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A day later, emotional Scott Cousins is still upset over hurting Buster Posey

SAN FRANCISCO -- Less than 12 hours after he scored the winning run in the Marlins' 7-6, 12-inning victory over the Giants Wednesday night, Scott Cousins was still feeling "pretty crappy" over how he earned it.

Scott Cousins The reserve outfielder, who played at the University of San Francisco and lives in the Bay Area, fought back tears before Thursday's game in the Marlins clubhouse when talking about his collision with Giants catcher Buster Posey, who fractured his lower left leg and ankle trying to block Cousins from scoring. 

"I'd like to say I don't care and we won, but I have compassion for that guy," Cousins said. "I don't want him hurt. He's a great player. He's a leader over there, a leader of that team, defending World Champion, Rookie of the Year. Did I want to end his season? No. Not at all."

Cousins, who said he didn't get a wink of sleep Wednesday, said he called over to the Giants clubhouse twice after Wednesday's game hoping to talk to Posey. But he was only able to leave a message with trainers. He said he urged them to relay the message to Posey. If he doesn't hear back, Cousins said he would try to reach out to Posey again after Thursday's game.

As for Cousins' family, friends and teammates? They've all been backing him.

"I've gotten messages from the front office, management, the coaching staff [Giants outfielder and former Marlins teammate] Cody Ross, players everywhere, family, friends," Cousins said. "I've gotten 65 text messages and Facebook postings saying I did nothing wrong. I understand it, got all the reassurance I need. But it's just still unfortunate and I can't help but still feel crappy about it."

Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez reiterated Thursday he felt Cousins and Posey both made "clean, hard plays" and said his team was upset Posey was hurt.

"Even after he scored, there was no celebration in the dugout," Rodriguez said. "Guys were shaking hands. But there was zero celebration in the dugout."

Cousins said he still feels he made the right play. "It's part of the game," he said. "If you go in first feet and slide they punish you. If you hit them, you punish them and you punish yourself, but you have a chance of that ball coming out. And that's the difference, the only difference. But you still get punished.

"I got punished last night. I had full speed momentum going in there. But he's a big guy. He's bigger than me. It hurt a lot. It's just one of those things, it shouldn't be changed. It's part of the game. But you don't ever want to see anybody get hurt over it. You wish he could just, his legs would come out from under him and he could just roll over it, dust himself off and maybe even say something to me. I'll take it. But you don't want to see his leg get broken. That's the worst."


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Jam Mart

It's baseball, I'm a huge Posey fan! It goes with the territory. No one involved did anything wrong, it's just baseball!

Brad Parker

Cousins is delusional. He had the entire plate to slide to and decided to turn himself into a human missile and launch it at a defenseless player. It was a stupid baseball play. Pure and simple.

You have a brain, Scott, try using it.


Spare me the tears punk.


I need an objective answer and I don't it exist, are we having this conversation because it is Buster Posey?!!! The golden boy of San Fran. I don't recall such an uproar when Brett Hayes got taken out last year. Posey is not the first and won't be the last.


Cousins is a LIAR!

Gashouse Gang 34'

WhhhAAA....It was a bang-bang play that resulted in a freak accident, sorry Posey got hurt...there have been many collisions at home in baseball history worse than this , where no one got hurt...u bleeding hearts , stick to golf and tennis,and sipping chardonnay and leave MLB alone...It's bad enough now with the stupid umpire warnings on brushback pitches...


Scott Cousins is a nonentity. He couldn't even man up and get back in the lineup today. No matter, though - Posey will be back next year, and this .158 wanker will be asking housewives if they want help out with their groceries. Oh and he's not from SF, he's from Reno, so he can spare everyone the "hometown boy" act. Chump.

Stan M

A few comments right or wrong:
It is not Cousins decision too appear in the lineup. It is the manager's decision and Cousns is not a regular player in the first place.

Cousins wasn't in the lineup yesterday either. He was inserted into the game as a substitute. So how could he get back in a lineup that he wasn't in in the first place?

Saying that Cousins is a liar says nothing. It is a generality and is backed up by nothing so why make such a semi-rational utterance? If you are going to accuse, back it up.

My personal opinion is that Cousins hit him fairly for there was no where else to go. And as Cousins said, if I slide feet first he hurts me. Hitting those shin guards at that speed could easily lead to a sprained or broken ankle. Ask Josh Hamilton about sliding into home head first. The one troubling aspect of this entire episode in my opinion is that this was Cousin's home town with several family members and friends in attendance. Would he have done this somewhere else where he was not displaying his wares to these people. I think so, but there is a tiny question about it.


Why are Giants fans here anyways? Your opinion, my opinion or the writer's opinions DO NOT matter. If the Giants wanted to retaliate they would've and for this idiot to ask MLB to review these plays is absurd. Like I said before he wasn't the first and won't be the last. A player should not concede an out on a bang bang play.

By the way go HEAT!!!!! Lebron is a beast!!!


Mike Sciocia and Joe Torre support the play. 'Nuff said!!!


Why is ESPN asking Herm Edwards for his opinion?! Because he's a Giants fan?! Give me a freaking break!!! I'm really getting annoyed if not pissed off. Had Cousins slid in feet first and breaks his ankles no one would've cared because he's a nobody. If you look at the play it's the exact same play in which Hamilton dislocated his shoulder. He tried to score on a shallow fly ball and slid in head first and injured himself. If anything I would blame Schierholtz for giving him a shitty throw, had it been chest high or gotten a better bounce he would've been in a better position to take the hit. I like the fact that someone mentioned JT Snow running through Pudge in 2003 NLDS.

Lou Vales

Glags, You should be annoyed and Cousins must leave it behind.

Now this would be an opportunity for Dr Wes to actually accomplish something. Since it is obvious The Mahatma is here for the duration of the year he should be counseling Scott. The Mahareshi is not capable of performing any action associated with the sport of baseball and this gives him a chance to get a leg up on that futurecareer he is angling for. Anybody believe the Guru does not want a managing position next year.It is fortunate he ran into the Chapman changeup in Cincinnatti or Uncle Wessie would have a total empty stat line with no HR's and no RBI's. He has become Juan Pierre without the speed.

Wes, Be a man. Walk away.

Stan M

A little off subject but isn't it time to move Buck to the #8 spot in the order? 6th and 7th aren't helping him at all and he is becoming a consistent rally killer. It's either a K or a fly ball to center field in too many instances. With Coghlan starting to hit along with Infante, we are displaying an excellent lineup. With one exception. How many of you felt as I did yesterday that the Marlins had a gain rather than a loss with Bono at short instead of Hanley. The Marlins have arrived at where they are with little to show from our "star". Now is the time to move him. A replacement can't be any worse than he has been and could be an improvement...especially in the field where Hanley is limited in going to his right.

Lou, granted Wes has been horrendous at the plate and hitting him above Infante was idiotic in my opinion. However, he is a minor problem compared to Hanley. May I respectfully suggest that you are ranting about the wrong player.

Samson's Boyfriend

Boni is one year away fron becoming a full-time starter either at ss or second base..Boni's start yesterday was a significant upgrade that has not gone un-noticed to Marlins management..Marlins swept Giants without any significant contribution from Hanley which proves they can win without him.. a fact still lost in Hanley's mind and immature ego..time will tell if Hanley is mentally tough enough to play up to his physical talent.

Need another back-up at First

The reason that Wes Helms will stay with the Marlins for the remainder of the season is plain and simple...he is the only back-up to Gaby Sanchez at first base that the Marlins have...that's it, period....


The power rankings have the fish at 8 because of JJs injury and I heard Buster Olney say that this rotation couldn't compete without JJ. Well my response to that is beginning with the series against the Rays we've gotten five consecutive quality starts from our starters (Anibal, Vazquez, Ricky, Volstad, Anibal). That's pretty darn good. Buster don't be like Chuck or you'll get a t shirt in the face.

Stan M

Great post by Samsons Boyfriend. Morrison is a 1st baseman and can back up Gabby with Bono going to LF. Glads, there are several power rankings. One has the Marlins 3rd believe it or not. These next 3 games are going to be a real test. Vazquez, a cast of thousands, and Nolasco against the Dodgers. If we take 2 of these 3 we are really into something. Next comes AZ and they are hot. When looking at the standings, I always compare how many home vs. away games each team has up to that point. The interesting thing about our team is that they had played more home games than away which is bad. However, their winning percentage is actually much better on the road which is both surprising and very good. If we still have the wild card lead after these next 6 games, watch out league, the Marlins are for real.


The collision was entirely unnecessary. The sophomore season for the reigning NL rookie of the year got scrubbed by a scrub trying to make a name for himself.

Keith Hernandez' Father

Morrison has'nt played or practiced at first base in over a year...Believe it or not , U can't just roll out of bed and play first in the Bigs even if u played it as a regular before...


Thomas to say that Cousins is trying make a name for himself is as ridiculous as asking MLB to change the rules. I mentioned this before and I will repeat until this goes away, many catchers have been run over without getting hurt and for two former MLB catchers to openly say it was a baseball play. Whether it was necessary or not shouldn't be open for discussion because I'm sure he didn't make the decision to run him over from the moment he tagged up. Many shortstops and second basemen have had season ending injuries and no one asked MLB to prevent a player from breaking up a DP. It sucks because Posey was the poster boy for this team and MLB but nothing needs to be changed or looked at.

Stan M


Dr. Matt

That was a criminal assault. Cousins should be arrested for intentionally and maliciously inflicting bodily harm. There was nothing "clean" about that hit, and it speaks to the character of Marlins' management that they keep defending the attack.

Dr Matt's Wife

Dr Matt...coming from a Proctologist like you, u sound like you're a perfect AZZZHOLE...


Matt please don't comment on here again. Yes your entitled to an opinion as misguided as it may be. Do the names Mike Scocia and Joe Torre mean anything to you? How about effin' Nomah? Plus countless others including the Giants' and former Marlin Cody Ross that have said it was a baseball play. For Posey to come out and publicly say that Cousins had an open lane is just absurd!!! Had it been a seasoned Veteran I would've accept that statement and though I'm sure it was a prepared statement he should've let his babysitting agent speak for him.

Former catcher

It was a cheap play. Posey was hit in fair territory and Cousins didn't touch the plate after the collision. I was almost respecting the genuine emotion Cousins showed but then he said he would do it again, knowing the results. So if Cousins knows that he is going to break Posey's leg--and possible end his career--before hand he still does it, then feels bad about it? It makes no sense.


Tell Cousins to man up and get into the lineup next time he meets the Giants. Posey is one of the young stars in the league. Noone even knew who Scott Cousins was before that play.


Lebron and know Cousins...one more reason to hate Miami.


OK, those of you who think Cousins was wrong, you don't know baseball or its rules. First, why don't we see this same type of play at second or third base? Because you must hold the bag. If you go passed the bag you can be tagged out. Not so at home plate. So guys don't "have to" slide at home. Guys don't have to slide into second or third either, but they run the risk of overrunning the bag and getting tagged out. Watch a play at second on a steal and throw from the catcher, is the man covering second base blocking the base, no. So why does a catcher do it at home? Well, because we're talking about a run being scored that's why. Bruce Bochy commented that he'd like to see the ruled changed, or whatever. What was he talking about? There already is a rule in place, but do the umpires enforce it? First, before that rule, let's talk about what could have been done on Posey's part... he could have NOT blocked the plate. He could have played it like a second or thirdbaseman. Stayed out of the way till he caught the ball, swiped his glove across the plate and tagged Cousins out - end of story, Posey's playing next day. Bochy could tell his catchers to do it that way, ala Benito Santiago. Here's another thing - Cousin's does that to Miguel Olivo, and Cousins is the one going to the hospital - it's happened already, twice. Back to Bochy and his rule change... want your catchers safe, don't have them block the plate. Cousins, and any baserunner for that matter, have the right to the base/plate. You wanna block it, that's the risk you take. OK, really for the rule now - THE RULE states that no fielder (or catcher) can block a bag/plate without the ball! Posey NEVER had the ball. He is not allowed, by rule, to block that plate. He blocked the plate BEFORE the ball reached him. He set up blocking the plate, and waited for the ball to get to him, illegal. He didn't catch the ball, which means he was blocking the plate illegally the entire time. Two years ago, a controversial play at the plate happened when Matt Holliday slid into home head first while the catcher blocked him out. Holliday got his faced all scuffed up. Initially, Holliday didn't reach the plate, but then finally tagged the plate almost simultaneously as the catcher brought the ball around and tagged him - home plate ump called him safe, lots of arguing ensued on ESPN, was Holliday really safe or not? Well, yes absolutely he was safe, and the umpire should have stated his case thusly, and all of baseball and ESPN would have just shut up. The RULE is you cannot block the plate without the ball! That catcher, and Posey, DID NOT HAVE THE BALL in their possession when they blocked out the baserunner from tagging the plate - illegal. The home plate ump should have made that call - they never do. If umps starting making that call, then you'd see Posey setting up to catch the ball somewhere out of the third baseline, not blocking the plate, getting the ball, and then coming over with maybe a swipe of the glove. When umpires start calling guys safe because baserunners are having to try to find alternative routes to the plate because catchers without the ball are blocking the plate, THEN Bochy will get what he wants. Albeit, from a rule that's already in place.

Dr. Matt

All this commentary just proves the point, that the Marlins, their management, and their fans are a bunch of nasty, low class brawlers who defend violence by hiding behind expansive definitions of baseball "rules," and blithe dismissals of the injury with statements like "well that's baseball." I wish the Marlins every ill fortune. They are not athletes or professionals in any sense.

Bill B

Duke said all that had to be said. No ball....No blocking the plate. That's the rule!

Every time there's a play like this I think about Ray Fosse's career-ending hit by Pete Rose in the All Star game. Different circumstances but possibly the same result.

Hope Possey recovers and has a great career and wish Cousins well too.

Roger West

Im just wondering how cool the Marlins and their fans will be when the Giants give some payback which is also a big part of the game. The idiot that touted it being Ok with the Giants by their lack of recipriation is not a real fan of the game ... any real fan knows the umpires and. MLB would be all over any Giant who came in hard like Cousins did to Posey. You just wait ... there will be an opportunity that presents itself to exert payback
.. like an ace pitcher covering first base on a bang bang play or a top Marlin player exposing himself some time when it would be called good tough baseball. You who try to make Cousins a hometown. SF boy are simply spinning ... he is from Nevada. The main point to me here is a stub ... a part time. 157 hitter injured a star player and a class person badly which hurts the Giants in a huge way and may have cost a man a great career. To think the Giants are done with this because the players and staff are quality people and felt empathy for Cousins is short sighted. Someday ... somehow .... Cousins and the Marlins will gwr their payback. Karma is a birch!


Show me how in this photo Posey was blocking the plate? it is so obvious from these photos that Cousins did not need to hit Posey - who was in FAIR territory and was not blocking the plate. A bush league play.


or this series of stills:


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