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It's Talk Day for Hanley Ramirez

      Hanley Ramirez stopped to talk to sportswriters Monday after taking batting practice in the cages. The highlights of what he had to say:

      -- Ramirez said he wants to be more aggressive on the base paths and steal more bases. "I want to be able to start stealing some bases from the beginning of the season, from Opening Day." Ramirez stole 32 bases last season, with only two steals in April. "I think last year I started doing everything late. I started running a little bit late. I don't have a number, but I'm going to get more than I did last year. I get in scoring position for those guys hitting behind me. I think that's what a good team does. Steal bases and get in scoring position."

      -- Ramirez said the strained left elbow, which caused him to miss the the end of the season, is fine now. "It took me like a couple of months (of rest)," he said.

      -- He said he wasn't himself last year. "I was a different player," he said. "I want to be aggressive at home plate, on the bases, and on the field. I wasn't ready for April 5 last year. I wasn't ready. This year it's going to be different."

      -- Ramirez said his challenge this season: "I've got to take the team to the playoffs. That's my challenge this year. That's my goal."

       -- On the offseason roster moves: "Our bullpen is better. I think our defense is going to be better. Now we've got 'Bone' (infield coach Perry Hill) back. He's one of the best. I think he's going to help us a lot. He told me from the beginning, 'Are you ready for me?' And I said I'm ready for you."

        -- On manager Edwin Rodriguez: "I've got a lot of respect for Edwin. I think this team is very happy with the way he's taken the wheel."

      --  On the Dan Uggla trade: "Obviously, we're going to miss him, especially me, with him hitting behind me. But, it's business. We're going to miss that 30 homers and what kind of a person Uggla is. But I think (Omar) Infante is a pretty good player, too."

       -- On the final year in Sun Life Stadium: "We want to leave that stadium with a good memory in 2011."

       -- On the Marlins not receiving much preseason respect: "That's good. We're going to be undercover. We're just going to explode on April 1 all the way to October. We're not just going to play the Phillies. Atlanta looks pretty good."

       -- On his relationship with former manager Fredi Gonzalez last season: "Fredi and me, we get along. He's a good person. He was just trying to help me. Now we have a new manager and I have to get a good relationship with Edwin."

       -- On how much elbow bothered him at end of season: "A lot. It's not easy to go to the ballpark and know that you're not going to be in the lineup. It's not me."

       -- Ramirez said his wife had a baby girl, Hailey, in November. Ramirez also has two young sons.

       -- On Marlins in general: "I think everybody's happy right now here. We've got a pretty good team. We've got everything. Every day we've got to bring a lot of energy and stay healthy."

       -- On reaching the playoffs: "I want to know what it feels like. I'm tired of watching it on TV. I want to be in it."