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Uggla To Receive 5th Year, More $$$ from Braves

        Could it have turned out any better for Dan Uggla? I mean, the guy was traded to within a horseshoe's throw of his Tennessee home AND became the highest-paid second baseman in major league history by refusing the Marlins' contract offer and being traded to the Atlanta Braves as a result. Uggla's reported deal with the Braves is five years and $62 million.

         Based on average annual salary, Uggla won't be receiving much more from the Braves ($12.4 million/year) than what the Marlins were prepared to pay him ($12 million/year). But the key was the extra year -- a guaranteed fifth year -- that the Marlins refused to concede to the slugger. It's hard to fault their reasoning. Uggla turns 31 in March and will be 35 when he gets to that fifth year. Will Uggla be the player then that he is now? Historical evidence suggests no.

         But it's also hard to fault Uggla and agent Terry Bross for playing hardball with the Marlins and holding out for that fifth year. This is his one and only chance to cash in on his record-book success (he's the only second baseman in major league history to hit at least 30 home runs in four consecutive seasons), and why wouldn't he demand a premium? Some have speculated that in refusing the Marlins' final offer, what Uggla really wanted was out -- out of South Florida. But when we spoke with him after the trade, he sounded genuine when he said he was comfortable here. I don't think he wanted out as much as he wanted fair market value through the 2015 season. He knew that, one way or the other, some team would grant him that, even if the Marlins wouldn't.

        -- Had a quick text exchange this afternoon with catcher John Baker, who is trying to work his way back from Tommy John surgery. Baker said he has begun throwing -- "25 to 45 feet. Threw yesterday. Went great!!" Baker said he planned to begin catching bullpens after he returns to Florida on Jan. 22. "Throwing will depend on how I respond to this protocol. So far so good." The Marlins have tentatively penciled in Baker as a potential lefty bat off the bench, with either Brett Hayes or Brad Davis tabbed for backup catching duty behind John Buck.


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Not going to say whether he's worth the money or not but i will say this. Dan is going to have a hard time backing up that contract if you know what i mean.

Stan M

Good for Dan. He always gave his best as a Marlin and if the Braves want to pay him that much over that length of time, we shouldn't blame Uggla for accepting it.

For anyone with a few minutes to spare, watch this interview of Bob Feller with Mike Wallace back in the late 50s. It reveals a very forward thinking Feller regarding player conditions and makes Wallace seem far less that an icon. You can find it yourself by searching "Bob Feller interview with Mike Wallace" http://www.hrc.utexas.edu/multimedia/video/2008/wallace/feller_bob.html

jimmy marlins fan

good for uggla and the marlins

danny got the paycheck he deserved

the braves are saddled with a player who wont be worth near what he is making and will limit what they can do in the future financially

the marlins got a versatile player in infante and a good lefty reliever in dunn

well played all around...unless you are the bravos


By letting Uggla go ,the Marlins have improved their roster with the deals they made...Uggla gets the contract he wanted and the Braves are on the hook for a player who had a career year before he plays for them...in the long run Ugglas production will fall off , his strikeouts will mount ,his stinking with RISP will cotinue and his fielding and range will not get better...advantage Marlins...


So happy for Danny.He got what he deserves.Too bad the Marlins didn't feel the same.He will be missed by his fans in Miami.


Well played by the Marlins FO. They had to make a reasonable offer to keep the fans off their back, and they did. Uggla had a chance to make a few more bucks, and play closer to home. Good for him. I loved watching him hustle and leave it all on the field. And he was way under rated defensively. Check the stats, especially chances, and fielding pct. I'll miss him, but it's time to move on.
the FO spent the money wisely and overall the team is better this way. That's just the way it works.

Eddie S

By trading Uggla and not have Cantu around, with Infante, the defense improved dramatically. Having Pery Hill back as fielding coach is also a definite plus.


How many times each season did Infante as a Brave beat the Fish with a clutch hit in late innings? 3 or 4? More? Better hope there's another team he can do that to.



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