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Tough Calls Ahead for Marlins

    JUPITER - Manager Edwin Rodriguez said he hopes to settle on his third baseman by Monday and have the Opening Day roster determined by Wednesday when the Marlins break camp and head south.

    Donnie Murphy is getting the start today at third, but Emilio Bonifacio remains in the mix, especially now that Chris Coghlan has returned to the lineup.

    There are 31 players stil in camp, meaning that six must be cut to get down to the 25-man roster. Handicapping the field, those unlikely to stick include right-hander Jhan Marinez, catchers Brad Davis and John Baker, infielder Ozzie Martinez, outfielder Scott Cousins and one reliever, with Brian Sanches and Burke Badenhop pretty much fighting it out for the seventh spot in the pen.

     Rodriguez said he prefers that bullpen role be given to a long man who can provide two or three innings on days when the starter is knocked out early. While Sanches has done some long work in the past, Badenhop appears to be better suited for that role. It wouldn't surprise me if the Marlins deal one of their surplus relievers (perhaps for an everyday third baseman?).

     TODAY'S LINEUP: Rodriguez said it felt "weird" putting Coghlan, Mike Stanton and Logan Morrison on the same lineup card for the first time this spring. Today's lineup could very well be the one he sends out Friday for the season opener against the Mets.

     Marlins: 1. Chris Coghlan, cf; 2. Omar Infante, 2b; 3. Hanley Ramirez, ss; 4. Mike Stanton, rf; 5. Gaby Sanchez, 1b; 6. Logan Morrison, lf; 7. John Buck, c; 8. Donnie Murphy, 3b; 9. Chris Volstad, rhp.

     Cardinals: 1. Ryan Theriot, ss; 2. Colby Rasmus, cf; 3. Albert Pujols, 1b; 4. Matt Holliday, lf; 5. Lance Berkman; 6. Skip Schumaker, 2b; 7. Yadier Molina, c; 8. Daniel Descalso, 3b; 9. Chris Carpenter, rhp.


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That's a pretty good lineup on it's face except for 3rd.


The Marlins don't have any problems! Me and my fellow citizens will pay $2 billion over the next 30 years so they can play a kids game.


Sounds like you and your fellow citizens are getting hoodwinked, considering it's a tourist tax they're using to pay for the stadium.

Sounds like you're a real sucker.


@Darrell if the Marlins would have packed up and left town you would have been the first out in the streets with your Elian Gonzalez t-shirt from 2000 calling for the Burning of Miami for leeting our MLB franchise leave !! STFU


If you believe it's Badenhop over Sanches, and the Marlins don't think they can get him safely to New Orleans without someone scooping him up for free, he has been by most reasonable standards a very successful bullpen arm and has to have marketplace value among a growing number of relief pitcher starved major league teams.

What that value is I don't know and the first hope is they can slide him through (if it's him)at the deadline while other teams are or have set their rosters. But if you think the Marlins aren't quite done entertaining offers of available third basemen, Sanches could be one of the pieces offered in return.

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