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Hanley Ramirez says he's in the worst pain of his life; Josh Johnson update

    PHOENIX -- Hanley Ramirez isn't in the lineup, not that it's any great surprise considering how pessimistic he sounded in Los Angeles on Sunday after he left the game with stiffness in his lower back. The $64 million question is how long he'll remain out.

    But it doesn't sound like he'll be back anytime soon, not based on his comments to reporters just a moment ago, even though he and the Marlins are calling it a day-to-day situation.

    "I think it's the worst pain I've had in my life," he said. "I feel it doing anything. I can't put my shoes on. To get up from bed, I've got to take 10 or 15 seconds. I've got to do everything slow."

     Ramirez said that, except for the takeoff and landing, he stood the entire flight from L.A. to Phoenix -- about an hour flight -- to keep his back from stiffening. What's more, he said he's feeling tingling down his left leg.

     "That's not a good sign," he said.

     He said that if he doesn't improve over the next couple of days -- and he has not felt improvement since yesterday -- he'll undergo a MRI.

     "I've been playing with a little pain in my lower back," he said.  "It just got worse with my second swing yesterday. It just got tight and stiff. I couldn't move. I couldn't rotate. I wanted to say in, but Edwin (Rodriguez) told me no. He didn't want me to look bad out there."

        Ramirez said he never told anyone about the pain in his back even though he's felt it for about a month.

      "I wanted to play," he said. "I didn't tell anybody. I know how much pain I've got right now, so that's my concern."

     Said Rodriguez: "It is a concern that Hanley is not able to play. It is a concern that he's experiencing very sharp pain in the lower back, so we have to wait and see."


    And that's not the only discouraging news for the Marlins. Josh Johnson is coming along so slowly from right shoulder inflammation that Rodriguez said a June 7 return date now looks doubtful. Because he doesn't want to have another bullpen day, as he did on Saturday against the Dodgers, Rodriguez said the organization is mulling their minor-league options. Problem is, nothing jumps off the page at Triple A New Orleans, or anywhere else in the system.

     "We've been shuffling some options because I would hate to use a bullpen day again," Rodriguez said. "That would affect your whole bullpen strategy before and after you use a bullpen day. We'll see who's more ready to come up here (from the minors) and give us some innings. The thing is, we already tried that. We called up a starter (Jay Buente) from the minor leagues and he only gave us three innings."


    With Ramirez out, Rodriguez did quite a bit of juggling for tonight's game against the Diamondbacks. Emilio Bonifacio will lead off and play short, Omar Infante gets elevated back the No. 2 spot. And Chris Coghlan drops all the way to 8th. Rodriguez said the decision with Coghlan is based on his .125 average against lefties this season, and the Diamondbacks are sending out a left-hander tonight in Joe Saunders.


    Marlins: 1. Bonifacio, ss; 2. Infante, 2b; 3. Morrison, lf; 4. Sanchez, 1b; 5. Stanton, rf; 6. Dobbs, 3b; 7. Buck, c; 8. Coghlan, cf; 9. Volstad, p.

     And with Ramirez idled, the Marlins have only three position players on their bench, one of whom is backup catcher Brett Hayes. That really leaves only Scott Cousins and Wes Helms as legitimtae pinch-hitting options. Even Cousins is not 100 percent. He fouled a ball off his right foot on Sunday and is limping. Rodriguez said Javier Vazquez would be his first choice among his pitching staff to pinch-hit if necessary. In addition, relievers Brian Sanches, Edward Mujica and Steve Cishek are unavailable for tonight's game. And Burke Badenhop can provide no more than one inning.


     Manager Edwin Rodriguez discusses the Hanley Ramirez injury situation:


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Fed Up With Losing

Hanloaf's back hurts from carrying around his ego. Nothing more, nothing less. Eff him.


Fed up with Losing?? We have the 3rd best record in baseball! Clown.

Lou Vales

We can't continue to play with two guys on the bench. And I believe it's time to roll the dice and just call up someone from Double A. It's not like we will acquire anyone.


Perhaps what I said in the previous blog regarding Hanley and his new injury may have some merit. As we all know the Marlins' players have a history of not revealing injuries, which have hurt the team in the long-term. Is Hanley now doing the same thing? Has he been injured since spring training, but never said anything? Shut him down for a month and then have him rehab in the minors for a while. Worse pain of his life? This doesn't just all of sudden hit. Something smells fishy!

Samson's Boyfriend

What's the story with Koehler, Villanueva and Ceda in Nawlins and Brad Hand in Jax ?? Stuff not good enough? Any position players worth a call-up? Marlins have holes to fill..What's Up ,Beinfest???? Should I call Dave Dombrowski??




What are these guys thinking not telling everyone about pain? JJ went a long time without telling anyone about the shoulder pain, and Hanley went a whole frickin' month. Guys, if it doesn't resolve in a couple of days, TELL YOUR ATHLETIC TRAINER. Maybe you just need a day off, maybe it's more serious. Either way, it's better to lose two weeks than six weeks or more. Hanley, you should had that MRI FOUR WEEKS AGO, not wait a couple of days. It's ridiculous.


Really, there are no more Logan Kensings and Chris Resops in the organization?
How many chances did the club give those guys.

I think the Marlins should be taking a lot of college players in this year's draft.

Volstad Had Crap

Looks like" Chef Boy-R-Dee-Volstad" has served the D-Backs his speciality.. "MeatBalls" to Go..Thanks Edwin, for taking Chef Volstad out of the kitchen early tonite...


Double fail!!!

Hanley's New Pain

Did'nt Hanley say last season that Fredi was "the worst pain in his life"...Geezus Hanley, make up your mind...

Lou Vales

Gentlemen/Gentlewomen, We are at a crossroads. Tomorrow I call for all those who read this Blog--those who write or those who just read--to innudate the Bobbysey twins with e-mails. Even though they probably don't get read maybe we can shock the Bobbysey twins with our intensity. The Braves have suffered 3 injuries to starting pitchers and in each instance the Braves called up a replacement who pitched very well. There is absolutely NO excuse for the abortion now taking place. This team's bad scouting of pitchers IS going to result in one of these pitchers currently on the roster getting hurt, AND!!!!!!!!!!!! all the while the 3 Stooges---Bob, David amnd Larry are content to watch a courageous outmanned team get beat down like dogs while worrying about the silly color schemes of the carpet in lounges of new stadium. I don't know who the biggest DOG among the 3 is but I do know that what they are doing to the 24---Not counting the Basset Hound---guys on this roster is criminal.

The minor league system of this team is so horrific that we had to play a regular season game like A Grapefruit League Game and today we have pitchers serving as pinch hitters, we have a tremendous contributor, Dobbs, having to do something he has not done because we are carrying a guy on the roster because he helps rookies buy suits. IF thisd isn't stopped we will start to take on some of the mythical events of the 62 Mets.

Hey Triumvirate, Open your new stadium by being a laughed at spectacle.

By the way, Craig you are a good man but just imagine you were in Boston, NewYork,Philadelphia, Chicago or St Louis and NOW say what has to be said.

Lou Vales

Clark, I'm sorry.I called you Craig. I apologize.

NOW!! How about stepping up.Don't be afraid.Honesty might earn you a ticket to a REAL paper in a REAL baseball area.Make some noise!!

Lou Vales

You guys watching this?? Listening to these 3 clowns yucking it up?? I guess special orders to keep it positive, distract from reality and and keep the FANaticS who think REAL FANaticS tolerate crap like this in quie serenity. Well, WHEN you start tolerating stuff like this in quiet you become LOSERS!!!! Big Time LOSERS!!!

I know.I Know. 30-22.Wouldn't it have been nice to get the 30-20 guys some help when you could sense it coming apart.

Lou Vales

Scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Thought!!!!

What IF?????

Sanchez and Volstad don't have it next 2 nights.

Muy fea coma mi suegra. No es verdad?

Lou Vales

e-mail Tuesday

e-mail Tuesday

e-mail Tuesday

e-mail Tuesday

e0mail Tuesday

e-mail Tuesday

e-mail Tuesday

e-mail Tuesday

What is tomorrow????

Give it to them!!! Spread the word!!!!!!!

Lou Vales

Let's let Bonafacio pitch the 8th!!

Samson's Barber

I just want to vouch for one of the finest men I have ever known. he is faster, stronger and more intelligent than all of you. You should be grateful that he has used his money to keep this team in South Florida.

Realtors Are Not Our Friends

Check out the action on Capozzi's Blog. It is as depressed as some of those areas off of South Olive that for some reason spurted only to now be back where they belong. Those realtors lied to you guys.Should have sold about 05. Greed is a BAD thing!!

ex-Mayor Carlos Alvarez

USED HIS MONEY???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Is that the Fish-Tale PeeWee's been feeding U ?? By the Way next time U cut his hair,ADD a little on the TOP...

Lou Vales

Rich and Mr Pasadena are now showing that father dropping his kid again. See this is their "10 Run Crap", instead of describing the dire situation in Arizona they are heralding an idiot dropping his daughter on her head.

Real Yuck Yuck stuff!!

Who's In Charge Here?

Brett Hayes has 10 hits in 29 AB's.

John Buck has 34 hits in 164 AB's

If my math is correct in 135 more AB's, Buck has managed 24 more hits. I would say that is not too good.

Samson's Boyfriend

Rowan and Martin's "Marlins Laugh In" sponsored tonite by "PeeWee and Larry's House of Mirrors" written to take your minds off of the impending June Swoon...special thanks given to "Rich" Rowan and "Tommy" Martin for following the script handed to them in the 4th inning by the company censors..

Lou Vales

Samson's Boyfriend, I'm serious.Can you face any legal action by labeling yourself in that way?? I never say anything that hundreds of thousands in South Florida don't say or think every day. And I know about "public figures" but I really don't know if you can do that.

People know these guys are cheap and that they have decimated a once proud minor league system and they even know about the marriage and they know about cabrera for badenhop,but i just don't know.

Clark's Crusaders

Clark, Counting on you like Lou said.We have your back.

Samson's Boyfriend

I'll let U know if I recieve any "Cease and Desist" orders...ever hear the one about the guy that laughed all the way to the bank???

Clark's Crusaders

Just be careful.

Lou Vales

Clark,Tell Joe his blog is as lame as those antiquated buildings on Dixie and Belvedere. There is probably more verbal intercourse taking place on Monceaux and Lake Avenue at 2:00 in the morning.

Lou Vales

In fact I'm so motivated to inject some life into Joe's moribund blog that I do believe I will have people all over the country send him in some messages. They will all be nice and courteous, because I believe in being nice and courteous to the Blogmeisters. I wonder if joe will be able to tell which ones are motivated by an act of kindness coming from someone who was shunted like a Logan Kensing breaking ball.


oh yeah, F scott cousins....

Lou Vales

Night Night

Oh!! I believe a prize should be given to the blogger who suckers Rich and Tommy with a smarmy kissy kissy piece of pablum that they take seriously and read on the air. something along the lines of:

Hey Rich and Tommy, will there be security around the stadium or will it be every man or woman for themselves??

Lou Vales

Sorry. One more thing.

Clark, Here was our Major League bench tonight:

A Guy Who Couldn't Play---Crumley

A Guy Who Couldn't Run-----Cousins

A Guy Who Can't Play--- You Know who that is

A Back-up catcher Who SHOULD Be Playing--Hayes

Real Nice!!!

Deserving of commentary?? Would be if this was New York,Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, St Louis, Atlanta, san Francisco, Milwaukee, LA, Denver. Let's pretend that the Marlins are in one of those places. Just one time. PLEASE!!!

Samson's Boyfriend

"We have an E-mail fron Lou in North Carolina..He'd like to know about the security at the new stadium..Thanks for asking Lou..the Marlins are aware of security concerns around the new stadium,so when fans enter the new state of the art parking garage,each fan over 18 will recieve their own holstered .38 revolver and kevlar vest in lieu of a parking voucher..they can proudly wear their Miami Marlins Kevlar Vest and Marlins holstered .38 around the the stadium but must return them upon leaving the parking garage..in case the .38 is returned used,a $10,000 surcharge will be added to get their vehicle out of the garage..Next Question Rich"


What the hell happened?!!! I couldn't finish watching but this game was within when I left it. Can the box score be right? They left 26 men on base?!!!

Samson's Boyfriend

Box score is correct but misleading...U have to look at team LOB which was 9..Marlins had 14 batters reach base..9 by hit..5 by walk..scored 4 runs which leaves 10..1 batter that reached base was eliminated by double play which leaves 9 team batters LOB..The 26 lob means each indivdual batter came up with man or men on base and did not drive them in..the total 26 Lob includes the same batters that reached base for each hitter coming to bat each inning until 3 outs are made..the same batter is counted as left on base for however many hitters come up with him on base and dont drive him home until 3 outs are recorded...Confusing , isn't it..Just look at team LOB...


Thanks clarifying that.


Err....thanks for clarifying that.

Lou Vales

Samson's Boyfriend, I asked my wife and she said we can adopt you. The combination of intelligence and wit is growing rarer by the day. you are on the verge of becoming my favorite poster. Now if you are over 40 the adoption offer is withdrawn.

Lou Vales

Glags, Don't worry.you are also right up there. Anyone who corrects a post after forgetting a word is okay in my book.

i don't want people to take this as sexist, Stan can vouch that I'm a Right Wing Democrat(also an Eishehower Republican), also known as a "LIBERAL" in South Carolina--but anyhow back to the point. I have an image when I'm addressing people and I just assume you are all men. Not that i would talk differently if you were all women. Is it necessary for me to keep typing "Gentlemen/Gentlewomen", He/She. Him/Her or can I just assume FOR SURE everybody is male.

I've spoken to Matt and Stan and they are not using fake names.I posted as "Debbie" for awhile because I got tired of the REAL Debbie who wanted to be with Andrew Miller.

I'm really trying to determine how many people I should bring to those Marlin games.If I bring people I must spring for the tickets bit i really think Rich and Tommy will send a security detail down when they hear my comments--NOTHING EVER PROFANE!! about the whole viewing experience.Last time I believe they clos3d the window. Craig Minervini will not be interviewing me for a "feel good story."

Samson's Boyfriend

Hi Lou..Thanks for the Kind Offer of Adoption..Give a special thanks to Mrs. Vales on my behalf...However, due to choices I made over 20 years ago, I am legal property of a women I live with, who calls herself my wife, and swears her 6 chidren running in and out of our house are all mine.Thus I am already legally bound...Since she did'nt have any kids when I met her, I'll take her at her word..Also I don't fit your age restriction or demographic, whic,by the way,could be considered discriminatory in some circles,but not here..Regarding the use of my moniker..Consider it a pseudonym.very similar to "Deep Throat" used by F.B.I agent Mark Felt to take down the Nixon Administration..For obvious reasons of security,safety and intelligence gathering/sharing,I cannot use my real name as my cover will be blown and my operations would be severely compromised ...More to Come Later...

Lou Vales

Samson, 6 KIDS!!! Congratulations!! I'm 63 with a 19 year old girl and to me that is a huge family.Been married 35 years and we tell people we want to see how the marriage will work before going for 2.The 1 is great and is going to be a litigator or a lobbyist. You know which I prefer. If you live in South Florida maybe we can meet up for a game. I'll spring for the club level seat. I will also need a witness to verify that all my comments were in the bounds of good taste--which they will be.

Give me a date and I'll try to make it down there then. I'll wear a University of Utah shirt and stand by a particular gate and you will be able to ascertain if I look respectable. The same offer holds for Glags and a couple of others.

Funny story--I dated Dick Sanford's wife's friend in high school. Went to Forest Hill.Lived on Hansen off of Parker.Block South of Summit.This is when Forest Hill was a good high school.graduated from University of Florida in 1969.I'm as tough on the Gators as I am the Marlins.I aggravated Matt one night over the phone by trying to get him to pull for the Florida softball team.

Stan M

FYI...injuries become aggravated; people become irritated. Possibility we could meet at a Marlin game in Atlanta. My son and I buy top flight, on line, tickets. We feel that we only go to 1 or 2 games a year, so why not get the best seats available. For 100 bucks each, they got 2nd row right next to the dugout. On deck circle was about 8 feet away. Went very early and got all sorts of autographs and met Tommy and Rich. Said Rich was by far the more friendly. Have all sorts of photos. As we would only use three, there would be another seat available. Final cost with fees, etc is about $120. What we would really like to do is attend the 1st game in the new ballpark. But I don't want to sit in a seat where I get a nosebleed.
We must all praise LB for prediction about the top two places in the batting order. That was a great call.

Do you remember how irritated I was about signing Buck? Well he can't hit, he can't throw, and his one attribute might be called into question. The staff is falling apart. The day I heard about the signing, I told my son that Hayes would be the regular catcher by the end of the year. Now that is not looking as far fetched as it did then. His salary will keep him in the lineup and perhaps he will respond to more rest. His past says no however. He never could hit in a hitters ballpark, for 3 of the past 4 years he was at or near the bottom in throwing out baserunners, and I don't remember KC having terrific pitching staffs either. And why did a team with the worst record in the AL let him go? And why did Toronto let him go after he had a career year in 2010? Probably because they has a great prospect coming up, but they could have signed/traded him and didn't. We seem to have all given up on Vazquez too quickly, let's hope I'm wrong about Buck...but I'm not!

Lou Vales

Stan, Sounds good.

I hope you noticed that I've been lauding your predictions about Buck and about Coghlin's ability to play CF.I just went on the AJC Blog where people view my dire predictions for Uggla's career as in actuality just an opinion of him as a player. I just offered a guy who THINKS he is the "Blogmeister" a 500.00 wager for charity to see who gets closest to Uggla's final average. It appears he is not as confident of Uggla turning this around as he professes. He never responded back. I post as Earl Williams on that Blog even though people know I'm using that name as a joke.

I have my FIRST e-mail ready.And YES!!!!! Rich is more friendly than Tommy.The players are all nice guys as I have accidentally stayed at the same hotel a couple of times and bought a couple a beverage. Surprising they stay at pretty good hotels.I thought Loria would have them at a Motel 6.

Samson's Boyfriend

Lou..Grew up in Miami,watching the Earl of Baltimore for 6 weeks every year, very up close, put his Orioles thru spring training at Miami Stadium on 23rd and 10ave..I remember when Harry Dalton, the O's GM ,was ready to make Bobby Grich the full time secondbasemen, and traded Davey Johnson to Atlanta for homer-hitting catcher Earl Williams..Earl Weaver was ecstatic over the trade as Andy Etchebarren was on his way out and he still had Elrod Hendricks..Well,Williams did'nt play up to his numbers with the Braves and eventually his job was taken by Rick Dempsey..Davey Johnson went on to hit over 40 HRs along witkh Hank Aaron and Darrel Evans..Thanks for bringing up fond childhood memories by mentioning the name Earl Williams...Saw them all,up close,many times, in my youth...

Lou Vales

Earl actually lived in my wife's condo development during spring training in West Palm Beach. Think it was 75.

A great site to go to is Retrosheet. It has the play by play of every game going back to at least 55. Gives complete players records and if they have died it tells you the name of the cemetery and the burial plot.

i attended my first game on September 16,1956. It was at Briggs Stadium(Tiger Stadium) a doubleheader against the RedSox and I can go and look at the play by play and visualize it happening. I was 8 years old.

Stan M

My amazement isn't that the Marlins stayed at a top quality hotel. It's that you stayed at a top quality hotel!!! Just kidding. Anyone who goes to the Grove Park Inn knows quality when they see it. It's way over my head. Our daughter took my wife and me there for a Sunday brunch. Not too shabby. Now back to baseball...what is your prediction on Uggla's final average? Personally, I have always liked the guy for the way he played...and for telling Hanley off, of course. I will guess .236 and despite liking him, he's the enemy now. And you just taught me something. I thought it was Briggs Field. I will definitely look into that blog. In the past, I used to go to Roto Times, then clip on newspapers from a pull down menu, and there were the leading newspapers from all ML cities for both leagues. Thanks for the tip, Earl!

Stan M

Oh boy am I mad. Just went to ESPN to check the scores and saw a lead-in titled something like, "Marlins owner angry at R rated tweets by LoMo". Forgot the exact words, but that's the gist of it. That penurious brigand prostitutes his integrity to get taxpayers to finance most of the new ballpark, then has the temerity to find fault for such an innocuous deed. Boy, it is sure easy to get down on that dispicable man. You shouldn't be throwing the first stone until you clean your own tent, Mr. Owner. In fact, the stones should be going in the opposite direction.

Lou Vales

My prediction for Uggla is .227 with 22 HR's and 78 RBI's, an absolutely horrific year for a guy making Ugly Money.

I expect to hear stan from Asheville today. Might want to change your name just in case they read this blog.

i am going to lob them the soft ball of all time and then taunt the CRACKED Staff after they submit it.

Samson's Boyfriend

Fredi, Finally Benched Uggla for tonites game..Uggla said he could'nt talk his way into line-up tonite...Braves fans doing cart-wheels..Marlins HAVE to get strong 6 innings from Anibal tonite in SWING game of road trip ...Win they're 5-3...Lose they're 4-4 having to depend on Javy in tomorrows get-away game..B Sanches,Mujica,Choate,Hensley available tonite with Nunez closing the deal as usual...Marlins need to WAKE-UP and PLAY

Lou Vales

Samson, Join me on the Braves Blog. I appear under many guises and have actually turned people against HIS NAME IS DAN UGGLA. Started speculation on what would happen if Ugly was pulling this .178 crap in New York or Boston.He would be the lead story on all the dailies and they would probably have a chart making fun of his production.

Let's go E-MAIL!!!!!!!

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