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Josh Johnson likely to return on June 7

    LOS ANGELES -- Manager Edwin Rodriguez says he's more inclined to have Josh Johnson make his next start on June 7 rather than push matters and have him return on June 1, the first day he's eligible to come off the disabled list.

    "I'm leaning to make sure he's 100 percent whenever he comes back," Rodriguez said. "If there's any doubt that he will be 99 percent coming off the DL, that won't work for me. We should make sure that whenever he comes off he's 100 percent."

    The Marlins were thinking that Johnson would be ready on June 1, the final day of the road trip. But, with an off day on Thursday, June 2, the Marlins could move Johnson's start back to June 7 and not have to drum up a starter like they're doing here Saturday when reliever Brian Sanches will take the mound.

    Johnson, who has been on the DL since May 21 with right shoulder inflammation, has done nothing more than play catch so far. Rodriguez said he could throw off a bullpen mound for the first time within the next three days.

    "So far he's painless," Rodriguez said. "Now he's trying to get his strength back. I think one bullpen for me would be pushing it. I would like to see two bullpens from him -- three bullpens from him -- to make sure he's 100 percent."


     As long as Rodriguez doesn't have to dip into his bullpen early tonight when Javier Vazquez takes the mound, he'll send out Sanches on Saturday for what would be the pitcher's first big-league start and use a cast of relievers to make it through the rest of the way.

     Sanches said he's looking forward to the opportunity, especially since it comes at Dodger Stadium, where he made his major league debut as a reliever.

     "I'm excited," he said. "It's crazy. I was telling my wife before the season, 'Man, I'd like to start a game I think. It would be cool to start a game.'"

     Rodriguez said Sanches will be limited to no more than 50 or 60 pitches.


     The Marlins' reward for sweeping the Giants in San Francisco?

     Team president David Samson and president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest ponied up and bought In-N-Out burgers -- a West Coast delicacy -- for the team's charter flight down to L.A. All 200 of the burgers were long gone by the time the plane touched down at LAX.Inandout

      "I guess that's what happens when you sweep the World Series champs," said pitcher Ricky Nolasco, a California native and In-N-Out disciple. "I don't think any of them were left, and I hate two double-doubles myself. They're amazing."






     Marlins: 1. Coghlan, cf; 2. Ramirez, ss; 3. Morrison, lf; 4. Sanchez, 1b; 5. Dobbs, 3b; 6. Stanton, rf; 7. Buck, c; 8. Infante, 2b; 9. Vazquez.

     Dodgers: 1. Furcal, ss; 2. Blake, 3b; 3. Ethier, rf; 4. Kemp, cf; 5. Gibbons, lf; 6. Loney, 1b; 7. Barajas, c; 8. Carroll, 2b; 9. Garland, p.


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Lou Vales

Be Honest. Is anyone else growing really tired of Coghlin's B ad S wings and I mean really B ad S wings?????

Charley Lau

Cogs has gotten away from going opposite field and is rolling over on everything..Back to Basics..

Lou Vales

Charley, It transcends rolling over. i'm sure Loria can spring for a video recorder.

I'll give my preliminary stats next week on what these guys are hitting on 3-1 and 2-0.It ain't pretty

Stan M

Damn, damn, damn. Yes, I'm an old man and yes most things are done better today. BUT, years ago if a pitcher blew through an inning as Webb did in the 8th, he difinitely would have also pitched the ninth!. And to take him out so that Bono could pinch hit in a potential extra inning game with 2 outs and no one on base. Downright bad baseball. One of very few times that I felt our manager did the wrong thing.

Rather than condemn Coghlan alone, it's time to get on Buck's case. He's killing us and should hit 8th...period.

Lou Vales

Stan, You are not that old and you are right on EVERY point.

Lou Vales

Stan, Before I die I want to see Omar come up with one ball hit to his left that he dives for.The Law of Averages should soon be kicking in.

We all love Stanton, however,it should now be obvious that he has troubles on balls hit on the ground.So,let's work on it.

It should be clear this team is VERY GOOD!!! It would be a shame to be shooting for 84-78.this team can make the playoffs IF JJ is healthy and we do just a LITTLE!!!! tweaking and NOT wait until September to do it and lose games because of it.

Stan, how do you feel about actually giving the take sign to guys who demonstrate by their stats that they hit less than .200 on 2-0 and 3-1 pitches??

Lou Vales

Dear Stan, I know you and I have the money for it.How about offering the marlins our assistance in buying some video equipment so they can view past at bats. I'm sure a video instructor could show chris how he is pulling off the ball and actually dragging his leg.it appears contorted but he continues doing it. maybe if we buy them the equipment they will name the facility after us.I'll let you put your name first.Part of the deal would be retiring Wes back to North Carolina. Think he was born near Gastonia which is just a hop, skip and a jump from Charlotte.Maybe he could buy a nice restaurant on Tryon.


Clay Hensley should not be pitching in big situations right now.

He hasn't been the same guy this year.

Lou Vales

Knowing good old Clay,basically a Southwestern version of a gool ole Country Boy, he is probably still hurt and hiding it and sinking the team while engaged in subtrefuge. They should go by what the good old radar gun says and if the gun says his velocity is down from last year take that as gospel.

Samson's Boyfriend

Where was Mike Dunn in the bottom of 9th? Got accidently locked in the Bullpen Bathroom ??? Let's accidently lock Hensley in there until he's 100%..he sure was'nt last nite...Cogs pulling off the ball,rolling over,dragging leg,swinging like a one-legged,one-armed,hack..Needs alot of Tee work in the indoor cage..Give Boni a couple of starts hitting lead-off..Dodgers acted like 8yr. olds that won there 1st Little League game...

Stan M

Once the mgr. got himself into that situation with bases loaded and no outs, he only had one chance as I see it. That was to bring in Dunn and hope, hope, that he could blow guys away with his fastball. Clay is a pitch to contact type and that couldn't work unless he got a grounder right at somebody. Dunn was probably not warmed up anyway though. Lou, I worry more about that Mujica (sic) guy. When we blow a game, he always seems to be in the middle of it. I wish a lot of guys (named Nunez) had Clay's makeup. After these Dodgers, we play the hot AZ team then go home to the Brewers, Braves and AZ again. Maybe Thomas Paine was also thinking of us Marlin fans when he said, "These are the times that try men's souls". After the next two weeks we will either be genuine contenders for the Wild Card or dead meat. And right now I've lost a lot of confidence and have lost a little bit of faith in the manager.

Stan M

Samson's Boyfriend,
Couldn't agree more about those childish celebrations. Sometimes we fans forget just how young these guys are I guess. That big power hitter for the California AL team missed a lot of last year and now all of this year because of a stupid home plate mombo jumbo after a walk off HR. Those damn things are more dangerous than home plate collisions!

Lou Vales

Stan, I swear that great minds think alike.I THOUGHT Edwin was walking out there to bring in Dunn to try to get the strikeouts--kinda what the Braves would do with Venters, who is great by the way--but instead he is going to 5 infielders. Would not have needed 5 infielders with Dunn throwing heat.

We often forget these guys are not Nobel Laureates--See Fredi Gonzalez, George Anderson, Lim Leyland, Charlie Manuel and others---it's almost as if there should be a bench coach with an IQ in triple digits whose sole function is late game strategies.

How about that video equipment idea??

Stan M

Lou, as stated above, I'm no longer a wealthy man. Did you see my diatribe above about taxpayers footing the bill for that stuff in new ballparks? Regarding "bright" managers, what did Charlie Dressen tell the Dodgers one afternoon? Something like, "Stay close to them and I'll think of something." So many baseball myths (the book) have been knocked down in recent years. I shutter every time a hitter, other than a terrible hitting pitcher, bunts.It has been statistically proven that a runner scores from first with no outs more than a runner from second with one out...yet they continue to bunt because that is the way John McGraw learned it while with the 1896 Baltimore Orioles. Incidently, "McGraw of the Giants" is one of the best baseball books ever written. Right up there with "The Glory of Their Times" which may never be equaled.

Until very recently, our manager was doing a great job. Now...not so great; but not awful. He beats his predecessor by a landslide.

Lou Vales

My NEW favorite saying--"Play for one run and that is all you will score."

Stan, Glags, Erich, Samson's Boyfriend and ANYONE else who cares, What do you believe is the rationale for carrying Helms? I have no doubt that there are numerous "Moneyball" candidates who could perform far better than Wessis.Is it possible they could believe there might actually be discontent if Weswas designated for assignment? They can't possibly believe that one player on this 25 Man roster gives a Rat's Bottom about Wes Helms?? Wes is a DRIED UP, Barely Ever Was, fringe baseball player who is now serving as a weight on this roster. AND I understand the problem that IS Hanley,but Hanley is difficult to solve, Wes is just an extemperaneous piece of flotsam that should be hanging around in a minor league dugout working on his curriculum vitae to someday be a manager or coach.

Wes, You STINK!! That is as kind as I can put it!! I'll be in Florida for the Braves series and I want you to look for my Uncle Wessie banners. i will be bringing it!!

Lou Vales

Sorry!! Once again I should say this invective is not directed towards Wes Helms but rather the people who see fit to employ him. We would all take a salary of 1,000,000 along with the pension vesting and remarkable food per diems that go along with a major Leaguedeal. We would not say- "NO!!! We stink and are not entitled to that money." We can't expect Wes to turn down compensation that he realizes he is not deserving of. that would be really stupid. Not as stupid as the Marlins actually paying this lummox but pretty close. Just wanted Wes to know that I don't despise him but rather the MORONS who signed him to a Major League deal.

Buster's Nanny

Brewers beat Giants on squeeze play in bottom of 9th...Giants fans blame Scott Cousins...

Stan M

I agree that Helms has little on field benefit. On Direct TV I listened to Vin Scully and he told story of Stanton, having started his career on the road, going up to Helms and asking what to wear for home games. That is an example of Helm's value. Here is a solution...make Helms a coach and utilize what he is good at and replace him on the roster with a more valuable player. Only problem, Loria thinks roster additions shhould pay the Marlins rather than vice-versa.

Samson's Boyfriend

Have No reasonable explanation as to why the Marlins are keeping Wes Helms at this point..Will reserve any comment until Marlins come home from road trip...Don't like to kick a horse when he's down...Let's just hope Helms does'nt embarrass himself any further or cost the Marlins a game and I'll leave it at that...FOR NOW..

Lou Vales

Dear Samson's beau, what do you think will change in the interim?? Anyone want to help me hold my Helms' signs in Florida? Anyone have a good suggestion for a banner? I'm having writer's block. So far my weak efforts consist of:

Wes's Weaklings

Wes's Welts

Samson's Boyfriend

On a positive note, looking for a good game from Hayes starting tonite,and hope the pitching keeps us close enough late in the game to pull out a tight one..

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