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Marlins In First Place -- Seriously

      Not much down time from last night's final out to first pitch at noon today, but enough for the Marlins to take over sole possession of first place in the NL East. That's because the Phillies lost late last night to the D-Backs, putting the Fish on top, a half-game in front.

       The Marlins (15-7) now own the second-best record in all the majors, behind only Colorado (16-7). If they win again today -- and they're placing the ball in the competent hands of Anibal Sanchez for that task -- they'll complete a sweep of the Dodgers and have the best record any Marlins team has ever had at the 23-game mark.

        As usual, the Marlins had to come from behind to win last night. That's the 10th time this season, it's happened. That's right. They've trailed at some point in two-thirds of their 15 wins.

        And it looks like Hanley Ramirez and Mike Stanton are starting to show signs of life at the plate. With Logan Morrison expected back in about eight days, it's time to ask that question: How good is this team? Or better yet, do you think they can hang with the Phillies all season?

        Thoughts please.         


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It is no secret. The Marlins have done so well this year because of their pitching, both the starters and the much improved bullpen.

We've been lucky also, pulling off wins when Vazquez and Volstad have been less than stelar. The offense has to improve. Gaby and LoMo can't carry the team by themselves. Coghlan has caught fire lately and Hanley and Stanton might be showing signs of life.

I don't think the Marlins will keep up with the Phillies in the long run, but if they stay healthy I think we have a good shot at the wild card, or at least a good run at it.


I don't know if they will stay with the Phillies all season for the division lead, but they can certainly be a front-runner for the wild-card all year. This is of course assuming that management will spend some money and trade for a competent 3rd baseman and a lefty starter. Those are the only two glaring holes that need to be filled. Our top 3 starters and bullpen have been remarkable, and we are doing all of this without our best offensive players htting their stride yet. It would be very wise for ownership to make a sincere playoff push the year before moving into a new stadium that they got a sweetheart deal on, and reestablish some trust between the team and the fan base.

Lou Vales

I want you to think about something. Look at the rosters of the Braves and the Phillies and I think you will agree that ultimately the Marlins need to worry about Philadelphia. Jimmy Rollins in the 3 spot has 2 RBI's--almost impossible after this number of games---Ibanez looks 49 not 39, Polanco is 35, Utley is THROUGH with nobody admitting it, even Howard is 32,Lidge may be done, Contrereas was at the Bay of Pigs and is now on the DL, Durbin is gone, the bullpen for the next month will be Madson,Charlie Manual aka Jethro Bodine will run those 4 starters into the ground with No pen and No offense to help them and ultimately 1 will end up on DL and other 3 will be stressed by overwork and high expectations. On the other hand, the Braves scare the Hell out of me. I know this sounds crazy now but I believe the Marlins and Braves are going to stage a marvelous race with the team finishing 2nd taking the Wild Card.

We are fortunate to be getting LoMo back early. We need production from 4th and 5th guys in rotation. It's unfortunate Sean West had to blow himself up and get out of shape.By now he should have been 4th or 5th guy.3B must be rectified and I believe they will acquire someone once Loria realizes he could end up on the cover of Fortune magazine as a genius for winning with this size payroll.


Ditto, great comments by all 3 posters today.


I'm expecting playoffs!!!!!!


Sure. Like Kevin Garnett anything is possible.

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