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Nolasco: Thumb Injury "Not Serious"

      Ricky Nolasco remains on no-throw status as he waits for the swelling to subside in his jammed right thumb. Nolasco said he suffered the injury about a week in Miami when he was working out and fell on his hand.

      "It's nothing serious," Nolasco said, adding he hopes to get back on the mound sometime next week. "X-rays were negative. But I've just got to let it calm down. There's not much I can do about it right now."

      Nolasco said he doesn't think the injury will set him back greatly, and that he should be ready to go as the Marlins" No. 2 starter when they face the Mets on April 2.

       "It's not going to take forever to build it back up," he said. "It doesn't take me long (to build up arm strength) anyways, and I've been throwing since Dec. 1. Once I'm able to just go ahead and let it go, it's not going to take forever to build it back up."

       Though Nolasco isn't throwing, he's taking part in all other conditioning drills.