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Hensley has fractured scapula, but not a setback

    A MRI done Monday on injured reliever Clay Hensley revealed a hairline fracture in his left scapula, but he said he still expects to be ready on May 22 when he is eligible to come off the disabled list. Hensley was placed on the DL on May 7 with what was first diagnosed as a bruised rib, near the back of his shoulder.

     "I don't think it means anything," Hensley said of the new finding.

    While Hensley said he was told it would take four to six weeks for the fracture to heal completely, it is the bruising and swelling in that region that is keeping him off the mound. He said that, once the swelling subsides, he could still pitch even with the fracture.

    "I asked (the doctor) if I'd be ready in 15 days, and he said, 'Yes, I think so,'" Hensley said.

    Hensley sustained the injury when he slipped and fell on some stairs on April 26 at the team in hotel in Cincinnati. He said he'll begin playing catch on Wednesday.

    JAVIER VAZQUEZ UPDATE -- The Marlins haven't yet decided whether they'll call up a player to replace Javier Vazquez, who was placed on the bereavement list on Tuesday due to a death in his wife's family. If the Marlins promote someone from the minors, it would be for Wednesday's game only. The team is off on Thursday and Vazquez is expected to rejoin the team on Friday in Washington.


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All Marlins Fans

Hope it's an Irish Wake that lasts 6 months....

Lou Vales

See, and people say I'm mean.I never get personal.It's always about performance.I have sympathy for anyone's personal problems.

I would like to know if ANYONE on this team tells the TRUTH about ANYTHINg as it relates to physical and mental status. Started with the idiot Gregg hiding an injury and since then it's been one clown after another even if he went to Cal and should know better.Now Dr.Hensley is telling us when he will be back.Of course there is a really good chance that Dr Hensley has a VERY rosy outlook as to his recovery and he then returns and gets lit up again and we hear in a couple of weeks that he has been hurting.

I don't expect Nobel Laureates in a Big League clubhouse but maybe get a speaker in there to tell these guys that ONLY bad things happen when you hide injuries.

Stan M

Isn't saying that one never gets personal, and then calling someone referred to as an "idiot" that thing called a contradiction?



Illiterate Julio

Quien es Handley y Edwing??


yesterday Marlins win was thanks to Manager Manuel, who allow Halladay throw off Chris Cogland in the bottom of inning 8 with runner in 3rd, instead of call a lefty reliever, because: # 1. Cogland Ave is 0.161 off lefties and # 2. Halladay was throw more than 100

Ready for Oldtimers Day

Granpa Wes is starting tonite...Hope he ate his bran flakes , took his metamucil , got his B12 shot and does'nt play like he's 65...

Stan M

I would hate to witness Hanley's act if he didn't have Uncle Wes around to show him which way up is. He's bad enough as it is. If we win tonight, it will be sending quite a message all over baseball. Many picked us for 4th and one even had us for 5th before the year began. Where are they now? And how many besides me are delighted with our manager? A couple of his moves haven't worked out but almost always, they were the right moves to try. The only time I've totally disagreed with him was in the Vazquez game 2 nights ago. It was obvious he had nothing and the game was simply too important to allow him to try to right himself in later innings. Personally, when I think of the Braves, I feel that we are 2 or 3 games up on them just because our old manager is essentially inept.

Lou Vales

No yo se.Vamoa a ver. Algunas veces estoy escribiendo muy rapido y mi ingles es como mi espanol.

Querido Stan, can I write in English?? If someone is an idiot you are employing a descriptive adjective and it should not be taken personally. If someone thinks the Battle of Concord was fought in Vermont that person is an idiot. If you talk about the greatness of the Bill of Rights and get it confused with the Constitution you are an idiot. If you think the words Socialist and Fascist can be used interchangeably, you are an idiot. I don't make you an idiot, some people define themselves by words and actions.

Lou Vales

Stan, You are in a VERY!!!!! neutral Red State, try spending time in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and a few others and your cxhoice of adjectives would increase greatly.

Stan M

I read your pseudo intellectual explanation above. Evidently I hit a nerve. Your last sentence is composed of two parts which bear a certain incongruity. Stick to our beloved Marlins where you have more expertise. Frankly, those illustrations above are laughable.


Nunez is a bum

Lou Vales

Stan I live in a state where if Thomas Jefferson was reincarnated at the peak of his intellectual brilliance and he ran in an election in which he carried the banner of the wrong party he would lose to the first semester dropout of a tech school who couldn't differentiate between common law an martial law. I guess what I'm saying my nerves have been neutralized. The 56th time you hear someone calling the same person a Fascist and a Socialist you basically lose interest, throw up your hands and thank God for the WONDERFUL cost of living.

Lou Vales

As far as the game. That was one of the very few times I let my guard down in a Major League game. 3-0 lead going to the 7th and you have a strong Nolasco going after DANE SARDINA and PETE ORR. Therefore even after the Phillies get a runner on 2nd with 2 outs, I'm STILL looking at DANE SARDINA and PETE ORR. Pete Orr is a career minor leaguer who rode the buses for years as a member of the Greenville Braves.PETE ORR does not hit 2 doubles in 3 innings to basically beat you!!! That can't be done!!!

By any tangible measurement the Marlins RIGHT NOW SHOULD have a better lineup. I'm literally sick and I hope you know I rarely criticizecertain guys as my sacred cows--BUT I'm really getting tired of baseballs going in and out of Mike Stanton's glove and watching that roller up the first base line to Gabby brought back Mookie Wilson's grounder.

Well,LoMo is back Friday.Petersen is back in the Crescent City. baker may soon be back and Martinez can start hanging out on Canal Street and Ursilanes.

Galling Defeat!! Edwin did NOTHING wrong. It just worked out wrong.Edwin, not your fault, just didn't execute and Leo had that "look" again reflecting that homliest girl in the school had said "NO" to the Prom.

Lou Vales

The only solace is the Braves also lost. If anyone gets a chance watch Werth's "Trot" around the bases after 11th inning blast. That should make someone mad.Of course the way our All Star SS was yucking it up with Rollins after his game winning hit, maybe NOBODY gets mad at anybody.

Instead of those racist polling questions people once used to stop Blacks from voting, I think it should be a requirement to know First 3 Words of the Constitution IF you are going to go around citing it.

Lou Vales

Koehler pitched a shutout for New Orleans.With his stellar record i say they will either make a move to bring him up or by leaving him there show that he is perceived as a "Minor League" Phenom.i agree with Stan,however, that he doesn't walk people and since EVERYONE Vasquez walks ends up scoring they might as well bring him up.He won't be any worse.

Lou Vales

I won't be seeing you guys for a few days.Going up to the Grove Park Inn in Asheville. Take some time off from the Fish.At least in North Carolina I won't meet any idiots that think bin Laden is still alive and that this is all a clever ruse of some kind. Just when I thought it was safe to visit Europe without explaining what is going on back home, now we get a cluster of nuts that make the Birchers look like PETA.

Before i leave this earthly orb I hope to be able to ask Newt how he could leave his cancer striken wife on her deat bed, get married twice more and still claim the high ground in anything that is not sharing an embankment with pond scum. have you guys ever checked out Google and typed in "Dick Morris Toe Sucking",now i don't know about you but I could see having Eliot Spitzer as an interviewee because at least he claimed the "high ground" but DICk Morris?? My God, come up for air, Richard!!!

Here I'm worried about the Marlins bullpen and we have audulterers and deviates prowling around pontificating as if they are Thomas Aquinas.

Lou Vales

Clark, I love this Blog.It's like sending an e-mail to all my buddies around the country.One giant Facebook.i'm waiting for the elderly--I'm 63---to see their reaction about Medicare.Everybody wants to cut someone's else stuff but just leave their stuff alone. maybe they won't raise the debt ceiling, we can have a REAL meltdown and then we can apportion the blame all over again. Most of my friends have done very well and they can afford to buy spouse medications and still buy food, now when you have people who are no longer going to be able to do both--Well, the proverbial stuff bounces against the wall. And then their kids will have to step in and help but that's okay because we will have all the job creation being generated at the top by the Top 400 or so who has everyone's best interst at stake.

Well,the Grove Park Inn is beautiful and I'll be able to enjoy myself more because I finally quit worrying about people who have far less than I do because they only continue to vote against their vested self interests anyway--so blank it.

Good Night!!

Stan M

Let's stick to baseball and leave epistomological discussions and talk about ourselves to facebook.

Lou, I too felt very confident at 3-0. However, as the ninth started and Nunez came in, all hope faded. Personally, I don't like the guy as a closer. There is a person I'd trade in a heartbeat if possible. Those 12 saves must look good to other teams but we who watch him all of the time realize there has been much luck involved. Yes, Dunn has given up a HR twice to first man he faced, but by next year he just might be a very effective closer. Regarding Stanton, this was first game in a while where he looked comfortable at the plate. When he dove and just missed what turned out to be the Phil's first hit, he might have lost the ball in our "football placed lights." The second attempt when he went over the wall would have been a highlight clip and a half. It was actually a foolish attempt in light of his leg troubles and he was lucky not to have been hurt. There was a "stat head geek" interviewed during a game a few days ago and he claimed that Stanton was best RF in baseball and "saved" 17 runs last year. He is turning out to be a fine outfielder; but 17 runs? The same fellow said Coghlan had already cost us 2 runs this year. Somehow I missed that. To my viewing he has been flawless catching everything hit his way and I don't even remember a player taking a "harmful" extra base on his arm when it was hurting earlier.
This last game was a horrible loss and as Lou said, the Brave loss negated it to some degree for they are the team we are fighting for the Wild Card spot which we now control. But for any of you who have never been to the Grove Park Inn that Lou mentioned, go there if you are ever near Ashville. It is class and beauty personified.

Ocala Howie

then it must just be me cause I think Stanton is stinking up the joint.
How Many HRs went off his glove and over the wall now? Then there are countless other plays where he misses the running, sliding catch. C.C. and LoMo make those 9 out of 10 times. I'm giving him a little pass on that foul ball and he flipped into the Pen.
Yeah he catches everything hit his way when he doesnt have to move but any outfielder in the league can do that.
Then there is his hitting. The occasional HR, RBI, and single are nice but he is quickly becoming the strikeout King...

Glove of Stone

I was afraid that ball was going to break his wrist yesterday when he slid for it and misjudged it. The answer is 3 HR's have bounced into the stands off his glove and 1 ball hit below the wall and he almost knocked it over the fence with his glove.He makes Junior Felix look like Al Kaline.

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