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Uggla: "Very Sad That I'm Not A Marlin Anymore"

        Several of us just got done speaking with Dan Uggla, who took the high road by not ripping the Marlins after being traded to the Braves. Uggla was vacationing in Mexico when he got word of the deal. But Uggla said that even up to the end, he thought something could be worked out with the Marlins -- even after they broke off contract negotiations when he rejected their four-year offer for $48 million.

        "I was still thinking, in a weird way, that we were going to get something done," Uggla said. "I have a lot of different emotions. I'm very excited to be a Brave, very sad that I'm not a Marlin anymore, very sad that I'm not going to be playing with all my buddies back in Florida -- with J.J. and Ricky and all the guys I came up with. So it's very tough. I grew very close to Clay Hensley this year, and it's going to be weird not being able to hang out with him every day. But it's baseball."

      Asked if he was aware he would likely be traded after turning down the Marlins' final offer, Uggla had this to say: "It was my understanding, but at the same time the trade hadn't happened yet and I was still thinking we could get something done, even though in the back of my mind I knew this was a possiblity or probably could happen. But, until it happened, I was thinking I was going to be a Marlin. Now that it happened I know I'm not going to be a Marlin next year."

       Asked how tempting the $48 million offer was to him, Uggla replied: "If they offered that to me last year or the year before, it would probably be a fair deal. I didn't think it was a fair deal. They were trying to say I was not going to get a 5-year deal, nobody my age gets 5-year deals, when Ryan Howard's my age and he gets a 5-year deal, Carl Crawford is going to get a 5- or 6-year deal minimum, Jayson Werth, you keep going down the line. They believe one thing, and that's fine. That's their thing. Don't get me wrong, $48 million is life-changing money for anybody. I totally respect that is a lot of money. But, where I'm coming in my career, that just wasn't the deal I was looking for." 


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Thanks for the great years Danny. Your going to a better organization.
Hopefully Infante bats 340 again ???
Who's gonna play center , Cogs ?

juan v.

a real team leader was uggs to bad. They diidn't let him reach 300 hr's as a marlin maybe he'll hit against the marlins right in the house that mia taxes built


I like uggs but I still can't get past the fact that he didn't take the money, which wasn't chump change. Im with the front office on this one. Everyone that has commented on the issue is saying it was a bad deal but come next year if infante hits .320 no one will complaint. Sometimes you have to take emotions out of the equation but if you insist one can argue that if not for the fish Uggs might still be in the minors.


Uggla is an idiot.. Strikes out 180'times a year...he was offered money that is as much per year as chase utley and he is no chase utley.. Sorry but I'm with the marlins management on this one


so Loria posts here as glags and coachg? Marlins got schooled by the Braves on this one...


I still think Uggla wouldn't budge 'cuz he really wanted out of this junk franchise.


No dice andyk....I don't generally agree with the fo but in this case the fans can't argue that the Marlins cheaped out on us again. Dude 12 million!!!! C'mon man!!!! I will root for Uggs for all but 18 games next year. However god forbid he gets injured or has an off year(not likely) and 12 million sounds pretty damn good. On the other hand if he signs with any other team for less than 14 or 15 mil it would be obvious that he wanted out or perhaps he just got bad advice. Furthermore, the return wasn't bad, plus they are reinvesting the money they "saved" to other areas.


Not common, but I agree with management on this one. Uggs was the heart and soul of the Marlins but in my opinion he turned down a fair deal. We also got a decent return and we're able to invest that money in getting an above average catcher in Buck. The downfall in this whole thing would be that we traded within the division, however going head to head will give us a decent look at who got the best deal at the end. Good luck Dan, thanks for all the bombs.


Coach G, you just keep the laughs coming.

These guys don't care about the per year salary, they want years and total money. $48 million offered to Uggla, and $85 million that Utley got is quite different. Don't go comparing the per year salary. Uggla and Utley are not comparable, but talking about the base salary renders you clueless.

If Uggla was offered a one year/$20 million deal, you think thats a good deal because of the base salary???

Get with the program.

Mr. B

What is he on? Is he really comparing himself to Carl Crawford a 5-tool stud? Ryan Howard, a franchise player? Jayson Werth, above average defensively with his speed and arm, and a consistent bat? Come on Dan, you're delirious! He can't play defense, he strikes out way too much, and has hit over .270 once in his career. The only 5th year he gets will be a TEAM option, likely to be declined when it comes down to it. You're good Dan, not great.


Watch the Braves next year go the next step with the manger they shoulda never fired and the second baseman we shoulda kept. The fans should be tired of this every fan favorite they get they trade!!!


The fans should be tired of this every fan favorite they get they trade!!!
What fans? It wasn't as if Uggla was filling the stadium...


Jacobs shut up! Fact is uggla
Is a 240 hitter pal until this past season.. Utley consistently hits 290 plus a season.. The money he was offered at 30 would have made him a wealthy man.. So heck why don't we give him six years so when he is 33 or 34 and has a bloated salary and is aging the marlins can be like the mets are with Beltran SCREWED! Pal your the idiot.. As I said before I usually bash the marlins but this one I'm on their side!!


Jacob this isn't a freakin union man negotiating his 42,000 salary this is a guy that was offered the second or third highest contract at his position and your telling me about years.. Your a moran.... Guy was getting 48 million...don't care how you slice it or dice it smart one.. It's a ton of money for a guy who didn't make the allstar team and usually hits 240 or 250 and has mediocre defense.. Dude I know plenty.. Even Espn analysts said the deal was plenty fair considering his age and his yearly average numbers not just this one past season.. Your the Moran pal.. Probably ugglas stupid agent...


Hey Coach!!!

The deal was very fair from the Marlins side. No doubt about it. But you want to start talking about comparing that salary to Utley and that's just stupid. There's no comparison. The base salary doesn't matter. These contracts are based on total money. Even a Coach should know that!! Come on, Coach!!!

And until this past year, Uggla was a career .257 hitter, not .240. Anything else you want to make up?

Kind of ironic to call me a moron, while you continue to spell it wrong. But hey, that's why you're the Coach!!!! Yeah!!!


Jacob it's a blog pal.. Come down on the typos which everyone including yourself have done before... Secondly, the comparison was very relevant because his salary would have been comparable and relatively close to utley which is what i had stated.. You mentioned years i never did.. I'm entitled to feel my opinion is fair.. You can disagree with me I could care less... And I'm a high school coach I don't do salaries jacknut.. Also people like you are what tell my kids to look out for... People who don't look at the grand scheme of things... Don't care what you think.. 240... 252... I don't care you can make a big deal out of it.. A guy who for his career isn't even. 270 hitter and every year strikes out 150 plus times a year speaks high for how he performed when he didn't hit the 30 homeruns.. Wait a minute was it 31 little Jacob....?


The correct phrase would be, "I COULDN'T care less". You're implying that you care very much when you say you "could" care less.

And the salary is very relevant. I know you're the Coach, so money and salaries is not your strong suit (though you feel the need to give your opinion on something you "don't do"), but here's a tip: There's is a big difference between $48 million and $85 million.

While you're coaching your kids to stay away from guys like me, make sure someone else is coaching them math and verbal skills.


Never heard someone say i couldn't care less.. That's a good one..saying i could care less just means what it says i could choose to care less.. You really like to turn everything into something when in most cases it's nothing much.. Jacob you can continue to critique me if u so desire but facts are facts and opinions are opinions..that's all that this is really about and numbers are facts and my opinion hasn't changed... Considering uggla will be 31 at the end of the season..you think he's going to get 5 years now.. And when he doesn't and he has to accept 3 or 4 years this will all prove to be a wise choice by the marlins.. Facts are facts and that's why u have so many teams that struggle because they have players like Gary Matthews jr getting 5 year deals because they have Career years and then teams get crazy throw too many years at them and have to hope they can dump them off on another team because they are underachieving and their salary prevents the team from getting a producer.. Teams all over MLB have that problem... That's a fact Jacob.. Oh and it's a blog
Where everyday people like myself can voice opinions... I'm not am expert.. Neither are u that's why we can hassle each other the way we have been.. Funny man

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