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Javier Vazquez: "Frustrated" and "Embarrassed"

         As i wrote in my game story, the signing of Javier Vazquez is beginning to bear a striking resemblance to the signing of Al Leiter, which is not a good thing for the Marlins. Vazquez was knocked out early once again on Monday when the Phillies got to him for six runs on nine hits.

         Afterward, Vazquez -- now 2-3 with a 6.88 ERA -- sounded as down as he's been all season.

         "I wish I had an explanation, but I've got nothing," he said. "Just frustrating. I'm embarrassed the way I'm throwing. Things aren't happening right now for me. Nothing's going right, so we've just got to keep working hard, battling, and hopefully I'll get through this. If not, then I'll be in trouble."

         On top of everything else, Vazquez forgot to back up home plate on a throw in from Emilio Bonifacio, which ended up going over the head of catcher John Buck and striking the backstrop. Vazquez took full blame.

         "I was not where i needed to be," Vazquez said. "The first thing I did wrong was I didn't cover home plate."

         A run ended up scoring on the play.

         The Marlins spent $7 million on Vazquez thinking he would bounce back in the National League after a poor season in 2010 with the Yankees. Sound familiar? For Marlins fans, it should. They signed Leiter to a $8 million deal for 2005, and he was a huge flop, going 2-7 with a 6.64 ERA before he was finally released midway through the season.

          At the moment, the Marlins have no such plans for Vazquez, and manager Edwin Rodriguez said he'll make his next scheduled start. But it must be troubling to the front office, which doesn't exactly have a viable replacement for Vazquez waiting in the minors.

         -- Reliever Edward Mujica was carted off in the seventh inning with what the Marlins termed as a strained left knee. But Mujica was walking around in the clubhouse afterward and is listed as day to day. He said he felt sore, but would wait to tomorrow to see if it was any worse.


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WOW!!! I'm not jumping off the bandwagon just yet because of what JJ, Nolasco and Sanchez (the pitcher) are capable of but this guy should be on a short leash. Very short. You can't put this kind of pressure on your offense. They won't score seven runs each game. Taking game 1 was the best chance they had at winning. Now all we can hope for is that JJ is on tomorrow and Halladay isn't.


Again, Loria has a fascination with anything NY. That is the only explanation I can think of for giving the money he wouldn't give to anyone else to an over the hill Leiter and Vazquez.

Like you said Clark there are no available options so I guess I'll just root for a rain out every fifth day.

Lou Vales

This is SHOCKING!!! Do you mean the Marlins have NO viable option at New Orleans?? You mean Sean West is still Sean West?? You mean that Sanabia is the new West.You mean that Koehler is still throwing his 88 mile heater??

Javier Vasquez, You AIN'T in trouble.Just for this year you gross 7 million.i don't know what you hve been paid throughout your career but I'm betting that at least 5!!!! generations of your family will be able to relax and take it easy as a result of your "toils." This last year is the best example of everything Adam West having believed in gone awry.

You're not embarrassed either. As embarrassed as you should be you would give money to the Make A Wish Foundation.

Lou Vales

THIS was a chance. A very good, young club with ability throughout lineup and on its pitching staff---a chance to go into NEW stadium on a high, but when Prince Edwin says he foresees NO CHANGES, well don't question why there are more people at a University of Miami game against Elon.

Vasquez talking about "getting through this", 20% of the season is gone, Hough has more speed on his fastball take a chance, be creative. Do not suander a year of THIS lineup--once LoMo gets back and don't squander this Number 1!!!!!! and Number 2 Starter.

Javier, Say Goodnight. Say you're injured, say you must visit your 1st grade teacher una,
abuela, una tia, una suegra, una hermana , una maesera.No puedes hacerlo.No comprendo siempre pero sigo trabajando. No te quiero hacer el mismo.Hasta proxima vez.

My Spanish isn't that good but I'm not taking any chances.

Marlins Do it

Very frustrated as I watched the game uncoil. Javi never gave us a chance. :-(


Lou love the dramatics but the seen isn't done.


forget Al Leiter. How about last year's innings eater, Nate Robertson. At least the other two guys were left handed.

Not sure what is going on with Sanabia. I really like his composure. He knows how to pitch.

Once he comes of the DL, perhaps it is time to consider Clay Hensley as an alternative. He was pretty successful in SD

pumpsie green

Edwin sold a false bill of goods to Loria on his fellow countryman Sanchez..wonder what Javy paid to Edwin as a "referal fee" .....Loria must be used to it after dealing with Miami politicians for new stadium...In this case "you don't get what u pay for"...


Apparently he is not embarrassed enough to walk away and retire. $7,000,000

John Buck, $6,000,000 times three at least gets a big hit once in a while but he should be forbidden to throw the ball to everyone except back to the pitcher. The Center Fielder is not going to tag anybody out.

$13,000,000 a year but the Marlins couldn't give a small 2 year contract to lefty pinch hitting specialist Ross Gload, oops, we have Wes Helms, strike out artist but he doesn't pitch.

$13,000,000 a year but the Marlins couldn't keep the only Major League Experienced Outfielder they had. So bad they let him go for nothing, Cody Ross. They couldn't keep Run Producer, Fan Favorite, and Clubhouse Leader that could keep Hanley in his place, Dan Uggla.

Now we learn that there is no up and coming replacement for Vazquez.

The Marlins are going to destroy the great young players they do have...Coghlin, Sanchez, Morrison, Stanton, etc.

Ah but there is still prima donna Hanley


You are telling us that the MARLINS have NO ONE in AAA OR AA that is a starting pitcher or can be traded for a front line pitcher?? has this franchise under this carpetbagger stoop so low that what we have now is it??? If that is the case, time to make major trade
Hanley & Buck to Boston, we get
Ellsbury CF, plus 4 minor leaguers pitchers(that can be starters down the road.

Move Boni to SS, Coghlan to 2b, Infante to 3b
lineup. reserves.
1. Boni SS Martinez
2. Coghlan 2B Dobbs
3. Stanton RF Peterson
4. Gabby 1B Baker
5. Morrison LF Murphy
6. Infante 3b Helms(retire)
7. Hayes C
8. Ellsbury CF

go with 4 starters only, then throw in Hensley whenever you need a fifth.

You save MONEY and develop your minor leaguers, got to have pitching there.


Edwin should sit down Stanton tonite against Hallday....the kid looked totally lost at the plate and made a couple of miscues in the field..Cousins forgets to touch 1st base in the 9th, should've been on 2nd with no out and tying run to plate...Ugly game...

H. Wayne. Hypinga

Vasquez turned out to be the stiff that everybody but the Marlins would'nt touch...the jokes on Loria for buying a used car with a broken odometer "AS IS" and paying over sticker ...well played by the salesmen involved...


you have to feel bad for Rich and Tommy, they have to put a positive spin on everything when they broadcast the games, oh, and Cookie Rojas too

Lou Vales

Rich and Tommy(especially!!!) have no need to put a spin on anything.They continue to critique Bonafacio as if he is the lowguy on the totem pole that he is. Have you ever heard them describe a Wes Helms strikeout? Are they frightened of Uncle Wes??

That Vasquez start was actually sickening. I t could set the tone for the entire series.Phillies came into town having trouble scoring runs and then they meet up with Jesse James Vasquez.He said he is embarrassed. how do people usually behave when they have p[received money in advance for doing a job and then the house falls apart?? The builders would be EMBARRASSED but they would also provide recompense. This is why MLB stinks and I hate it for that reason. They have twisted Capitalistic Doctrine into something nobody around the world would recognize. Gyaranteed payments no matter the level of performance. Even Al Pacino can be FIREDfrom a movie set if he does not perform. lady GaGa does not get paid if she lip syncs.Only Major League baseball players pull this crap.the next time it comes to negotiations I hope they shut it down until they have a cap like the NFL that is nowAmerica's game and where the smallest city in the league can win a Super Bowl. May be Socialism,but don;t tell that to football fans who have not figured out that "REVENUE SHARING=Reallocation of assets" and that is "bad."

Samson's Boyfriend

Rich and Tommy are paid by Loria, not Fox Sports..therefore they have a muzzle on them and can't tell it like it is..Too bad Tommy has to watch what he says and bite his tongue when he see's glaring mistakes and can't impart on the T.V audience his 10 plus yrs. of experience playing in the Big Leagues...U can't bite the hand that feeds U...

Lou Vales

Dear Samson, Do you believe integrity must ever muscle itself into the battle? If it was you, would you allow yourself to be muzzled in perputuity by making only "veiled" comments? I'm sure Tommy has done pretty well in the REAL world based upon his personality, connections and brains, I would think tht IF he is being manipulated from upstairs that eventually he says --"I don't need this."

There are too many things jumping out at you to not comment on. This presence of Uncle Wes on the roster as something of a mascot is really strange. The man no longer generates "warning track power", can't get around on the hard stuff, has no speed and is basically an OKAY 3B.I guess that warrants a roster spot until he steps down and assunes the reigns of the Greensboro Grasshoppers. Strange!!!

Oh My God!!! It's"E-mail Tuesday", a veritable plethora of inane questions relating to menu at new stadium, color schemes of new uniforms, view from the commodes along the 3rd base line and special Spanish phrases to ingratiate yourself to the people where you are parking your cars.I'm going to ask him:

Howmany more starts does Vasquez get?
sanabia's condition?
West's condition?
Dominguez condition?
Hanley's CONTINUED Open Stance??
Player'sresponsibility in disclosing injury?

I will ask no question pertaining to proper mixture of a Cuban Coffee so i expect to hear nothing.


Hey I care what color schemes they will use for the new uniforms. I gotta buy matching everything. By the way, I received a promotional booklet in the mail for the new stadium and just by looking at the renderings I won't fit in with the crowd that they are marketing to. Everyone in the pictures is sipping wine and eating hors d'oeuvres. Not not one picture is of a fat slob eating a hot dog and drinking a beer in what will be called the Vista Reserved section.

Samson's Boyfriend

Lou..why don't u e-mail the booth tonite and ask Tommy yourself the questions regarding Granpa Wes and the weak bench on the roster, just for starters...don't expect a forthright answer IF u get any at all...that's just the way it is in Loria World...Very controlling,Sig Heil,etc...

Lou Vales

I actually called Tommy at home a couple of years back and he exclaimed "How did you get this number?" I replied "It's in the book", he was very nice after that and I voiced my disgust for Jeremy Hermida.Now when i go to games I buy club level seats under the broadcast booth and press box and voice my questions LOUDLY to both the press and the booth.i probably get kicked out eventually but I'm sure there is a story there as well.I'm NEVER profane or personal.If I had been there yesterday I would have questioned Vasquez' pop gun stuff and lack of toughness.

the Blog Group should meet for a game. I'm actually loveable in person.If you Goggle me you will see that some clown decided to make a fake nsite for me with picture and all. Actually it's hilarious.

you can also read my incendiary comments on the Braves Blog at AJC.com Come join me and comment.

I don't think Tommy is a big fan anymore.I will e-mail him some tough questions tonight just for fun.

Stan M

I'm almost sure that the announcers are NOT paid by the club. However, they must virtually live with the team when on the road so there is just so far they can go. Do you remember when Steve Stone, who just might be the best "color man" criticized some Cubs and despite being there for many, many years, was soon seeking employment elsewhere. In NC I am blacked out on Direct TV from Cincinnati and those "homers" drove me nuts. I'm 74 years old and grew up with Red Barber, and Mel Allen, and can actually remember the time that Red Barber introduced Vince Scully as a young man from Fordham who would be assisting himself and Connie Desmond in the broadcast booth. And in my opinion, our announcers are excellent and frequently do remark when something is not done right. Haven't you heard them say, "That play has to be made" when a Marlin player goofs. Our announcers seem to make the game more interesting in my opinion. And they should get extra points for seldom using the horrible phrase, "That's a good piece of hitting." And Lou, I don't care if Koehler throws underhanded, I'd replace Vazquez with him for a couple of starts and see what happens. And Henryh, Gabby played some 3B in the minors and that is why he now plays 1B. It is encouraging to see others also wanting to see a Hanley trade. In conclusion, Lou, I met you over lunch a few months ago and whereas we got along fine, and you are undoubtedly a gentleman, scholar, and judge of fine liquor, I wouldn't go out of my way describing you as "loveable." Wow, this blog is surely getting some interesting posts.


Don't look now but the Marlins put Javy Vazquez on the bereavement list. Not sure what this means.

Stan M

I think it means that his career just died and he's going home to be sad about it. He might be the only one who is sad however!


Thats good comedy.

S. Florida Bravos Fan

Here's the trade...

Send Hanley (and a low-grade prospect) to Houston for Brett Myers, JR Towles, Johnathon Villar, and Mike Foltynewicz. In Myers, you get the veteran arm with playoff experience you need, Towles, the catcher of the future, Villar is the SS of the future, and a fireballing arm in Foltynewicz who could become a backend starter or closer. If Loria could pry Jordan Lyles or DeShields Jr., that would be better, but i doubt Houston lets them go. You could slide Infante to SS (his natural position) and put Bonny @ 2nd but that would make me nervous considering I don't think Infante is an everyday player and Bonny is too streaky. So, you go get Jason Bartlett from the Padres.

Now, I have to figure out why I'm spending time trying to solve the Marlins problems and worry about my Bravos who blew another one last night...

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