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Hanley Ramirez: "I Would Have Pitched To Myself Too"

    NEW YORK -- First things first. Tonight's Marlins/Mets game has been called due to rain. No makeup date has been announced.

    Now, back to business. Say one thing for Hanley Ramirez. He remains humble despite a horrific slump that has his average sitting at .204 after an 0 for 6 performance Monday night at Citi Field.

    In the ninth inning of that game, the Mets walked Chris Coghlan with first base open and the go-ahead run at second, choosing instead to take their chances with Ramirez.

     Said Ramirez: "I would have pitched to myself, too. They know that I am not swing good right now. So they go, 'Let's pitch to him.'"

     Ramirez also said he has no qualms with manager Edwin Rodriguez's decision to bat him in the second spot, a move designed to put some life in his anemic bat.

     "Everything's going to turn around soon," Ramirez predicted. "Hanley's going to be back."


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all this guy does is make promises and shows no actions. Show something with the bat clown!

Lou Vales

I will be so glad when the Heat is ELIMINATED so the team that has won as many World Championships as the Miami Dolphins can start to get some play.

Vasquez Suicide Watch

Thank God for rainouts...now Marlins can skip Vasquez in rotation to let him work on his problems...


This FO does not like egg in its face so they will delay the inevitable by starting Vasquez another ten times before folding.
These guys are easy to predict.
Grow a pair and admit that you were wrong about Vasquez , every one is wrong from time to time

Vasquez Suicide Hotline

Marlins have a pitcher listed on 40 man roster named Arquimedes Caminero....Who the efff is he..or is that a Chevy sold in the Dominican Republic..???


any word on JJ or Buck's injuries?

Lou Vales

Dear Suicide, There are a bunch of marginal names on the 40 man, but if you want to find the old guys go to the New Orleans and Jacksonville rosters. Unbelievable!!

The Braves have Teheran going tonight in Arizona. Kid is a 20 year old phenom and the Braves still have Minor who they don't seem to care that much about who would be # 2 or 3 prospect if the Fish had him.

JJ and Buck should be fine.

You guys can choose to believe or not believe this but I am good buddies with an advance scout for a team.Obviously I can't say the team or the guy's name. He has told me people around baseball are absolutely shocked by way Hanley is bringing the bat through the hitting zone. He is making NOTHING close to solid contact. This 40 games has not been about hitting in bad luck. Something is up. I will not elaborate on the evaluation of Wes Helms. IF you follow the Marlins, you realize that Wes has made real good contact ONCE this year--and that was the big 2 run double off of Chapman in Cincinnatti.
He also told me it should be no surprise the Phillies are having trouble scoring runs and that he--and others--currently see the Braves as best team in the division.

Lou Vales

Trust Me!!, I understand the fraustration about Vasquez, but they really have NO alternative. IF JJ somehow needs to miss next start, I can guarantee they have about 4 options and they want none of them facing a now hot Tampa Bay team. I was going to say this lack of starting pitching is the only reason I see them not winning it, BUT that is kinda like saying the only reason you don't see your daughter winning American Idol is because she can't sing.

I have taken solace from the hilarity of the Phillies' offense. They better have the best 4 guys in the game because that is one PATHETIC offense and just imagine if they did not play 81 games a year in a collegiate softball park. Hopefully Manuel keeps running up the pitch counts and 2 of these guys hit the DL by August. have not even factored in stress and pressure of basically having to pitch a shutout---unless you are hitting against Vasquez---every game to win. Chase will probably play about 40 games before that patellar tendenitis starts to really act up after a nice take out slide.Nice to know you have Manuel in the dugout.I believe he went ti the same grade school as Jethro Bodine.

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