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Sean West Trying To Make It Back

       It's been one minor setback after another for lefty Sean West, who is trying to return to prominence with the Marlins. Two things need to occur for that to happen, though. West needs to show he's healthy after missing a chunk of last season with knee and elbow issues. And an opening needs to develop in a starting rotation that is firm at the moment.West

       "It's been pretty frustrating," West said. "But that stuff's in the past and I'm really looking forward to the future and making an impact in the big leagues. I'm 100 percent healthy. They've got me going bullpens every three days instead of every two days right now. But I've thrown a few and felt better than ever."

       After making 20 starts for the Marlins in 2009 and going 8-6 with a 4.79 ERA, West was limited to only 13 starts last season -- two with the Marlins and 11 at Triple A New Orleans -- due to injuries. And when he experienced elbow discomfort during the Arizona Fall League, the Marlins shut him down.

       "It wasn't really the time and place to push it and see if I could pitch through it," West said. "But this this is a huge camp. Obviously, they went out this offseason and made some really key signs (most notably, Javier Vazquez). This team is going to be extremely competitive this year, and I would love to be a part of it. I'm just telling myself to do what I can do, and not worry about what's on paper. If I show that I'm ready, I'm sure they'll make room."

       The Marlins don't have a lefty in their rotation, and West stands as the best available southpaw.   


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Everytime West opens his mouth, he makes me hate him more and more. He has no respect for the game of baseball (a game he calls "boring"), he can't stay healthy and he hasn't done anything to prove that he can be successful in the majors (I wasn't really that impressed by him in 2009 and he's been terrible in major league starts since then). Why on Earth would the Marlins make room for him? They already have 5 starting pitchers set in the rotation that are better than him and he's even behind Sanabia in terms of big league readiness.


It's called lip service or maybe, just maybe the guy believes in himself. You'd probably go in to camp completely dejected thinking "why try? I'm sixth in line." C'mon man!!! I'd also like to know what the hell this kid has said or done to disrespect the game. He's a nobody so I wouldn't put much thought to anything he says at this point.


He said during an interview ON TV DURING A BASEBALL GAME that he doesn't watch baseball because he finds it boring. You don't call that disrespecting the game? What would you call it, then?

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