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Hanley Ramirez moved to No. 2 spot in order (w/video)

      NEW YORK -- After weeks of contemplation, manager Edwin Rodriguez has decided to make a lineup move involving his slumping shortstop, Hanley Ramirez. Rodriguez moved Ramirez to the No. 2 spot in the order, just ahead of Logan Morrison.

      Whether anyone actually gets to see the new lineup in action tonight remains to be seen as the tarp is out at Citi Field, where it is raining lightly.

       Rodriguez said he has been discussing the move with Ramirez for a couple of weeks. In announcing it to reporters on Monday, the manager spun it in a couple of different directions, saying part of the decison rested on not batting John Buck in the No. 8 hole. Rodriguez would prefer Omar Infante to hit in that spot.

       But there is little doubt that the changes were made with Ramirez in mind. Ramirez began the day with a .213 average and met privately with Rodriguez in the manager's office before the lineup was posted in the clubhouse.

       "I've been talking to Hanley about it," Rodriguez said. "I feel with LoMo back, it's time to do it."

       Rodriguez said he gave some thought to dropping Ramirez as low as the sixth spot, but decided he preferred him closer to the top of the order. Ramirez has started in the No. 2 hole 17 times in his career, all during his rookie season in 2006, and hit .233 from that position.

       "I like to see Hanley coming up in the first inning because he can create so many things when he's on base," Rodriguez said. "If I hit Hanley sixth or seventh hole and gets on base, he steals a base, then they walk the eighth hitter and we don't get that offensive part of our game going. He's an RBI guy, so I don't want to make too many changes."

       Ramirez sent word through the Marlins media relations director that he didn't want to make a big deal over the change and deferred all questions about the move until after the game.

       Listen to Rodriguez discuss the lineup change:


       Marlins: 1. Chris Coghlan, cf; 2. Hanley Ramirez, ss; 3. Logan Morrison, lf; 4. Gaby Sanchez, 1b; 5. Greg Dobbs, 3b; 6. Mike Stanton, rf; 7. John Buck, c; 8. Omar Infante, 2b; 9. Josh Johnson, p.


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Good move...a better move would be to sandwich Stanton between LoMo and Sanchez. He looks a little confused. I'd try to get him in some situations where he absolutely knows he's getting a fastball. When he has a good idea about what's coming, he's one of the most dangerous hitters around.

Lou Vales

Our All Star hates the idea of that BA flashing in New York and especially with Reyes getting hits and stealing bases.

I know all you guys/girls know what "Warning Track Power" is,but POBRECITO TIO Wes Helms does not even have warning track power, he has outfield grass power.

Gotta LOVe Mike Stanton!!


The move doesn't seem to have any effect? Could he be the Dontrelle Willis of position players?

Lou Vales

These guys love to talk about being "DISRESPECTED", well, all I can say is that went beyond being DISRESPECTED.

Our All Star SS got PUNKED and I mean PUNKED!

Lou Vales


Show him that does not play!!

Lou Vales

The Marlins WALk the All Star Shortstop.

Does Hanley realize he's playing the fool? Of course he is a multi-millionaire fool but still a FOOL.

The ONLY enterprise in America where you GUARANTEE a guy 50 MILLION and he does not have to perform--Pro Sports!!

Lou Vales

UncleWes AGAIN displaying his "Outfield Grass" power.The man is uncanny in his ability to drive the ball out of the infield.

Uncle Weslie MUST be a HUGE clubhouse influence. Hey, maybe he is giving Hanley hitting and fielding advice.

Lou Vales

I DON'T hide.

We now have our NEW right handed hitter coming off the bench. In one at bat Badenhop has had more clutch hits than ramirez has had this year.
AND he also pitched a good half inning.


Hey, we let Badenhop play SS and hit second. Maybe the Willis/Cabrera trade wasn't a total wash.

Lou Vales

Glags, I was just about to post that. GREAT minds think alike.

Somehow we must get his bat in there. He concentrated and worked the count and had a great swing.


Steve Berthueme just said that Leo Nunez has been lights out. What an idiot? Not because of what he said but because he said it after showing the highlight of Niese's triple. How can you say that a guy is lights out if he went 3-2 on a pitcher and then serves up a triple???


Well Lou, we finally agree! I can't stand Wes Helms! Talk about loyalty to a useless player. Wes Helms is the definition of useless.

And Hanley has regressed, it seems.

Lou Vales

I hope you guys realize that I want to be proven WRONG about every negative(I "believe" truthful observation I make), this team is right on the edge of being especially bad or good.

Imagine in JJ had to miss 5 starts--We are done. The Braves or Phillies' Hudson or Doc go down and they summon someone from Gwinnett or Wilkes-Barre. They would miss the ACES BUT they have a viable replacement.

Hanley needs to be sat BUT it's obvious they fear a "Posada reaction", I GUARANTEE--once AGAIN I hope I'm wrong---this will start to affect his fielding. Even when he fields a ball cleanly there is a chance he holds it too long or throws it in the dirt. Now the entite league realizes he is so stubborn(messed up?) that he will take 1st pitch fastballs right down the middle.

I have little doubt IF Hanley thought he would really have to WORK to get it back OR he could just get his guaranteed money----He would be on a 10 million dollar yacht in the Caribbean.

Glags, GREAT point about a positional Dontrelle.Why can't a position player just lose it? He may be so psychologically whacked out that he won't be able to come back without help. Anyone believe someone who was afraid to sign a cast for charity is going to seek help??

Lou Vales

Erick, The Marlins will be subservient to Helms because they believe he gave them a deal by signing for only a million. The fact that there would have been NO other takers at this point in his career does not matter to Florida. Anyone who is "somewhat articulate(in baseball parlance that means stringing 2 sentences together)" and who projects an image of semi-authority is seen as a STABILIZING INFLUENCE who is valuable in the clubhouse. Remember Lanny Harris when he was THROUGH and yet he was the pinch hitting presence off of the bench,. did not matter if hewas helpless that last year, he had all those hits in earlier years.

Watch Helms swing the bat. He is overmatched. He can't DRIVE the ball anymore. Can't catch up with the fastball. There are veterans on a marginal New Orleans team I would prefer getting WES'AB's, but it won't happen. He did the Marlins a "favor" and they are repaying him.

Lou Vales

I made the statement earlier but is there another profession in America--Hell, in the World--that guarantees you 50 million or so over a period of time and then you can just shut it down?

IF these NFL owners capitulate when they FINALLY have a chance to get rid if this 1st Round slotting and other crap. then they deserve everything they get. No more complaining about paying the next jake Long 60 million guaranteed. Boys, Here's your chance. Don't blow it. the players are already borrowing money from "loan sharks" at rates of over 30%.

Lou Vales

Clark and All Others, Does anyone out there have any doubts IF Ramirez was dropped below the 6th spot in the order that he would pull junk making Jorge Posada look like Mr Teammate? It is truly amazing how a struggling "superstar" is able to exert this amount of force.And I'm not saying if I was Edwin I wouldn't do the same thing. This kid is quite capable of blowing up this team and this season singlehandedly. IF the organization EVER truly considered that possible scenario occuring at ANY time would that change the perception of him as an untouchable? I really believe the petulant inflexibility he has shown in other areas may make it very difficult to snap out of this. The unwillingness to swing at FIRST pitch fastballs---now being laid in there---is a manifestation of an attitude toward life.

He AIN'T changing.


Helms has pictures of PeeWee playing with his track and feeld buddies...Not that there's anything wrong with that...

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