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Even On Crutches, Logan Morrison Signs for the Kids

This is the sort of thing that'll endear you to the fan base. Injured left fielder Logan Morrison, wearing a fresh cast and walking on crutches, still took time to sign autographs for a group of kids before tonight's game against the Pirates. Check it out:


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He's an awesome human being!!!
God bless LoMo.
Go Fish!!!

Stan M

Wasn't that Hanley right next to him, signing away...NOT! Right now I wonder who the scouts/fans/pundits would prefer to have on their team? LoMo, Stanton, Heywood? It sure didn't start this way, but I'll bet many would now pick LoMo both for his talent and also for his intangibles. Other opinions?


LoMo, This is the Team Leader, if he stays healthy he will be the face of the franchise.

Stan M

I owe Hanley an apology. My son attended a Marlin game in Atlanta and he said they designated a place for kids behind home plate before the game. According to him, Hanley, Dobbs, and especially Wes Helms spent signifcant time there with the young fans. Sorry, Hanley. This goes a long way toward changing my opinion of you.

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