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Marlins Trade Dan Uggla -- And You Say.....?


             Dan Uggla is gone, dealt to the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday for Omar Infante and Mike Dunn, after he and the Marlins reached an impasse on a contract extension. It'll be interesting to see if Uggla regrets the four year, $48 million offer he rejected -- leaving money on the table is always a dangerous thing -- or if he cashes in with the Braves. But that's a story for another day.

             For now, the Marlins are dealing with the loss of a consistent 30-home run hitter, their greatest home run hitter in terms of the total, and a blue collar workhorse who seldom missed a game. It's the reason why Braves manager, and former Marlins skipper, Fredi Gonzalez was ecstatic when he heard the news.

             "This is a big bat in our lineup and he's a tremendous clubhouse guy, as blue collar as they come," Gonzalez told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "He plays the game one way. He tries to beat you. I spoke to him an hour ago and he's all excited."

             So let's hear it from you. What do you think about Tuesday's trade?          


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Well, sure hope they explain to Josh Johnson why the 2.30 ERA he had this year may have to go even lower to win games. Good luck on the offensive juggernaut, Marlins.

Jack R

Not engough value in return, give away power house for light breeze TERRIFIC!!!


I cant believe they trade him to a division rival. I hope he and Freddi get a ring. I am on the verg of being a free agent fan because this ownership the Marlins have is GARBAGE!!!! I woulda rather seen the Marlins go and still see THE OB STILL UP!!!!


Wow!!!! What is this ownership thinking!! First Miguel now Dan do they even have any consideration for the fans. Why build the stadium who's next?

DC Marlin

I actually like the move. We a defensive minded 2nd baseman, who also happened to hit 300 last season. We also landed a young poet lefthander. The marlins are making moves reminiscent of our neighbors to the north in Tampa. We had power bitters the last few seasons and what did it get us? Defense and pitching is the name of the game folks!!


Uggla also commits quite a bit of errors and Many of them cost is games including some of JJ's starts.. Infante is younger and is very strong defensively and also batted 340.. I usually bash the marlins and beinfest pretty bad but the two relievers they got from the padres for meybin are great relievers and were part of the reason why the pads had the number one bullpen in MLB.. Also buck is a huge upgrade for us and Dunn also showed some great stuff down the stretch for the braves as a strong 7 inning guy.. I think the marlins got stronger.. Heck they offered the guy 48 million.. If he didn't want that then they were right to trade him.. Team has gotten better


This trade is awful! We get a one year rental player and a reliever in return for making a division rival who already finished ahead of us last year better? Are you kidding?


I won't even watch them on TV anymore let alone go to a game. They tear your heart out every week.
How can you be a fan? What a mistake to build them a stadium


we will know by July who got the better deal. If Atlanta is a head of the Marlins in the standing in July...then they hosed us.


I respect the fact that they made a fair offer to try and keep Uggla, but the pieces they got for him in this trade are a joke. A utility infielder and an unproven rookie lefty for the bullpen? This was their best offer, and these players were worth it for the Marlins to make a trade in the division?

I don't know about the John Buck thing either. The guy had one good year and has a career OBP of .300

This team is trying to become the 2010 Padres. Good pitching, one elite position player and a bunch of other journeymen or young guys. The problem is that in order for that way to succeed, the team has to play consistent every night because there are going to be a lot of low scoring games, and from what I have seen in the past few years, the Marlins are anything but consistent on the field. The team also has to hope that the bullpen pans out and that one or two of these young guys (Stanton)actually develops into the player they think he can be.


I can understand the trade, but I can't understand trading him to the Braves. This will come back to haunt the Marlins.


I'm gonna miss Dan Uggla; a great blue collar guy with a big swing. But, if he really wanted to remain a Marlin he could have signed the 48 million 4 year offer. Not exactly peanuts. He wanted 70+ and it might come back and bite em. Too bad we couldn't have traded him to a AL team instead. Good luck Danny!
I like the fact the Marlins are quickly shoring up a very bad bullpen; getting a much needed lefty pitcher and soon a solid catcher in Buck.


While I didn't like the return of the trade, I am more upset with Uggla than the organization. The Marlins gave him a very reasonable offer (several teams' execs felt it was fair or more than fair). $12 million a year for 4 years for an over-30 2B who is significantly below average defensively and a career strikeout machine is more than fair. Yes, he hits 30 bombs a year, but his asking price of 5 yrs, $71 million is absurd even for teams with money to spend. That is Chase Utley money, and Uggla is not in Utley's league. Hopefully, the money earmarked for Uggla can be used towards re-signing Nolasco and bringing in some decent free agents.


If you had to trade Uggla, why, why in our division so we have to be punished 18 times a year. Why John Buck, use the extra money make a play for Victor Martinez you get a catcher and a good bat to compensate for the loss of Uggla. JOhn Buck has had one good year. I get the Maybin trade the pitchers they got back a really good. But for Uggla why not Matin Prado! There is not loyalty for the fan base. We lose players and they all come back to haunt us. Remember we traded Derek Lee in his prime for Hi Sop Choi!!!!!!


This doesn't bother me! They traded a power guy for a contact hitter, on base guy who can steal a base, a la placido polanco. Besides, why isn't anyone upset at the fact that Danny rejected the offer. You cannot put this on the Marlins.


No surprise here. I knew Uggla was gone the minute he rejected the 4 year 48 million dollar contract. The Marlins don't care about their fans. They will pocket the $25 million they get in revenue sharing and they will use it to pay off the new stadium.(Maybe). Then they will jack the prices up in the new stadium and make more money. After the honeymoon period of going to see the new stadium is over, attendance will dwindle and then Sampson will tell everyone they cannot afford to keep Josh Johnson, Hanley Rameriz, Mike Stanton and Logan Morrison because the fans refuse to come to the new ballpark. They will do another salary dump in 3-5 years (maybe sooner) and start over. Actually this is not a bad trade. Uggla will not continue to hit 30 homers a year. They upgraded the infield defense and the relief pitching. If they sign John Buck they only lose 10 homers a year that Stanton and Morrison will surely make up for. The problem with Baseball is that Revenue sharing allows the Yankees, Angels and Redsox, et el to over spend and allows the Marlins Pirates and Royals to underspend. Baseball needs a salary cap to keep the Yankees from fielding an all star team every year and to stop the Marlins, Pirates and Royals from fielding 4 A teams. The owners should lock the players out until they accept a salary cap. But that wont happen as long as the greedy owners and players continue to make money. Its a shame that our kids have to root for the Marlins. As soon as they find a player they like that player is traded. I am still steaming over the Miguel Cabrera trade. You dont ever trade a player like that. Cabrera, Griffey, A Ron, those types of players only come around once and a while. We had one of them and the Marlins let him go.

Aggie 67

Enjoy your new stadium, Marlins. I will never go there to see a minor league team. See ya' in Atlanta.


what happened to STL as being players in the Uggla sweepstakes? I'm sure we couldve gotten Rasmus who LaRussa and Pujols don't like, plus it frees up Jon Jay to play CF everyday for them and we could've asked for an arm, say MOtte? Crappy return. Uggla has one year left on his deal, and so does infante. If uggla walks that a type a free agent and you get a pick in the draft. The other guy we got has good number but he pitched in 29 out of 162 games, so where's the return for the future? More like bs patchwork. DOn't disagree with trading, but gave him away like Cody Ross on this one.


The Marlins keep trading away fan favorites. Cantu, Ross and Ugla? It's difficult to have any attachement to this team because it's a different team with different names on roster every damn season. As soon as you warm up to a player, they are shipped out.

And if you feel the need to trade Ugla, for god sakes don't trade him within the division.


Uggla is to blame for this one. Also, I know he has a nice year this past year, but the year before was nothing special. He's a career 263 hitter. He should have taken the money.


Great.....We get a career utility player and a lefty reliever with control problems. Sounds about right.

Loria is a Douchetard!

Stan M

Infante is not a player to build a winning team around; not at 29 YO. Nor is he much of an improvement over Bono as a role player. That .300+ batting average was empty. I hope they move him on to a pennant contender. My fault is with Dunn unless he is a real stud. I know little about the guy except that he's young and lefthanded. With 2 lefty relievers signed within the past 2 weeks, I surmise that they won't keep the guy they got for that Dutch kid who now becomes a total loss and that's a damn shame. Personally, I think the trade stinks. However, I wish Uggla all the best and hope he shows his inner talent as well as Cody did. And Buck at 6 million a year after one career year? They anger us fans by trading off our favorite players and anger their minor leaguers by bringing up Miller when he showed absolutely no reason for them to do so. Now I can just imagine how the catching staff must feel when they sign a 30 YO journeyman to a huge contract. Morale must be at an all time low for all concerned. And they expect fans to flock to the new stadium to see some of these no names. We'll see. I think Loria is on a road to disaster and unfortunately, he's taking our enthusiasm, interest and good will with him.


Uggla was in dreamland wanting $71m over 5 yrs so glad he has gone. Yes gets homers but strikes out most of time. It's always been homer or bust with Uggla.
He didn't really want to stay as he would not negotiate!

Stan M

I see where Beinfest is quoted as saying that he is happy to get a "high on base guy". One problem with that. Uggla's OBP was higher than Infante's last year and over each of their careers, Uggla has a gigantic lead...I think it's .319 to .349. Fine, Mr. Beinfest, now what is your next clue?


I'm not surprised, marlins ownership doesn't want to spend any money on big players so they send them down the road and sign
Players with less salary. Sound familiar? Way to go loria what an idiot, he doesn't deserve a major league team!


As a fan who loved Dan I watched alot of games last year and our defense lost alot of games for us and Uggla was a part of that we need an upgrade of defense and the Marlins made him a nice offer he wanted to much


I am just sick. I loved Dan's heart. I do aggee with our crappy owners the 5th yr was tooo long, BUT WHY TRADE HIM WITHIN THE DIVISION. The Braves will resign him & he'll be near Nashville.
We, Marlins fans will pay a high price when he hits the new stadium's first homerun... wearing a Braves' uniform.


Dan was great in the clubhouse, exciting at the plate, and a liability in the field. 2nd most errors by a 2b in the majors. Most errors ever in an all-star game. We have Coghlan coming back, Hanley will be no worse than last season, Morrison, Sanchez and Stanton maturing, and Paulino after the suspension--this team already enough hitting. What they need is pitching and defense. This trade makes the Marlins better, period.


Loved watching Dan, but as has been said, the Marlins made a fair offer and he turned it down. Rather than taking a draft pick, they moved him for a reliever (something anyone who watched the Marlins last year knows we need more than more HR) and a guy who was an All Star last year (remember, Dan was not). There are plenty of late bloomers in baseball, hopefully Infante is one of them. If not, then yeah, we didn't get a great deal (the FO has proven they can get quality relievers off the FA scrap heap). But maybe this Dunn kid is something special and could MAYBE be a rare lefty closer since I don't really trust Hensley or Leo back there. And even if Buck reverts to a .250/.260 hitter, that's about where Dan usually is and having a good defensive catcher is a good thing. Down the line, hopefully Skipworth works out and maybe has more than Buck, but right now I'd rather Buck over a 'roided Paulino or questionable Baker. V-Mart is a 1B waiting to happen, can't play behind the plate. The Marlins have enough talent to absorb this deal and I would've liked to see more definitely good parts coming back for Danny. But maybe we end up with what we need anyway.


upsetting but nothing that winning can't cure...beinfest deserves one more chance to make up for the cabrera disaster...now lets see more pitching acquisitions!...and make good on promise to spend wisely the $48 million on other pieces.

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