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Buck on Vazquez: exorcising first inning demons was huge

       Whether Javier Vazquez's performance on Saturday translates to future success remains to be seen. But catcher John Buck said he believes it'll boost his confidence level, especially since he was able to finally make it through a first inning without sustaining damage on the scoreboard.

       "He may not want to admit it," Buck said. "But I felt, 'Okay, we got through it.' It's something stupid and little, but he got that little monkey off his back."

       Vazquez had given up at least one run in each ofhis eight previous starts. Not only wasn't Vazquez nicked in the first, but he held the Rays scoreless for all seven innings he was on the mound, holding the Marlins' cross-state brethren to only three hits.

        Buck, who was behind the plate, said that the 1-2-3 first, as well as a couple of good early defensive plays, served to give Vazquez the confidence he's been lacking.

        "There were all these little things that kept biting him in his other outings, and we kind of nipped all those early in the game," Buck said.

        HENSLEY RETURNS -- Clay Hensley comes off the disabled list today and rejoins the bullpen. While he's uncertain of his immediate role, Hensley felt like there's room for improvement, that he wasn't as sharp as he could be before going out with the injury (bruised rib).

        "I wasn't throwing well," Hensley said. "I feel like I wasn't throwing up to my capabilities. I felt a little out of whack with my mechanics and it kind of snowballed on me. I felt like I was pitching well enough to keep us in games. But I didn't feel like I was putting guys away."

        In particular, Hensley was unhappy with his walks (eight in 13 innings).

        "I think a lot of that had to do with I kind of got strikeout hungry and was trying to throw the perfect pitch," he said. "But I'm not going to try to overanalyze it. It's not like I have a seven ERA or anything."

        Hensley said he still feels soreness in the rib area, but not enough to alter the way he throws.

        "It's sore," he said. "But, before, the pain was so bad it was restricting my movement. Now it just feels like I got hit by a baseball, and I don't really feel it when I'm throwing."

        With Hensley coming off the DL and infielder Ozzie Martinez going back to New Orleans, the Marlins now have eight arms in the bullpen, all ready to go if Jay Buente runs into early trouble in what will be his first big-league start.

       -- One roster note for the Rays: shortstop Reid Brignac has been placed on the bereavement list and the Rays have brought up infielder Felipe Lopez to fill his spot.


         Rays: 1. E. Johnson, ss; 2. Damon, lf; 3. Longoria, 3b; 4. Joyce, rf; 5. Upton, cf; 6. Kotchman, 1b; 7. Rodriguez, 2b; 8. Shoppach, c; 9. Shields, p.

         Marlins: 1. Coghlan, cf; 2. Ramirez, ss; 3. Morrison, lf; 4. Sanchez, 1b; 5. Dobbs, 3b; 6. Stanton, rf; 7. Infante, 2b; 8. Hayes, c; 9. Buente, p.


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Lou Vales

This is NOT Buente's fault.He is not a Major League pitcher. There are 330,000,000 Americans who are not Major League pitchers.

The FIRST and MOST important thing you look at in a minor league pitcher's stat is the strikeouts for inning. IF that does not jump out at you, don't expect much. Must demonstrate an ability to overpower people at low levels.

Lou Vales

Scott Cousins has batted 37 times and has struck out now 16 of those plate appearances. Once again this is NOT Scott's fault. he is NOT a Major League baseball player.It's not his fault that he may be the best of the NON Major League Baseball players under Marlin control.

Now I am growing really tired of Beinfest and Samson perpetuating this myth they have constructed something special with this organization. What is SPECIAL is the lack of prospects anywhere near being ready.

Lou Vales

How about making this an audition like situation? Instead of giving Buente another start how about having Koehler start on Saturday? If Koehler dowsn't want it bring up a guy from Double A with some stuff? If he doesn't want it, bring in someone off the waiver wire.

Buente does NOT deserve another start just because he already failed at one.


Lou - you fail to realize that the marlins have recently graduated gaby sanchez, Lomo, Stanton and Coghlan from the minors. Any minor league system will look bare after graduating 4 of your best prospects! Also, the minor league pitcher that we would have brought up, Sanabia...who is a decent back end option is injured. Do you expect a minor league system full of JJs and Stanton's? This team is special and if you don't see that or feel that, you should rescind your right to call yourself a marlin fan

Lou Vales

Stefan, You probably have not read that I'm not a FANatic about anything. I do not blindly follow any person, cause or idea. FANaticS are bad and dangerous people. They are even targeted by drones and other special measures.

This team is very special with what they have accomplished with so little investment. They areALL quality people from what I've seen in Florida and on road trips. They are special enough that I have great empathy for all this going down the drain because no pitchers have been developed besides Johnson in last 5 years. Nolasco, Sanchez,Dunn, Nunez,Hensley, Mujica,Vasquez all trades. You must expect ONE pitcher to get hurt once in awhile. Was sanabia the ONLY pitcher ready in Triple A and Double A. Braves just hadto DL Hudson.They are calling up Minor. They have already called up Teheran for a start and Venters probably best relief pitcher in the Bigs right now also came from their system.

You named a whole lot of position players and they have done a GREAT job getting position players up, but I don't think that excuses them from literally having NO options once a starter goes down.

Watch the FANatic stuff andtry to recruit people to be FANaticS. Let's get people who don't check brains at the front door--------like FANaticS. you be a nice little FANatic. It's not for me. I'll just follow the team and not shake a pom pom and go RAH RAH RAH.

Lou Vales

"You fail to realize:, what a bunch of crap. I'll break this team down and include New Orleans, Jacksonville, Jupiter and Greensboro. I've sat with a couple of friends of mine who are scouts in 3 Sally Leaguecities and 2 Southern League teams. I'm not hazarding some of these opinions without help. Although you didn't have to be aSuper Scout to see what kind of stuff Buente had. And I have farther bad news. Our best near Major League ready pitchers are relief pitchers.That is NEVER a good sign. In fact the strength of our system is now relief pitchers---ALWAYS a bad thing.

Going to be surprised if they reevaluate and decide they don't need to see Buente again in LA?? I'm not. I think they saw quite enough and that is why he exited after 3 when he could have really eaten a couple more innings.


was happy to take 2 of 3 against the Rays, particularly with the pitching matchups of Saturday and Sunday.

Javy gave the fish a big lift. Hope it continues.

As for Buente, I thought he was overmatched from the start. Isn't West getting closer. I would love to have a lefthanded starter

Dealin Dave and Trader Jack

Lou...with no talent left in the minors to call up{i.e Cabrera and Willis 03}what cards does Beinfest have to play in July to be in the hunt in Sept??? No untouchables in minor organizations{i.e Stanton for Manny rental 09}..Beinfest will need to pull off some deals to get Marlins to play-offs if they are serious about contending in October..


I was surprised to see that Hanley's BA is over .400 against lefties. Can this be right?! If so, I wonder if Edwin would be so inclined to platoon him with Boni for a game or two? I know it sounds ridiculous but other than slapping this guy around I don't know what else can be done.


Well I guess I hadn't noticed but Boni is no longer .300. You know for a long time I thought that Uggla would play the way he did and have poor ABs on purpose in hopes of getting traded. Although I may never know, this thought was justified when refused the Marlins' offer. I saw his numbers today and I'm glad ATL gave him the money not us.

Lou Vales

Glags, Uggla is wilting under the pressure of justifying his deal and also making happy 30,000 a game instead of 12,000 a game. People in Atlanta CARE about their team and they ain't taking Danny's crap.

Lou Vales

I'm trying to determine what Wilpon said in that article about Reyes,Beltran and Wright that was not true. Reyes thinks he's worth 140,000,000???????????, Beltran is 60% of his former self and Wright is very good but not a super star.I guess if you make guys multimillionaires and they don't perform that you must keep your mouth shut and keep paying.

Is that the way it's usually done in America?? i don't think so.


I don't think it's what he said but when he said it. I mean they are dealing with the lawsuit from the trustee and they had to borrow money from MLB, they are trying to sell the team, or so I think, why bring anymore "controversy" or what can be perceived as negative attention to your organization? I wouldn't be surprised if in a few days he comes out with an apology claiming that his words were taken out of context.

Or maybe this is his way of trying to keep the mets relevant.

Wilpon Belongs with Bernie

Too bad Wilputz did'nt carry it a step further and admit" I hired this POS Minaya, who signed all his spanish players that choked , got hurt,and did'nt play worth a crap and now I'm stuck with this sheety team...Oh wait..I still have to dump Minaya's last two turds Beltran and Reyes...

Lou Vales

Jupiter just edged Clearwater 2-1 in 23 innings. Maybe someone at Jupitercould start Saturday.


This is only hypothetical but would you trade Stanton for Felix Hernandez?

Lou Vales

Do I have to answer right now? Right now the answer would be NO. IF Stanton is still taking these funky swings at breaking balls next year I might consider it BUT Felix has already thrown a lot of pitches so I probably say No next year. I guess your not factoring in the club control factor. good question.


Clark Spencer here. Manny is out in San Fran and he'll be chiming in later. But the Felix Hernandez trade hypothetical piqued my interest. No way on Stanton. Control and sheer dollars would be a major deterrent.

But suppose you offered Hanley Ramirez for King Felix? Hmm. Would you go for that?

Check out their contract situations. Both have three years remaining (through 2014) after this one. Hernandez is due to receive $58 million over that period. Ramirez will be getting $46.5 mil. Not an insurmountable difference in other words.

Seattle could use a shortstop. A rotation that featured the triumvirate of Hernandez, Josh Johnson and Ricky Nolasco -- at least through '13 -- would certainly make them look twice in Philadelphia, not to mention everywhere else.



You're right in that I wasn't taking consideration club control or $$$. I meant more in terms of the quality of players and what each could bring to the table. Although Hanley for Felix sounds great to me.

Stan M

Great ideas! The trade sounds wonderful from our perspective. But Seattle? Hmmmm. I'd be glad to take that young phenom for Hanley if they refused to give up the King. I think we would have a better chance of prying a pitcher from SF (Cain) and Hanley will always be expendable in my book. I really liked Cousins toward end of last year, but now's the time to move him back to AAA. That other kid, Patterson is considerably faster, also lefthanded, and hitting fairly well.
Lou, I differ with you on Buente. Granted it's observation from a TV screen, but his breaking ball was very good and his fast ball seemed to move...all over the damn place in this instance. His control at AAA was excellent, so I'd give him another start or two. Talking in absolutes is beneath you. You are a thoughtful and educated man and such statements are for the less talented (so and so is an idiot) to make. Other than that, you have been right on lately.

Peter Gammons Dog

Marlins send down Buente call up Chisak...who starts in JJ's spot ???


The hopper for three, Sanches for three and mix and match or empty the pen after that.

Lou Vales

Wow!! I'm trying to recall who suggested Buente would not get another start?I'm sitting up in Greenville at 63 years of age and I wanted to grab a bat on Sunday. The Marlins FORTUNATELY seem to be reading this blog.

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