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Marlins: Odds and Ends -- Hill, West, Rodriguez, Etc.

         A) How significant is the re-hiring of infield coach Perry Hill? Consider: Hill was Pittsburgh's infield coach for one season, 2009. That year the Pirates lost 99 games but led the majors in fielding percentage, committing just 73 errors. The year before Hill arrived in Pittsburgh, the Pirates committed 107 errors and ranked 21st in fielding. The year after he left, 2010, the Pirates totaled 127 errors, tied for most in the majors. Not saying that Hill was entirely responsible. But the statistical comparisons are striking.

           Spoke with Hill this afternoon and he can't wait to get his hands on Hanley Ramirez, Dan Uggla and the rest of the infield gang. Said Hill: "I think both of those guys could be -- with the amount of talent they possess and the skills they have -- I think they both could be in the top part of their positions. Gold Glove? I don't know. But they can be mentioned in the same breath as the elite players at their position, if they apply themselves. That's part of my job, to make sure that the work they need gets done."

           Check out this profile article written about Hill during his only spring training with the Pirates. Good stuff.

           B) More bad news for left-hander Sean West. West appeared in only one game in the Arizona Fall League, allowing four runs on four hits and a pair of walks in two innings before experiencing discomfort in his left elbow. Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest termed it "some type of elbow strain" in a teleconference Wednesday with reporters announcing the Edwin Rodriguez managerial hiring. "We do not believe it's serious," Beinfest said. "He's had a tough year." Beinfest said West was returning to South Florida to have the elbow examined by team physician, Dr. Lee Kaplan.

           C) It was obvious from Beinfest's comments that the Marlins are concentrating more on Uggla than they are on Ricky Nolasco in terms of negotiating contract extensions. Said Beinfest: "We've had discussions with Dan Uggla and those continue. We do have interest in Ricky on a multi-year contract, and those things have not been as active as it has been on the Uggla front. But that doesn't mean it won't happen."

            D) The Marlins brought back Rodriguez on a one-year deal after striking out with Bobby Valentine and running into a brick wall with Ozzie Guillen. Tell us your thoughts on the hiring? Good? Bad? Makes no difference?


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Mike Kucharski

I think he deserves another chance to prove himself over a full season, although they still shouldn't have dumped Gonzalez to begin with.

If they can shore up the bullpen and maybe find a catcher (not sure what the health status is for Baker) this team could take some big strides next season.


Great choice players are very familiar with him.and has lots of chemistry with young players. Glad he is getting a chance to start from scratch. But great pick up in perry Hill when he was with the Marlins he worked with Derek Lee,Luis Castillo (Gold Glove winners), Mike Lowell when our Defense was great.


GREAT, Now can we fire the FRONT OFFICE??


Good move w/ Perry Hill, and with sticking with Rodriguez. He's JUST now starting to get to know the team. It's not only fair to at least give him a full year with the squad, it's also perhaps the smartest move they could have made, since the players are starting the get to know him, as well. Overall, good move, and if the Fish have a good year, might as well bring him back for 2012 and the new stadium.

Tonto Jones

I don't think Ozzie would even consider managing a team that is continuously selling off it's best players to make a profit. He also would not take any crap from the ownership, so there is no way that would have ever worked out.

DeezNuts !

Im not surprised .... Not to take anything away from Rodriguez, ... Loria got the "yes- man" he wanted.

DeezNuts !

Did anyone see the HBO special with Bryant Gumbel ? It was about the Marlins getting their new stadium. I cant believe this ownership. What a bunch of shysters ! Beinfest is the most overrated GM I have ever seen. The only real reason the Marlins won in "03", was because Beinfest inherited Dombrowski's team and all of the young players he either drafted or traded for. Now, ... all Beinfest has done, is deplete the minors of its talent. By the way, ... .its nice to see Cody Ross say "F@#K You" to the Marlins management the way he did, by being the NLDS and NLCS M.V.P. To think, ... the Marlins (literally) gave him away, to not extend his low budget contract. Now the guy is finally the SUPER STAR everyone in Miami envisioned him of being and now he's worth 3 times more in S.F. Nice job Loria, Samson and Beinfest ... Real nice job !!!


i think edwin is the right man for the job at this point, and having hill can only help us. the question really is our 4,5 pitchers and bullpen. please get some help.

william bazos

Hey maybe Samson can catch ,that way they can save a lot of money with only one salary to pay.Oh well,I just thought it was great Idea.


I think Edwin was the cheapest man for the job..


I am a fan of the players that give their all everyday despite the money grabbing management, but this is a business that entertain us and those are the rules. if you stop watching and attending the games they will get the message like any other business. I knew that rodriguez would end up managing because no one else that wants to make a name for themselves as manager would take the job of lame duck team untill the stadium opens and they really have to pump fans into the seats. uggla is gone and watch how fast Mike stantton gets traded for a 3rd rate catcher or pitcher. So don't complain is up to us a couple of months of empty seats a no TV audience and they change, I would probably be there everyday one way or another because I like and respect the guys that go out every day give it their all, well except for one that ends up beign the best paid. what does that tell you?

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