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Loria makes West Coast trip to keep eye on Marlins

SAN FRANCISCO -- Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria said he didn't make it out to the West Coast last year with his team. But he made this trip.

Jeffrey Loria With his club just two games back of the Phillies entering the night, Loria talked about a few different topics before Tuesday's game -- including why he decided to make the trip.

"There's nothing going on," Loria said. "I see we have a really good chance to do very well and another set of eyes is always good to have around.

"We always got to remain ever vigilant of all aspects of the game and what goes on with this team, which is one of the reasons I'm traveling with this team right now. I want to make sure the things are supposed to be going on are going on. I'm just looking."

Before Tuesday's game, Loria spent a few moments chatting up former outfielder Cody Ross. The topic, he promises, wasn't cars. Last year, Ross said Loria promised the player on his team who won the NLCS MVP his red Ferrari.

"He likes revisionist history, what can I tell you," Loria said when asked about it Tuesday. "I said if we win the World Series. I don't even know how to say those letters in that order. NLCS is nice, but for me it's the World Series or bust."

So did he make a similar Ferrari promise this season?

"It's an old thing, and it didn't work," Loria said. "So, I have to come up with something else. As you know I love my players. I will find the appropriate response at the right time. For now, let them concentrate on winning."

Does the back end of the Marlins rotation concern him? "We know what Javi can do," Loria said. "He showed it to us the other day. He was dominant and that was a pretty tough club he faced. I always take the 162 game look. You have to throw the other stuff out."

Does closer Leo Nunez, the major league leader in saves, deserve an All-Star trip?

"He's focused. He's hungry. That's nice to see," Loria said. "He has the most saves in the league, that's pretty good. I think we need to watch it for another three or four weeks. I think we have to watch it and those performances will define itself.

Did he promise Mike Stanton a Ferrari if he hits a home run into the big glove left field?

"It has to stay in the pocket," Loria joked. "He's 21 years old and couldn't even rent a car last year. He's a pleasure to have around, amazing to watch. He's going to spray that ball over the field. Has he had 400 major league at-bats yet? But he's a quick learner. That's what's good."