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Infante leaves game with right hamstring cramp

CINCINNATI -- Another Marlins starter could be on his way to the injured list.

Second baseman Omar Infante left tonight's game against the Reds in the fifth inning with what is being a right hamstring cramp. Infante, who drove in the only run of the game thus far (the Marlins lead 1-0) on a first inning single, reached for the back of his leg after fouling off a pitch in his third at-bat.

Manager Edwin Rodriguez and assistant trainer Mike Kozak came out to check on Infante, but he remained in the game. Two pitches later, he grounded out to the third base and gingerly jogged toward first.

Emilio Bonifacio, who started in left field, replaced Infante at second base. Scott Cousins entered the game and went out to left.

The Marlins are already short left fielder Logan Morrison, who is on the disabled list with a strained right arch. Center fielder Chris Coghlan (strained right shoulder) started Saturday after missing his first start of the season Friday, but is questionable for Sunday.


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Joe Thurston anyone? He's got good numbers in NOLA. Though admittedly I know nothing of the guy. (other than his current numbers)

Lou Vales

Tommy Hutton--"If you're going to lose a game,you might as well lose it to Edgar Renteria"----After a stupefying defeat as this and with Josh probably ready to strangle soft tossing ""Last of the Mujicas" and Eddie, PLEASE TELL ME that the Sweater Vest Apologist did not say that.


Unforgiving as always. Hey Lou, what about Joe Thurston if Infante goes on the DL or if they send Murphy down. I know thought of replacing one minor leaguer with another is one you'll surely scoff at but what are our options. Though 3rd position is over .300.

Stan M

Cousins must be sent down along with Mujicas. The Hoppper is one obvious choice and either Patterson or Mattison from AA ball. Nice stats on the latter and look at that facial hair! Does Hanley need an eye exam? We are falling apart!!! Was looking over Greenville stats and there are some interesting bats down there.

Lou Vales

Dear Clark and Manny, IF you needed any additional confirmation as to how little the new stadium will help attendance, all you have to do is check these Blogs. The Marlins have won 2 World Championships in last 15 years while the Dolphins have won 2 World Championships in last 46 years with the last one coming during the Watergate Era.But if you read the Blogs there is 1,000 times more interest in the Dolphin's annual failed draft than there is in a baseball team who COULD actually contend IF a little tweeking was done. IF the Dolphins had suffered a similiar deplorable loss as Marlins did last night there would have been mobs rolling in the street. But in reality nobody cares about the mismanaged bullpen last night,possible damage done to Mike Dunn, Hanley's demisse since big contract, unproductive bench players with NO thought of acquisitions to bolster.I would say it's "SAD", but in reality it's just peopleshowing passion for what they have an interest in and in South Florida that AIN'T baseball.


Spot on comment from Lou. You could turn on the radio in Sept. if the Marlins are in contention and all anyone will want to talk about is Dolphins pre-season.

Here's how it goes. Marlins in Div Series 30,000 a game; Marlins in LCS 40,000 a game; Fish in WS 60,000. That's right all those blue tarps will be removed and the fickle crowds will come out in droves just to say I was there and beat their chests. Ah Miami, gotta love ego and instant gratification.

As for me, don't care for the Phins. Never did and never will. Won't root against but "I don't care"

infante grounds out to 2nd base

Lou, stop whining so much on all your posts.. tough loss ? Yes. Poor bullpen management? Absolutely!
However, these kind of thing happen when you play so many games. the team has not been healthy all year and we are 16-9. A win today means another series win against a quality baseball club.


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