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Sunday Morning Update -- Cousins, Nunez, Stanton, Murphy, Etc.

     First, the basic news.

     Donnie Murphy's right hand/wrist area is slightly swollen and sore from last night's plunking by Jon Niese. X-rays were negative, Murphy hit off a tee this morning, and he said he should be available this afternoon to pinch-hit if necessary. He also said he should be ready to return to the lineup on Tuesday following Monday's off day.

     Mike Stanton (tight hamstring) is hitting in the indoor cages this morning and manager Edwin Rodriguez said he, too, could possibly pinch hit. Rodriguez said there's also a pretty good chance that Stanton returns to the lineup on Tuesday.

     Emilio Bonifacio gets the start at third today while Scott Cousins will be in right (see lineups below).

     Speaking of Cousins, Rodriguez was quite a bit more critical of the rookie's decision to allow David Wright's fly ball drop in for a foul last night rather than make the catch for the first out of the 10th. While doing so would have allowed Jose Reyes to tag and advance to third, and perhaps Angel Pagan to move up to second, Rodriguez said he would have walked the next hitter -- Carlos Beltran -- to load the bases and set up a potential double play grounder. Instead, given a second chance, Wright singled up the middle to drive in the go-ahead run, and the Mets added two more insurance runs on Willie Harris' double.

       "I understand what he did," Rodriguez said of Cousins. "He overthought that play. But he should have made that play. I think he was wrong. But, then again, we talked to him. Having a young outfield, it's a process. He has to anticipate that kind of play. Who's up. How many outs. Who's on deck. All that. When you have a good hitter at the plate, you don't want to give those guys second chances. Then again, having a young outfielder, I guess we have to pay the price and go through the learning process."

      BULLPEN: Rodriguez said the leadoff walk issued by Leo Nunez in the 9th, with the game tied 2-2, was the moment that rankled him him about Saturday's game "The bad part about last night's game was the leadoff walk. that was the one that shouldn't happen, especially on four pitches," Rodriguez said. That walk, to Ike Davis, turned into the go-ahead run for the Mets (though the Marlins would tie it in the 9th and sent the game to extra innings).....Rodriguez said that Nunez and lefty reliever Mike Dunn probably will not be available for today's rubber match after appearing in each of the first two games. But Clay Hensley, who also saw action in the first two, could probably pitch, he said. Everyone else is available.


       Marlins: 1. Chris Coghlan, cf; 2. Omar Infante, 2b; 3. Hanley Ramirez, ss; 4. Gaby Sanchez; 5. Logan Morrison, lf; 6. John Buck, c; 7. Emilio Bonifacio, 3b; 8. Scott Cousins, rf; 9. Javier Vazquez, p.

        Mets: 1. Jose Reyes, ss; 2. Willie Harris, lf; 3. David Wright, 3b; 4. Ike Davis, 1b; 5. Angel Pagan, cf; 6. Lucas Duda, rf; 7. Daniel Murphy, 2b; 8. Josh Thole, c; 9. R.A. Dickey, p.  


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Lou Vales

Edwin, Quit talking about Cousins' decision. At least his decision can be argued, however, you were the Phi Beta Kappa who brings in a guy to pitch the 9th who NEVER pitches well in tie games--look it up---while leaving in the bullpen a power lefthander who would have faced 3 of 4 batters who bat from the left side.

PLEASE!! I beg you!! We had Fredo last few years with the mental acumen of a carp, I really think you can handle men and get them to play for you BUT we would all appreciate some thought behind your decisions.


In mid season form I see. It's one game and unfortunately this guy is our closer. At that point in the game you play one out at a time. You can't give guys like David Wright a second chance. Interstingly enough had Webb gotten the ground ball we'd all be singing his praises. Because if it's one thing that Marlins fans are other than fair weather it's hypocrites.


Oh Yeah if u recall Stanton last year had the same play and made the catch in foul territory which cost JJ a game. In yesterdays game not making the catch scored in a run but that's not why we lost. It all comes back to Leo

Fredrick White

Infante should have won us the game and Ryan Webb bring brought in ruined the game.


This Lou is the absolute worst. Two games into the season with this anger.

Get over yourself.


Cousins decision to let Wrights foul ball drop was only a bad decision because the "improved" bullpen couldn't get the job done.

suppose Wright hits into a double play on the next pitch, then everybody would be saying what a smart thing it was to not catch the ball and avoid having the two baserunners move up to second and third. remember, Cousins would have been in a awkward position to try and throw out a runner moving up after the catch. He would have been facing the bullpen and up against the wall.

Thruth is, the bullpen blew the game

Lou Vales

Dear Jack, Anger??? I believe "anger" is what you see in rallies,town hall meetings and the halls of Congress. I'm expressing an opinion about a BASEBALL manager. Now IF you really think I'm angry, just check out how fast this guy is terminated by Loria if these shortcomings become manifest.

Coghlan has demonstrated he can play pepper with the second baseman.Now might be the time to show some similarity to the 2009 Rookie of the Year. Also lose the dumb $$$ haircut.


Gotta agree with Lou on this one. If Edwin can't see that Leo Nunez shouldn't be used in any situation when the game is on the line, he will be working back in PR at single A free arepa night.

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