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Ozzie Guillen Takes a Dig at Dolphins Fans

          If Ozzie Guillen is to manage the Marlins one day, he sure didn't do himself any favors with the hometown Dolphins by saying their fans "can learn a lot from Chicago fans." Guillen made his comments on his blog after tailgating at last week's Dolphins/Bears contest at Sun Life Stadium.Ozzietailgating Out of fairness, at least, Guillen said he wore neutral colors.

          Perhaps more interesting to Marlins fans are Guillen's comments about nearly becoming a trade pawn when the Marlins asked permission of the White Sox at the end of the season to talk to him about becoming their manager. White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf confirmed last week to the Chicago Sun-Times that he demanded a player in return.

         "The Marlins asked for permission to talk to Ozzie, and we told them we'd let Ozzie go if they gave us a particular player," Reinsdorf told the Sun-Times. "But we knew they wouldn't give us the player. We were never going to let Ozzie go, but if they would have given us this particular player, I would have let anybody go."

         Reinsdorf said the player was not Mike Stanton, though, as some had speculated.

         Wrote Guillen in his blog: "When I first heard of it, I felt very proud. It's always good to feel wanted. When you're a coach, you never think of your name being mentioned in a trade with some of the best future players in the game. At the same time, I felt very confused...I never really thought the White Sox would consider trading me for anything."

         By re-signing Edwin Rodriguez to a one-year deal, and with plans to make a grand entrance when they move into their new ballpark at the start of the 2012 season, the Marlins pretty much assured that the Guillen rumors won't be going away.