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Loria: No Car For Cody

           Jeffrey Loria delivered a rah-rah speech inside the Marlins clubhouse the season before last in which he allegedly told players that he would give them his car -- a red Ferrari - if one of them was voted MVP of the National League Championship Series.

           Loria said Wednesday that that story is not entirely accurate.

           "I said whoever wins the MVP in the World Series and playing for us can have my car," Loria said. "The whole concept was to get to the World Series."Ferrari

           Those distinctions are important because Cody Ross was named MVP of this year's NLCS as a member of the San Francisco Giants. The Giants claimed Ross from the Marlins in August.

           "It's (the car) not going to somebody who goes somewhere else," Loria said. "He (Cody) called and said, 'I won (the MVP) for the NLCS. Does that count?' I said 'Not exactly' and 'You're not playing for us. But I'm very happy for you.'"      


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Loria is a welcher....i am sure he never said this team as he was not thinking about a traded player at that time. Cruddy owner with no morals...Cody Ross probably deserves the car


if lorias stomach was on fire, I would not p@#s in his mouth, disingenuous jerk that he is

Tom Y

I am a diehard Marlins fan and I know baseball is a business but some of the things Loria has pulled over the last couple of years burns me up. He has proven himself to be a scam artist in bilking Miami Dade out of tens of millions, and has treated his players and fans as if they're just incidentals in his baseball empire....doesn't he get it we don't care at all about him...it's the game and players we love.


I hate this ownership!!!! I am thinking of being a free agent fan!!! I love the Marlins but i am tired of this ownership!! They shoulda packed them up and sent them to Vegas it woulda been fine with me!!!!!


Loria didn't exactly swindle "the county" if you mean the County Commission. The commission was a willing victim. They knew he was making plenty of money. Mayor Alvarez admitted so. One of the reasons voters are likely to vote Alvarez out of office (recall election coming up) is that he learned the info off the books--didn't require the Marlins to open up in public, as they should have-- and kept silent about it until after the deal was done and construction well under way..

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