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Josh Johnson (shoulder) to DL (w/video), John Baker, Clay Hensley, Etc.

    Major news here at Sun Life Stadium, where the Marlins have announced that Josh Johnson has been placed on the disabled list with right shoulder inflammation. Johnson, who was scheduled to start Sunday, has not pitched since Monday in New York when his start was delayed by a wet field.

    The Marlins have called up right-hander Jay Buente from Triple A New Orleans to make the start for Johnson in Sunday's game. It's unclear how much time Johnson will miss. Under a best-case scenario, he would miss just two starts. Johnson said he doesn't expect to be out for a lengthy period, perhaps no more than the 15 days he'll be required to be on the DL. Manager Edwin Rodriguez said he is hopeful that Johnson comes off the DL on schedule and make a June 1 start in Arizona, the final game of the Marlins' upcoming three-city road trip.

     "But you never know with these things," Johnson said. "It's going to tell me. Just got to make sure we get it out of there, that it goes away."

      Said Rodriguez: "They don't think it's too serious. I think it is a mild inflammation."

      Johnson said he has felt discomfort in the shoulder "pretty much the whole year," but was always able to work out the stiffness in his warmup tosses. Such wasn't the case on Thursday, though, when he threw in his normal, between-starts bullpen session. After that, he decided to go to the coaching staff and let them in on the problem for the first time.

      "It took everything I had to go and say something," Johnson said. "It's just kind of the way I am, the competitor I am. But, once I did it, it almost felt better, like something lifted off my shoulders. I'm kind of at peace with it. Now I can get it right and get back to feeling good like I was at the beginning of the season."

        This is not the first time Johnson's right shoulder has been an issue. He ws shut down the last three weeks of last season with shoulder and back injuries. So far this season, he is 3-1 with a major-league leading 1.64 ERA. Johnson's 15-day DL stint is retroactive to Monday.

        In Monday's start against the Mets, Johnson went just five innings and threw only 85 pitches. He was struck in the right forearm with a hard one-hopper. But x-rays revealed no damage and Johnson said he was fine afterward. He said his shoulder felt fine during the outing, after he had time to loosen it up beforehand in the bullpen.

        "I felt fine," he said. "Everthing was coming out the same. Once I get loose it's loose. But it's been taking forever (recently). I just knew that it didn't feel right. it was really sore. It was actually my last bulpen where i started getting really sore. i woke up the net morning and I was like, 'Man, doesn't feel great.'"

        Johnson, who hasn't thrown since Thursday, said he'll remain inactive the next couple of days before being reevaluated on Tuesday.

        After alerting management to the problem, Johnson had a MRI on Friday, which revealed the inflammation. The Marlins immediately sent word to the Zephyrs and had Buente scratched from his scheduled start last night. Buente, who recently switched to a starting role after serving in the bullpen, has a 3-0 record (10 games, five starts) and leads the PCL with a 1.94 ERA. To make room for Buente on the 40-man roster, the Marlins transferred Donnie Murphy on the 60-day DL.

         "There's no good time (for an injury), but this is probably the best time, early in the season," Johnson said. "(We can) catch it before it carries on into other starts. It's a good time to catch it."

         Here's what Rodriguez had to say about Johnson's injury in the daily pre-game chat with reporters:


        JOHN BAKER SETBACK -- And the injury news doesn't stop with Josh Johnson. Catcher John Baker, who is trying to come back from Tommy John surgery, has had a setback in his rehab program and has returned to Jupiter from Triple A New Orleans.

        "Not improving at a rate acceptable to continue," Baker wrote in a text message. "Doesn't make sense to push forward too fast. Sill very early. Only 8 1/2 months since surgery. Taking a week off of activity then resuming a throwing program. Really frustrating. I just want to play baseball."

       CLAY HENSLEY UPDATE - The Marlins are expected to activate reliever Clay Hensley (bruised left rib) from the disabled list on Sunday. Hensley pitched in a rehab outing in an extended spring game in Jupiter on Friday, delivering an 11-pitch inning in which he struck out a pair.


        Marlins: 1. Emilio Bonifacio, cf; 2. Hanley Ramirez, ss; 3. Logan Morrison, lf; 4. Gaby Sanchez, 1b; 5. Mike Stanton, rf; 6. John Buck, c; 7. Wes Helms, 3b; 8. Omar Infante, 2b; 9. Javier Vazquez, p.

        Rays: 1. Sam Fuld, cf; 2. Ben Zobrist, rf; 3. Matt Joyce, lf; 4. Evan Longoria, 3b; 5. Casey Kotchman, 1b; 6. Sean Rodriguez, 2b; 7. John Jaso, c; 8. Reid Brignac, ss; 9. David Price, p.

        Umpires: HP -- Wally Bell; 1B -- Laz Diaz; 2B -- Scott Barry; 3b -- John Hirschbeck.                                                                                                                        


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Lou Vales





Now all of those who've been screaming for the Marlins to bring up a pitcher from the minors will get their wish. Vazquez today, Buente tomorrow. That's not a Mexican weather report, that's a disaster!


You didn't have to be a baseball whiz kid to see that something was wrong with JJ in his last start, and all that "My-fastball-was-only-91mph-because-I-had-to-change-my-warmup-routine" crap just didn't cut it. Let's hope this isn't one of those things where the news gets a little worse every day and before you know it, half his season is down the drain.

Stan M

Hello LB,
You've got that right. Especially because we aren't hitting and have a big West coast trip up next. Ouch! Now Mr. Beinfeld becomes our most valuable player.


Nice contribution, Lou. Expect nothing less from the absolute worst.

And hey, when you find Mr. Beinfeld, let me know who he is.

Lou Vales

Dear Off, Thank you for the kind words.

Lou Vales

I guess my concerns for Infante's weak dribblers were just made inconsequential.Josh almost made it sound as if he had gone to confession. When it comes to pitchers--The Truth Will Set You Free !!!

Donnie was just transferred to the 60 Day DL for his "bruised knee", I'm kinda glad for Murphy that his baseball career will be over before he has his first prostate exam. He will probably need a year to recover from that which will be just in time to get his next one. Maybe they will have a really refined blood test by then--better than the PSA---and Murphy will only need blood drawn.Oh Oh!! Blood drawn, that will be 2 months out of action.

Lou Vales

Just thought of something. Since the pen was abused with JJ, what is it going to be like with Buente in the rotation. The Marlins bullpen arms are going to resemble those of college kids in a Super Regional with a maniacal coach.

Maybe we can start scoring 10 runs a game.

Rich Dubee

Marlins staring pitching figured to fade by August anyway...dead by Sept...R.I.P

Lou Vales

Now Vasquez will not only NOT "be pitching with his job on the line", he is a Nolasco shoulder tightness and Sanchez elbow twinge from being the ACE of the staff.

The only good thing about this is it will moderate the fanatical way in which I've been viewing games. I can now watch the games with aneye to the future and write this year off as an audition. Do you realize they will be facing Lincecums, Cains, Kershaws and others with Volstad, Vasquez and Buente. This could get ugly really quickly.

Of course since I don't live in those familiar basements, I'll still be taking my road trips--albeit in a more relaxed mood.


It's almost laughable. I too used to bash Lou but so far his rants, for lack of a better word, are starting to make sense.


Why did they callup Buente?
Koehler's had success in recent years and he has better stuff than Buente.

Josh Johnson is basically the one guy the Marlins couldn't afford to have on the DL this year.

Hope for .500 baseball the next two weeks?

Lou Vales


Glags, Thank You. I just really love and respect what they have accomplished but I know they must finish to get the prize.


Lou brought the good jokes today! The other residents at Century Village are very lucky to have him. Been saving that prostate joke about Murphy for just the right moment!

Keep up the good work!


Damn you Vazquez!!! How dare you prove us wrong?!

Lou Vales

I want to be proven wrong OFTEN. Vasquez'rhythm with no one on is really very good. Appears he must stay in attack mode. Sometimes a team can rise to ther moment when a star goes down. Just difficult in basevball where momentum IS the next day's starter.

Nice to see Omar hit 2!!!!!! balls hard in the air. That is what he did all last year. I'm just glad to know he does not have some strength sapping illness.

I AGAIN started taking a game for granted and then the 4 walks and the bleeder in the 8th.I'm NOT doing that again.

VERY NICE WIN!! If Buente pitches a 3 hitter tomorrow, a deal may have been done with the devil.


The only proof of a deal with the devil would be Lou going away.

Stan M

Who woulda thunk it? Not us fans, that's for sure. Now when Volstad pitches his first no hitter..but I'm ahead of myself. As Frankie Frish said, "Oh, them bases on balls."
Are we never to get a "laugher"? Tomorrrow might be a laugher, but in the wrong way. Let's hope they surprise us again.

Key West Frank

Why wasen't Sanabia brought up? Man i have a good feeling about this team but we need to get JJ back and a closer, whoever brings up leo nunez 17 perfect saves argument will get shot.

Lou Vales

I'm guessing they send down Martinez and carry an extra pitcher until they see how Buente pitches. Bonafacio's versatility makes Martinez superflous.


Why is the U in Buente silent?!

Mrs Samson's Douchebag

It doesnt say much...BUUUUUUUUUU

Mr. B

I'm pretty sure Sanabia is hurt. I haven't ready anything recently though.

Mr. B


Lou Vales

Maybe they are starting to read our Blog. They sent down Martinez when they activated Hensley. Have no idea how Buente will pitch.I hope he pitches a perfect game but assuming he gets knocked out in the 4th, we could be going through pitchers at a pace rarely seen.

Sanabia is still a ways away. West is getting closer BUT he is still West and NEVER the twain shall meet.

Stan M

Until recently, it seemed as if the Marlins were "blessed" this year. Calls seemed to go our way, it was the other team and not the Marlins who made the critical error. Remember when that catcher had to stop at 3B with a muscle pull when he could have almost crawled home? Nearly all of the players whom the Marlins got rid of were hitting below .200. Now things (fate?) have started to be less kind.
Yet the team won yesterday in a totally surprising manner. Oh, that such should happen again today. That might be a sign the benevolent happenings have returned.
Lou, no one can disagree with you in discussing West's prior attitude. Yet he wouldn't be the first pampered kid who became a mutt when he first experienced adversity. Many such kids later saw the light and matured along the way. There is definite talent there. Maybe, just maybe, he has done some growing up and will be able to help the team a little down the road. Let's be optimistic.

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