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Stanton (right quad strain) leaves game on golf cart

JUPITER -- Mike Stanton made quite an entrance Sunday. He made quite an exit, too.

Mike Stanton After belting a first pitch, two-run home run to left field in the first inning, Stanton pulled up halfway to first base with a right quad strain in his second at-bat. He left the field under his own power. But at the end of the inning, he was carried off in a golf cart. 

"Be all right," Stanton told reporters as he whizzed by on his way to the clubhouse. 

The Marlins were leading 3-0 over the University of Miami in the bottom of the second inning when Stanton was injured. He hit a tapper back to the mound with the bases loaded and was thrown out at first for the final out of the inning.

The Marlins have him slotted to hit clean-up this season.

> Marlins starter Javier Vazquez pitched a perfect two innings before exiting. Vazquez struck out three and tossed 15 of his 21 pitches for strikes. After he was done, he threw an extra 15 pitches in the bullpen.

"It was good I guess. I just wanted to concentrate more on mechanics and throw strikes," Vazquez said. "I finished up in the 'pen, got a little tired there at the end. But that's what spring training is for.

"The main thing for me is to throw strikes, stay aggressive, make them hit it."


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What does it say when UM beats the Marlins though....?
Maybe not much since it's an exhibition, but STILL!!

I still can't believe that Luria got rid of Uggla....what a f**king human parasite Luria is!!
Samson too!
I'd like to spit in both of their faces!

flipper's ghost

If Loria doesn't start spending more when the Marlins start playing in their new ballpark , there is no excuses for Loria being cheap later.


@UMike You are an ignorant and an idiot.


Did either of you notice that guys that pitched are not making the 25 man roster. I suppose you two are demanding that ownership spends more money because you are season ticket holders. I didn't think so.


I agree with "flipper's ghost" ... At least buy stud, starting pitcher ... cuz the team looks good on paper and with alot of upside !


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