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Marlins Overseas Trip -- Day 3 -- Logan Morrison Plays Marine


For the second straight year, a Marlins contingent has traveled overseas to visit U.S. troops. They've agreed to share their experiences in periodic blog updates over the coming eight days of the trip to Germany and Southwest Asia. Follow along as we bring you their updates. Reporting today: Marlins left fielder Logan Morrison.


    Got sleep? Sorry guys. The schedule picked up and started Day 2 of the trip with a 0530 lobby call time. The day started early with the Marlins at 0600 for a physical training session with the Marines of FAST Company. Staff Sergeant Hensley conducted a "LZ Drill," incorporating elements of the Marine Corps Martial Arts program. It was pretty tough -- bear crawls, baby walks, burpees, push kicks, among other things. All of us made it except the Team President (David Samson). He took one for the team and bruised a rib while holding the hip pad during the Marines' group practice. I don't know another Team President that would be keeping up with us. We got right back at it after a quick shower and breakfast. We visited a unit that is responsible for coordinating support in the Middle East. The Mermaids performed for the Marines and their faces lit up watching the dance session. Then all eyes were on me as Sgt. Reed gave me a "high and right" with about 100 Marines looking on, but I kept the goatee. They all really enjoyed making fun of my new look, especially my ears. If they could flap, I could fly away. The Marines really left an impression on me, especially on having discipline and what it takes to be a team. After that, we got a chance to see the patrol boats that guard our ships coming into port. There are two sailors out on the water, a gunner and a coxswain. The sailors are out there no matter what the conditions for eight hours at a time. It sounded pretty monotonous to me, but they did not seem to mind at all. The Mermaids opted to go to the front of the boat on the way out, not quite realizing how choppy the waters were. The gunner told them they would not get that wet. Five minutes into the boat ride, we stopped and the Mermaids became actual mermaids! They were troopers, though, and did not complain about staying out on the water so everyone could finish the rest of the simulated patrol. We got a chance to do a little shopping and I got my new carry-on for the season -- a camouflage Camelbak. My new hobby is collecting patches and other stuff from the service members I have met on the trip. I gave away my batting practice jersey and t-shirts at the autograph session to one of my Twitter followers who follows the Jacksonville Suns. He gave me a patch. @TravisAkers on Twitter. Then it was time for a break in preparation for watching the Super Bowl on 0230 on Monday. I got an hour of sleep, so at that point I had three hours of sleep in four days. We went to "Schwarma Alley" for a special edition with Lunch with LoMo and had a traditional Middle Eastern sandwich. I had three and the group total was 25. We headed back for Super Bowl Monday. It was a great game on a huge, big-screen with some sailors that were getting the chance to enjoy themselves after 58 days at sea. Right after the game, with no sleep, we headed straight to the airport to head to our next location. I got a 20-minute nap on the plane. Then we headed to two different bases to meet service members. The highlight of the visit was getting the chance to sign a 2,000-lb. bomb on a B-1 that we also saw take off for a flight in support of our troops over in Afghanistan. My chest shook as we stood there watching the bomber take off into the night sky. Headed back to the airport and will talk with you again when we get to Germany.

                                   -- Logan Morrison