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Good News For Logan Morrison; Foot Pain Free

    Doctors removed the cast from Logan Morrison's foot on Monday and the outfielder is optimistic he could be ready to play as early as May 5 when his 15-day stint on the disabled list expires.

    "The doctor poked around on my foot, twisted it, turned it, I didn't have any pain," Morrison said. "He said he was encouraged with the progress and thinks I'm ahead of schedule."Lomo

    Morrison has a strained left arch. He began riding a stationary bike on Monday and said he could begin taking batting practice over the weekend.

    As for the cast, Morrison had it signed by his Marlins teammates and plans to auction it off on eBay to raise money for the American Lung Association.

    HANLEY SITS -- Slumping shortstop Hanley Ramirez isn't in the starting lineup as manager Edwin Rodriguez has decided to give him the night off.

    Donnie Murphy will be starting at short.


    Marlins: 1. Coghlan, cf; 2. Infante, 2b; 3. Sanchez, 1b; 4. Stanton, rf; 5. Dobbs, 3b; 6. Buck, c; 7. Bonifacio, lf; 8. Murphy, ss; 9. Nolasco, p.



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What's with the gang sign?! I think he's been in Miami too long.


glad he's feeling good, and what a cool guy for donating to the American Lung Association.

Lou Vales

Murphy did not react well to Sands' ball in the 2nd, late jump on DeJesus liner and hitting less than.100--Let's end the BS>

Lou Vales

You carry a CAREER minor leaguer on your roster probably because the manager identifies with his plight and lo and behold the ball finds him. This team is too good to carry Donnie Boy.

Lou Vales

For the sake of all that is holy and good in this World can we please send Donnie to New Orleans. He can join Sean West for some good Cajun food and be in his element. When he's at bat he looks as comfortable as a man facing a firing squad. AND I really disliked the way he acted like he was not ready to play after injury was diagnosed as being not that serious.

Enough is ENOUGH. Gotay or ANYBODY!!

Lou Vales

Murphy's NEW first name--"Justoutofthe reachofadiving"---people new to the game would think that was his first name based upon what they are hearing.

Lou Vales

We will just label that "Infante's Strange Journey", he bunts on his own against a struggling pitcher, puts down bad bunt and then makes last out at 3rd.

Lou Vales

Grat AB by Infante to atone, maybe Hanley is back, Bonafacio remains a solid contributor, LoMo back sooner than thought and HOPEFULLY this marks the end of the charitable Major League time of Donnie Murphy. I can understand the identification of Edwin with a guy who struggled the way he did BUT Enough is Enough. His defense is shoddy at short, they need Dobbs' bat against right handers. Murphy may be a Hell of a guy but he is NOT a Major League baseball player.


Lou, like I said before you usually provide valuable input on this blog but not when you rant like you did here. The guy was given a chance to play and it hasn't worked out. He's not the first player it happens to. Again they are winning so what's the problem? Who do you want at third? Are we all rooting for Boni because he's hitting .300? What happens when you insert him as the everyday 3rd baseman and stops producing? Do we start yelling at the front office for not getting Young? Take it easy and enjoy the ride while it lasts and lets hope that it does last.


I said this on the MLB site the other day. Murphy, Dobbs, Helms, and Boni are all better suited for that reserve role. This is where they are having and have had success. The only problem is that the odd man out is Murphy so he gets more playing time. You really need Helms and Dobbs off the bench and Boni can play anywhere. Peterson is strictly a fourth outfielder.


I forgot to add that Murphy's defense at third has been decent. Not spectacular but closer to above average than to average. BTW you were ready to dismiss Infante until he got us the W weren't you? Remember this is the hardest sport to play and we aren't on the field making split second decisions. We're on our phones and computers providing opinions on a subject we think we know a lot about but have no clue. Ease up.

Lou Vales

Glags, I know that the Marlins are too good a team to have Donnie Murphy getting playing time. IF they put him on waivers tomorrow what do you think the result would be? Think he's claimed by any team in baseball.As defined by "Moneyball" he is a replaceable part.

As far as Infante, he realized he screwerd up twice and he admitted it.We are not discussing String Theory here. I'm not some 16 year old kid that says--"You just gotta root for your team." I put my money where my mouth is with my support---and I must travel 665 miles to go to 20 games a year. I'll criticize a guy who bunts on his own into a forceout and makes the last out at 3rd trailing by a run. I'll count on you to yell--Go Team!!


Hey Lou, all I can say is I appreciate your passion for this team. Wish there were more of us out there.


Glad he is better - I know how painful that is. I too suffered from foot pain, heel pain and plantar fasciitis. It was worse the more I attempt to play sports. One thing that helped me was when I read about a company called Good Feet and their arch supports. I bought em and I loved em. Check them out at www.goodfeet.com.

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