas Trahern, who missed last season with an arm injury. Miller, Maybin, Mike Rabelo and Eulogio de la Cruz are gone. Sure, you can count the three relievers the Marlins obtained for Miller and Maybin in their trade with Boston and San Diego. But those two trades, especially the one involving Miller, were salvage jobs.

            So just where does the Detroit trade rank for the Marlins? Worst ever? Near the bottom? Give us your thoughts.


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Who the hell is going to play center? They better have some trick up their sleeve.


Whatever no need to rub it in, this deal was already bad so why talk about it. At least we got collateral for Maybin and Miller with bullpen help but guess what its bittersweet because Tigers have gone nowhere with Cabrera, no playoffs.


Btw the answer is obvious. Yes considering they got nothing in return. But then again any trade that doesn't pan out is a bad one.


Bobby is a jackass. Baseball requires pitching and consistency. Cabrera has been excellent. Not making the playoffs is not his fault.

And yes, who will play center? Bonifacio?!?!

And who will play third once they trade Uggla?

And who the hell did Cabrera's trade get us? 19 relievers? wow... not even an average starter. We got ZERO of value. And we traded him so early, waaaay before we needed to.


Of course it was!!!!!!


That trade is what turned me off the Marlins, from the moment it happened. We saw Miguel grow up in front of us, and they let him go for nothing.

I will never attend a Marlins game.


Coghlan at center and Dominguez I believe is in the minor leagues and will come up to play third.

In response to Jorge: Uggla plays 2nd not 3rd.

juan v.

getting rid of miggy was bad but at the time maybin and miller where considered can't miss prospects the next this and that turned out to be frick and frack not bad for the best front office in baseball they are the only ones getting extensions anyway


Does anybody even remember how much Cabrera signed for when we traded him? Do you think we could've signed him to that kind of contract AND kept Hanley AND Uggla (these last few years) AND given JJ his contract? NO, we wouldn't have.
And while I love the D-Train, look at what he's done. Trading him at that time, even if it was for only the hope of some prospects coming through, was very smart.
So if your choices are keep Miggy (and the shell of the D-Train) but lose Hanley, Uggla and JJ, or trade them for the two highest-regarded prospects in the game, I'll take the trade.
It sucks that it didn't work out but that's baseball...


It sucks that Samson hasn't opened the vault, since 2005. He needs to pull in a Pudge like deal or, we will become the Pittsburgh Pirates of Miami.
We had to trade Miguel Cabrera at the time, bloated $$$, bloated weight & bloated ego. Lets remember Mig ended up in addiction rehab while in Detroit. Just wish the trade had gone to the Angels, the return had some proven, young players.
Now we dump Ross for jelly beans & Cameron Maybin is history. What's the plain; Cousins? We'd better finalize the annual Uggla crap, once & for all.


The bad trades definitely out number the good ones. I can only remember one good trade in fact...the Urbina trade back in 2003. The Marlins are either gullible or just can't evaluate talent.


David: I know Uggla plays second. If Uggla leaves second base, I made the assumption Coghlan would move to second base. Because he was the third base option discussed previously, who plays third when Uggla gets traded and if Matt Dominguez fails?


Bonifacio or Ozzie Martinez...


Terrible! You are fired Loria! Let get together and save our team. We have very good young players to be succesful plus a new stadium by 20012. If Loria stays our team will sink.


@Alex: Very good points about Hanley, Uggla, & JJ. The fact of the matter is, at that juncture, there was no way we could have afforded ALL of them; it was pretty much a choice between Miggy, or Hanley + Uggla + JJ. And yea, Miggy's put up great numbers, but this isn't basketball, where 1 or 2 players dominate, it's baseball. He's one out of nine out there, and he can only be a big factor about 4 times in one game, and if he's REAL good, he'll get on base half those time. So I'm with Alex on this one, I'll take the 3 very good players over the one star.

But in evaluating the trade itself, yea, awful. Compare Cabrera's first and second year accomplishments with Maybin's... Maybin isn't the shadow of a ballplayer that Cabrera is. And as for Miller, he just flopped; inconsistent, too many coaches changing up his mechanics. I understand that the Marlins haven't had a truly dominant lefty in history I can remember (I was 6 years old in '97, do the math), so it's reasonable to pursue an arm of his potential at the time. Unlucky as far as Miller goes, I guess.

Stan M

I used to think that Mr Beinfest was the only light in a rather dismal Marlin front office. However, as you point out, his trades have been less than enriching. I'm still sorry that Josh Winningham was moved; he seemed like a newer Jeff Conine, especially as a stand up guy. Then a forgotten trade moved a young left handed pitcher named Jason Vargas. Look at his production with the poorly hitting Mariners this past year. He went 9-12 with a 3.78 ERA and more than a 2 to 1 strikeout/walk ratio. And even now he's about JJs age. I will say that this last trade seems too good to be true. I'm personally delighted to see Maybin gone and look forward to Scott Cousin's development. His appraoch at the plate reminded me a lot of Coghlan and he is proportedly the best defensive outfielder in the system. I fould it somewhat humorous that a reviewer with the sterling reputation of Keith Law would classify Maybin as a plus outfielder. We that saw him all the time know better. He could run, but that's about it. Misjudged balls hit directly at him and every throw back to the infield on balls in play was an adventure. There will definitely be improvement in defence in CF next year and I'm really hoping that Dominguez makes it at 3B. He came on very strong in the playoffs this Fall and is an excellent fielder already. Think of it this way. Can his offense be any worse that Maybins?


the bright spot in the Marlins organization is the Scouting. They find great young kids that work their way to the Major League team, become fan favorites and then the goon platoon lets them go away for nothing in return, or, for very little in return.

Aggie 67

Reports are that Uggs is on the trade market. It will be interesting to see what kind of quality we can get in return for him.


To be honest, I'm a passive Marlin fan. I've been to a couple of games but can't say I follow the team. I do appreciate the game and knew how talented Miguel was. The guy could finish his career as one of he top 15 right handed hitters of all time and what got nothing for him. It's a damn shame how arrogant these guys running the Marlins are. I grew up in and love south florida but to hell with baseball in Soflo. These guys stole from the county and are just content with being 2nd and 3rd in our division. F the Marlins!


no question. worst ever.


Alex...well said. Now open up the checkbook as we go into a new stadium after the upcoming season. Go after Carl Crawford, sign Uggla to the 5 year deal he is looking for and go get some relief help...Kerry Wood would be a good start.


Urbina trade good? We gave up Adrian Gonzalaz !


D-Train became a train wreck that no one saw coming.Miggie has a great bat, but has no glove or speed and may eat himself out of competition. The Marlins have five players, three of which have some potential. It'll help solve the relief issues that plagued the team last year.That was the weakest spot in the team.
Trading Uggla makes sense. He's another big bat with no glove or speed. Plus he strikes out way too often.Marinez,Coghlan or Bonifacio makes more sense from a defensive standpoint and have great speed. The key need is the catcher position. Buck would make a terrific addition. Pavono could also help the rotation. Uggla's money would be better spent filling those two needs.

Sun Stevens

As a Padres fan, I appreciate the Maybin trade. San Diego manufactures quality relievers like Mercedes Benz manufactures quality cars, so we'll be able to replace the two setup guys we dealt away. Hopefully Maybin will help with SD's anemic offense.


Just a few month ago, Cameron Maybin was the future so they just put a great center fielder and fan favorite on a plane and let Cody Ross go. Now all of the sudden Maybin is not the future!!!! I could have told you a year ago he was not the future!!!!


I am wondering if it is the environment there in SoFlo. Cody Ross was not the same player after he left Fla. He got to SF, mostly to block his way to SD and instead of riding the pine, became part of the reason the Giants won the WS. Maybe it is not the players as it is the team/coaching/front office. I am not a Marlin's fan, but like the Pirates, it seems that the players are buying into the fact the ownership refuses to spend on a team, so why try? M

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