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Eddie Mathews, Mel Ott and Mike Stanton?

     How many home runs will Mike Stanton hit next season? It's a fascinating question, and one that is being asked often in the wake of the Dan Uggla trade. Can Stanton make up for the loss of Uggla's steady home run power?Ott

     We already know that manager Edwin Rodriguez intends to bat Stanton in Uggla's old cleanup spot, and we all know The Big Worm possesses big-time power. Stanton hit 22 home runs with the Marlins after being called up in June and, combined with his minor-league numbers, totaled 43 on the season. But, can his home run output of 40+ over a split minors/majors season translate to the same number -- or closely similar -- over the course of a full major league season, and next season in particular? Mathews

      History suggests Stanton, at age 21, has his work cut out. Only two players in major league history (Source: baseball-reference.com) have hit as many as 40 home runs when they were 21 or younger: Mel Ott, who hit 42 as a 20-year-old in 1929, and Eddie Mathews, who hit 47 as a 21-year-old in 1953. After that, the best individual home run seasons by players 21 or younger belong to Frank Robinson (38 HRs at age 20 in 1956), Albert Pujols (37 HRs at age 21 in 2001) and Alex Rodriguez (36 HRs as a 20-year-old in 1996).

       Bill James, in the 2011 Bill James Handbook, projects Stanton to hit 38 next season. That's not 40, but it's hardly chump change, either. And it could be a sign of great things to come for Stanton if he reaches that number. It would certainly place him in lofty company. After all, Ott, Mathews and Robinson ended up in the Hall of Fame, and Pujols and Rodriguez are headed in that direction.

       MARLINS CLOSING IN ON CHOATE? -- As our own Barry Jackson mentioned this morning, and FoxSports' Ken Rosenthal advanced later, the Marlins might have their eyes set on Randy Choate to fill that lefty relief spot they've been seeking. Rosenthal said that the Marlins are "working to sign" the 35-year-old pitcher, who appeared in an American League-leading 85 games last season for the Tampa Bay Rays, He's your typical one- to two-batter situational lefty, having totaled only 44 2/3 innings for the Rays in '10. Left-handed batters hit just .202 against Choate last season. Right-handers: .410.


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jimmy marlins fan

mike stanton is a hall of fame type talented kid...if he has a big year this in 11', i suggest the marlins buy out his arby years and first couple of years of free agency...that would do A LOT for the fan's sanity with this team.

also would love to see choate take over pinto's old role...this bullpen is really deep and if the defense plays better...this team has a ton of potential to do damage, not just scare people

Eddie S

Choate would be a fine addition. Don't forget how great Hensley was and how poor Nunez was at the end of the year as a closer PLEASE NO MORE NAUSEA WITH NUNEZ AS A CLOSER!!!

juan v.

cantu amezega please please bounce back year for cantu and a fan favorite in amezega maybe in triple a would be nice or how bout carlos delgado or sheff in a pinch hit role could add some pop to the bench pinch hit one of them than pinch run for them with boni cantu will be a good fall back for dominguez if he don't hit hits a lot of double's and with the on base guys we have he could top the 75-80 rbi mark come on he's cheapright now loria your type



Phillies even money to win the world series w/ a L/R rotation of Halladay, Lee, Oswalt & Hamels. Ugh how's the Marlins Wildcard prospect looking. Not even January and already they're eliminated from winning the division.


The NL East will be the toughest division in baseball. Except for the Mets, each team has dramactically improved themselves. The Marlins will field a very good team, but it remains to be seen how they compete aginst the Phils and the Braves.Let's get the season started.


Clark,your prediction is missing the point. The Marlins have greatly improved themselves this year. They've shored up their defense,added a catcher who can throw out runners and have bolstered their weakest spot-the bullpen.The Marlins will be a highly competitive team and in the mix to win the division.

jimmy marlins fan

agreed chuckles, the braves and phillies have weak bullpens(at best) and the nats and mets are still mostly awful and wont be in the race

we can stay in this race, especially if anything happens to what is an old pitching staff in philly


Mel ott didnt have Jeffrey Loria for an owner.
And the chihuahua Samson.


the marlins, competing for what?Now, Uggla is ready to sign with the braves for 60 millions for 5 years. It looks that what he had on the table for the marlins was a bargain.After Jason Ward and Al Crawford' deals. And for Stanton, that is wishfull thinking. Wait until the pitchers began to see films and making adjustments.He will be hitting 245 with 45 rbi's at best. What a joke!!!

fred quintero

i pronosticate that mike stanton is going to hit 35 homers & stole 35 base/275 average


Every team that we watch on t.v. belonged to the Marlins get them all back so we can win again this is crazy wait until Stanton hits those 40 plus he will be traded


The short term upside does look very good, but I agree with frank (12/18/10) that when push & shove come together, Loria will refuse to pay Stanton his market value, and he'll be traded. Not Stanton? Feel free to substitute the names of Morrison and/or Sanchez. If all 3 fulfill their first-year promise, does anyone believe the fish will keep all 3?

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