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Edwin to LoMo: Think Before You Leap


    If you look at the video replay of last night's walk-off win, you'll see a certain injured outfielder running onto the field and partaking in the celebration with all the other Marlins. And who might that certain injured outfielder be, but none other than Logan Morrison, who had the cast removed from his foot earlier in the day.

    It didn't sit well with manager Edwin Rodriguez or team trainer Sean Cunningham, who told Morrison not to do it again.

    Edwin Rodriguez: "We had a conversation."

    Reporter: "What did you tell him?"

    Rodriguez: "You don't want to know."

    Obviously, Rodriguez was not pleased with Morrison's decision to bolt on the field and hop up and down on his left foot. Morrison think he'll be ready to go when he's eligible to come off the DL on May 5.

    "I won't do it again," Morrison said Tuesday.

   Said Rodriguez: "We pay the price of having a young team. Chris Coghlan (shaving pie incident) last year. And now Logan Morrison. We can laugh now. Nothing happened. But, yeah, we had a very mature conversation about it. It was -- what do you call that? -- a monologue."

    In other words, Rodriguez did most of the talking, warning Morrison not to do it again.


    Hanley Ramirez returns to the starting lineup for tonight's game -- no surprise there. Ramirez came up as a pinch-hitter in Monday's big ninth inning and sliced a two-out single to right that kept the rally going in the Marlins' ninth come-from-behind win of the season.

    Ramirez closed his stance a little more, going back to the one he used in 2009 when he won the NL batting title.


     Are the Marlins charmed, or what? They pulled out a win on Sunday even though they tallied only three hits. Last night, two Dodgers fielding miscues and some late clutch hitting led to another victory. Both days, the bullpen blew save opportunities.

     Reliever Brian Sanches remained ridiculously unhittable, though. Sanches pitched a 1-2-3 ninth. This season, he has given up just one hit in 13 2/3 innings -- and none over his previous 8 1/3 innings.The Marlins relief record for most consecutive innings without allowing a hit is 14, set in 2004 by Armando Benitez.


     A win tonight would improve the Marlins record to 15-7, matching the start of the '04 club.


     Marlins lineup:

     1. Chris Coghlan, cf; 2. Omar Infante, 2b; 3. Hanley Ramirez, ss; 4. Gaby Sanchez, 1b; 5. Mike Stanton, rf; 6. John Buck, c; 7. Wes Helms, 3b; 8. Emilio Bonifacio, lf; 9. Chris Volstad, p.