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Hanley on signing LoMo's cast, Coghlan update and the revolving door at third

CINCINNATI -- Logan Morrison's team-autographed cast, up for auction on eBay to raise money for the American Lung Association, could be getting another signature soon.

Hanley Shortstop Hanley Ramirez, who made it a point to sign plenty of autographs throughout spring training, said he was surprised Friday to hear everyone on the team had signed Morrison's cast except for him.

"He never told me," Ramirez said. "I was in the [batting] cage. I didn’t see it."

Of course, that’s not what Morrison told WQAM’s Sid Rosenberg on Wednesday. "The whole team signed it, and then we put it up on ebay, expect for Hanley," Morrison said.

Rosenberg asked if maybe Hanley was too busy or being a jerk. "I don’t think he was busy at the time," Morrison replied.

"He said he didn’t want to touch it. He was worried about cooties or germs. I don’t know why he’s worried about that, seeing what he hangs out with."

Ramirez laughed when told about the radio interview and insisted he didn’t know he was supposed to sign the cast.

"You know how it is. People want to make news," Ramirez said. "But when we get back hopefully, you know, I'll sign it."

The bidding for the cast ends May 6 at 5:30 p.m. As of 5 p.m. Friday, the cast, which Morrison wore for a few days last week after he was diagnosed with a sprained arch, was going for $566.

Chris Coghlan COGHLAN UPDATE: Chris Coghlan missed his first start of the year Friday night against the Reds, and it's likely the Marlins center fielder and lead-off hitter will have to sit out a few more games throughout the season to give his strained right shoulder some rest.

Coghlan, who hopes to be back in the lineup Saturday, said he had an MRI performed Thursday before the Marlins left for a seven-game road trip and there was "no structural damage."

But it's clear Coghlan will have to deal with the pain the rest of the season as the injury will not fully heal until he's able to rest it significantly. Coghlan didn't want to speculate over having surgery, but it's likely he'll have to have it after the season.

"There was definitely something -- a sharp pain I wasn't feeling before," said Coghlan, who asked out of Wednesday's loss to the Dodgers in the seventh inning, the first time he said he's ever had to ask out of a game.

"I have to take a little bit more [meds] and do treatment, stay on top of it, do exercises to strengthen my scapula and my rotator cuff, do all that. The early work, I have to be smart with what I do because it fatigues out with what I do.

"I'm just trying to go day-by-day, avoid the DL and strengthen as much as I can when I have the opportunities to strengthen it. It's not like I can't do everything. It's just how it responds after I do it."

Manager Edwin Rodriguez said it's likely Coghlan, who is hitting .373 over his last 13 games and leads the team in homers (4) and RBI (16), will no longer play in afternoon games following a night game.

"Our concern is more of swinging the bat than throwing," Rodriguez said. "He puts a little more pressure on his shoulder that way. Hopefully, tomorrow he'll be okay. The last homestand he dealt with it fine. It was just the last day."

Donnie Murphy REVOLVING DOOR AT THIRD TO CONTINUE: When the Marlins broke camp, Rodriguez was convinced Donnie Murphy was going to be his starting third baseman. It's become clear that isn't the case anymore.

"I have to go with matchups, who we got on the mound, if I need more offense than defense," Rodriguez said. "So far my decision on who is playing third is based on that.

"Murphy was doing a good job, but then he got hit by a pitch on the wrist, swinging the bat. I know if he would have been 100 percent, he would be doing a great job there, holding himself there. But with all the injuries and all the situations he's been going through, it's been tough. I think we're asking way too much from him."

Murphy, hitting just .105 (4 for 38) through 17 games, said he's fully recovered from his ailments. He admitted he was a little surprised to not see his name in Friday's lineup, but is putting the team first.

"As long as we keep winning, that's all anybody cares about," Murphy said. "If he wants to give me a start, that's fine. If he wants to keep me in that bench role, that's fine too. It doesn't matter to me. I'm just trying to get the swing back, that's all it is."

So far, Greg Dobbs leads the team with nine starts at third. Helms and Murphy each have six. Emilio Bonifacio has three. Rodriguez said what concerns him more than the revolving door at third base is how it's affecting his pinch hitting situation late in games.

"What concerns me, every time I play Wes or Dobbs I am taking them out from their comfort zone, from their role," Rodriguez said. "I feel very confident when I have Dobbs or Wes late in the game. If I have to start them, then at the end of the game I have to find another source to fill those holes."