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It's Official, Marlins Sign Catcher John Buck

     The Marlins made it official on Wednesday. They signed catcher John Buck to a three-year deal totaling $18 million.

      "We wanted a big, durable, experienced, frontline catcher, and we identified John early in the process," said Larry Beinfest, Marlins' president of baseball operations. "He comes with a reputation as a strong leader (and) smart game-caller."

      Beinfest said the Marlins contacted Buck's agent at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday a week ago when the free agent signing period began.

       The Marlins are not counting on John Baker to be ready for the start of the season. Baker is recovering from Tommy John surgery and will not be pushed in spring training. That means either Brett Hayes or Brad Davis will handle the back-up duties for Buck.


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Stan M

Buck must be a great talent? Are you kidding, the guy is a journeyman that even the lowly KC Royals didn't want. He had one good year and his 20 HRs in the Blue Jays band box translate to 10 or 12 in the Marlin's park. I can only imagine the feelings of the present members of the catching staff, most of whom are better than he is even now. Davis did a fine job defensively and Ron Polino was hitting as high as 5th place before the Marlins ran him into the ground and in my opinion, he was excellent defensively. OK he took performance enhansing drugs. Is that worse than deceiving the Miami politicians to secure financial backing? That 18 million could have bought so much more.


Stan hop off the drugs please. Your talking about Davis who hit .211? Or juice box Paulino who hit 20 points lower, less than a quarter of the homers, and almost half the amount of RBIs that Buck hit last year. If he can come close to those numbers thats whole lot more than any other optioons we would have behind the plate.


I think the Marlins are doing a great job. We got an All-Star second baseman in Omar Infante and an All- Star catcher in John Buck. And we also got three good young relievers for two underachieving players! Whats not to like??

Stan M

My dear So Flo whatever,
I will not accuse you of coverting with drugs. However, your spurious usage of statistics and obfuscation of facts does call your entire screed into question. Catcher Buck has a lifetime on base percentage of .301; one of the worst in the major leagues. Prior to this past year, his highest seasonal batting average was .247 and that was in the hitter friendly KC ballpark and over several years. Ron Paulino did not hit 20 points lower than Davis. In his two years with the Marlins he hit .272 and .259. During this past year he hit .282 prior to the All Star Game, and little thereafter; at least partially due to exhaustion after Baker was hurt. Buck's entire career in KC was far from distinguished and the team (one of the worst in the majors) let him pass on. These are the makings of a 6 million dollar per year catcher...and for 3 whole years?


Paulino is at his peak.. Buck had been underachieving for years and as we see with a lot of high potential players.. It takes several seasons for them to flourish.. Buck is a huge upgrade.. You will see this season


Let's look at the team's moves. Uggla was a player who swung for the fence on every pitch. He averaged over 150 K's every year and his RISP was atrocious. His defense was the worst of all,but two,of his peers.Cantu was also horrible at third. Coghlan,Infante or Bonifacio in the infield will be a marked improvement. The relief pitching lost 25 games last year. The four new guys will be a tremendous improvement. Buck has power, but it's his handling of pitchers that is his real strength.One solid starting pitcher to the present rotation will make them a contending team this year. Beinfest does a great job with the limited budget given to him.He deserves some credit.

Lou Vales

All I know is Baker was smart enough to go to Cal but so stupid as to hide an injury from his employer. Don't know how much the subtrefuge led to situation digressing but I'm betting if the Cal Bear does not pull a Kevin Gregg that things would not have reached this point.

John, while on the DL why not work on a doctoreate.Your thesis could be "The Ill Effects of Hiding Injuries From Employers As A Result of a Misplaced Sense of Competitive Spirit"

Lou Vales

By the way, with Baker idling away, you could never get away with Paulino as the full time catcher with a body resembling a Division 2 linebacker. Check out Paulino's power numbers. He resembles Sluggo and delivers like a 1950's utility infielder.

Lou Vales

"Not counting on Baker being ready for start of season", how about not counting on him for 2013. The time frame for hisinitial return from this "minor injury" morphed into something resembling 100 Years War.

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