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Marlins take BP, feed workers at new ballpark

It was a fun morning out at the new Marlins ballpark on Tuesday.

Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria and team president David Samson helped install the first seat about 10 rows behind the third base dugout. The official location: Section 19, Row H, Seat 12. The seat, which is red, will be the only red seat in the stadium when it is expected to open for play on March 1, 2012. The rest of the seats will be blue.

Samson said the first games that will be played at the stadium next spring are college and pro exhibitions. Personally, it would only be fitting if the University of Miami played the Marlins in the first official game seeing as its the site where the Orange Bowl once stood.

Loria said the stadium was about 60 percent completed on Tuesday and expected it to be ready in time for Opening Day.

As for the rest of Tuesday's event, six players were on hand for batting practice: Hanley Ramirez, Chris Coghlan, Logan Morrison, Mike Stanton, John Buck and Gaby Sanchez. Ramirez took the first cuts and belted a couple that would have been home runs. Morrison belted a few into the upper deck in right and Stanton literally hit one out of the stadium entirely. The best part: watching stadium workers played the role of outfielders and shagging fly balls. Some workers were diving in the dirt to make catches.

After BP ended, the Marlins took a tour of their future clubhouse and then fed a group of about 700 stadium workers lunch. On the menu: lechon (shredded pork), black beans and rice and yuca.

Here are a few videos that captured the scene:

- Watch Samson and Loria install the seat and sit in it.

- Scenes from batting practice and interviews with players

- A tour of the stadium and a view from the press box:


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Look at them gloat about how they hoodwinked the taxpayers out of billions while they reap millions in profits every year. I think I am going to throw up.


This is the no. 1 reason to recall Mayor Carlos Alvarez on March 15th. Remember to vote!


They're just like us! Having to dig in the dirt with a shovel. How can I send you more of my money, Loria?


They hoodwinked the public and also the poor souls who are trying to make a living as "journalists." Disfuckinggusting.


At least you guys are guaranteeing to keep your team. My team might move if they don't get a new stadium built. My team is the Rays , at least Miami got it done with their stadium.


Gloat is right, Greg.


I HATE the people who are bashers, HELLO are any of you guys getting a bill in the mail saying, "HEY PLEASE PAY FOR THE MARLINS STADIUM", of course not so why dont you all kindly shut up? We all pay taxes everyday, deal with it and its not just for a stadium but for everything, how do you think we get new roads and traffic lights and what not?

I Love the Marlins front office, they got us the stadium and didnt leave for Vegas when they could have, go and burn in hell you HATERS!!!

Natasha Petrelli

i can't wait, oh my goodness, stanton is going to tear that park up, for some reason i think the park is going to be like a Coors Field becuase its too small versus a home run happy yankee stadium, even though they say its a pitchers park.

and yeah since when do we ever notice that we pay for anything really when it comes to taxes? come on people, oh, thanks for buying that snicker, don't forget to pay an additional 51 cent for the Marlins stadium as well, like i'd agree with Biken.


i laugh my as* off because, the Dolphins are trying to do the same thing and they already have a stadium and their upgrades are literall the price the marlins stadium alone but no one seems to bash them because they are sacred and stuff. come on they havent won anything since the 70s, thats like 40 years ago.


the rays would benefit if they changed their name to Florida Rays, sal.


go MARLINS! did tickets go on sale yet? i have to be there opening day!


OMFG, Stanton is going to have a monster year, 50 HRs i see.

The stadium looks raw, what's it called?? Marlins Stadium Marlins Ballpark?? what???


Guys the line has been drawn in the sand for a while now, pick a side. Either the FO is doing good for baseball in Miami or they are a bunch of unscrupulous bastards. They can't be both. The same people that complaint these guys don't know how to run a ball club are the same ones complaining about how the new park is being funded. Shut up already. Delete this app from your phone and start following the Rays. Please I beg you. Don't come back when this " underrated" team starts to make headlines.


Plus I'd like to add the cost is $600 mil not billions. And the parking will be operated by the city's parking authority. I don't know the exact detail but doesn't the organization have to pay something back to the city.




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