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Marlins don't have many enticing options to replace Vazquez

WASHINGTON -- Javi Vazquez's run of troubling starts continued against the Nationals Sunday.

The 35-year old veteran gave up a season-high six earned runs -- all in the first inning -- as the Nationals batted around and produced six hits before pitcher Jason Marquis was thrown out at third base to end the inning. Vazquez has given up first inning runs in all eight of his starts this season and has a first inning ERA of 15.25. His overall ERA? Not much better, up to 7.55 from 6.88 after four innings of work Sunday.

Vazquez's last three innings Sunday weren't bad. He gave up just one hit, and retired eight in a row before Marquis got another hit off him. Vazquez walked Roger Bernadina, but struckout Danny Espinosa to end the inning. He was pinch hit for in the fifth by Ozzie Martinez.

But the question is: Have the Marlins seen enough? They signed Vazquez to a one-year, $7 million deal thinking his rough season in New York in 2010 would become a speed bump with a return to the National League. That obviously hasn't happened.

So who could the Marlins replace Vazquez with? Truth is there aren't many enticing options.

Down in New Orleans, three possibilities stand out: right-hander Elih Villanueva, who pitched well in spring training and was the organization's pitcher of the year in 2010; right-hander Tom Koehler (4-0 with a 2.67 ERA in 7 starts) and right-hander Jay Buente, who has gone from relieving to starting the last five games and looking halfway decent.

Most figure Villanueva would be the first option. But he's 4-3 with a 5.67 ERA in eight starts. On May 8, he got tagged by Iowa for four home runs and seven earned runs in a loss. 

Koehler, a former 18th round pick in the 2008 Draft, pitched eight scoreless innings his last time out on May 11. He gave up five hits, two walks and struckout five. 

Buente, a 14th round pick in the 2006 draft, came up and saw action with the Marlins last season. He made eight appearances, but racked up a 6.55 ERA. In his last five starts in New Orleans, though, he's gone 3-0 with 1.91 ERA in 33 innings of work. Before this season, he had four career starts in the minors.

Left-hander Sean West, who pitched for the Marlins plenty in 2009 but struggled in 2010, injured his shoulder in his first start. After the game, the Marlins said West was a week to 10 days away from pitching in a game.

Alex Sanabia, who pitched for the Marlins in 2010, is out with an elbow injury. 


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Lou Vales

Badenhop is LOVED by the Dynamic Duo Broadcast Crew who just love calling him The Hopper. why not let The Hopper start? Oh, I forgot he only has the gas to go around 3 innings. May be the only "Long man" in the Majors who is in actuality a "Short Man."

The Braves keep reaching into the minors to bring up guys to make spot starts. The Marlins system is so bereft of "READY" talent that we really have NO options. Pretty sad!!


Lou, IF the Marlins make it to the playoffs with this band of good for nothings, will you take back at 1/3 of the comments you made?


OK so they have no one in house who can throw at the MLB level. The thing is even w/ a fill-in corner infielder and a Silver Slugging SS hovering around the Mendoza Line this team finds itself in contention. Its why they traded Adrian Gonzalez for a guy who only factored in an inning a game. Granted I don't doubt the Marlins had Gonzalez at LoMo ceiling and not Jeff Bagwell's.

You mean to tell me the club has no trade bait anywhere that could land them a starter and if so we'll have to wait until late July to entertain?

Its not fair to the team & the fans to throw this guy out there every fifth day. The Marlins need more out of their 4th guy since their no. 5, Volstad is marginal at best.

The FO is blowing it if they don't rectify this and quick. Beinfest is a much smarter baseball guy than me so I hope he's already working on it.

Lou knows nothing

Lou, you are sad. The team has one of the top records in MLB and has to deal with Vasquez. You are a negative, whiny poster.

Lou Vales

Hey Reprobate, have the cajones to put your REAL damn name up here and you might have some credibility. I actually care enough about this team to care about how it does over 162 games and not 40. Since I possess the wherewithall to actually follow this team on road trips and venture down to South Florida to watch them play, I may be a little more passionate than some punk who probably cares more about getting out of his stepfather's basement.

And Glags--whatever the Hell that means---why don't you contribute some ideas instead of bitching about me. You bet your sweet butt I'll rescind everything I've said about this team's management IF it makes the playoffs, but if you can't see that it might be fairly difficult to make anything with Volstad and Vasquez at 4 and 5, well you got bigger problems than me. Have you not noticed that I NEVER respond to other Bloggers unless it finally reaches the point where I need to defend myself?? I don't really care if you sleep with a Bret Barberie Bobblehead Doll, and I won't even comment if you wish to go "Rah Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah", but if you think I'm going to be harangued unimpeeded by some Internet Dolts, you are nuts.

Rbleigh, They really do have NOTHING of value to trade. They have done a great job of moving young talent up to the Bigs but the pipeline now is empty. You would have expected that with the positional player advancement BUT to have NO pitching depth at the minir league level is incomprehensible. Some people like James and Hand and Olmos, but they are moving at glacier like speed. To win this year they need a starter but I just don't know where it will come from. Actually sanchez TODAY should have been out of the 1st with no runs scoring. Espinosa flew to left field, Werth hit the grounder that our All Star SS held for a second and Nix hit a flare to left field. That should have been 3 outs after 4 batters. We must keep Vasquez in the rotation because sadly and pitifully there is NOTHING down there any better. i don't think we will get much for the genius selection of Kyle Skipworth with 6th overall pick. I've seen him 5 games in the South Atlantic League and a few games in the Southern league and, Well, FORGET IT!! The kid can't hit hard stuff, breaking ball or soft stuff. That about does it.

BUT, BUT---I am the problem because I'm not doing a Blind Mellow Jello impersonation.

Lou Vales

Clark, Could you please tell us what is going on with Baker. He never threw anyone out before he was injured and with the way this staff holds runners Johnny Bench couldn't throw people out, therefore it appears main issue should be ability to swing the bat from the left side. hell, start taking some grounders at 1st to be able to spell Gaby. I've seen many pitchers come back from Tommy John Surgery faster than Baker. He won't have to throw the slider,or his breaking ball, is there a feasible timetable for his return or is it a mystery??

Lou Vales

rbleigh, Do not denigrate yourself by assuming all these guys ina front office know more than you. Would you--even with salary problems looming---trade a future Hall of Famer, a potential Triple Crown Winner and MVP winner and a pitcher who at the time many thought had a chance of being fixed for:

Dallas Trahern

Mike Rabelo

Eduglio(Sp??) de la Cruz

The Bunny Hopper

Someone Who Even I have Forgotten

Andrew "Deer in the Headlights"Miller


Cameron--Not really 5 Tools but actually 1!!! Tool---Maybin


By the way, Cabrera has become a very good first baseman. As i said earlier this will never be as bad as Ruth for a 100,000 BUT it should end up ranked in the Top % before all this is over.

Don't Short Change yourself and remember you did not choose to give your first big money deal in years to a pitcher who it was known around baseball had lost significant velocity.

Put your real name up here and maybe we can have you move in to an advisor position. At least you know this can't last. Therefore, you are way ahead of the game.

The Bunny Hopper


Always appreciate the kind words, Lou. BTW, if you haven't noticed we live in a world of ignorants, so putting up your real name doesn't give you credibility. We protect our children by keeping them from online sites and avoid putting personal information over the Internet so why would we use our real names on a blog when interacting with people we don't know. I like the conversations on here except when people intend to insult someone because of their comments, not cool.


Btw Lou, you tend point out what's obviously wrong with the organization but not once have you offered a solution. Not that your opinion matters but I'm just saying.

And what's wrong with enjoying a team win and not complaining about EVERY single thing. First it was Hanley and Infante, then it was the third base situation and Murphy, you followed that up by airing your grievances about the bench and now we've moved on to Badenhop. Who's next?! Stanton, Morrison, or Edwin??? It just gets boring, that's all. If you had an AM show I find it hard to believe that anyone could listen. Why don't you follow the Rays, they are doing extremely well with a bunch of unknowns.


Lou is the absolute worst.

Siefer Kutherland

I like Lou

Lou Vales

I guess none of you guys go on Facebook? And I guess nome of your friends, kids or other relatives go on Facebook? Far be it for people to put "Personal Information" on the Internet.That is why I don't online bank or pay any bills online or basically use any numbers regarding any financial info. I guess the writers for newspapers should use phony names too. Why should they post real names?

As far as offering any solutions, I can only say to do a better job going forward. there are no easy solutions for the debt, flooding of the Mississippi, Japanese radiation levels or any other IMPORTANT matters troubling the World. There are many FANaticS who follow baseball teams and don't think they dare criticize aspects of the team's day to day functioning.They are good little FANaticS who do not question anything done by the authority figures. they check their brains at the beginning of the season and believe they should Cheer, Cheer and Cheersome more and that will make them good little FANaticS. I don't really like FANaticS. I don't like blind, submissive loyalty to any cause, idea, group or individual.

Remember, we don't like FANaticS. Do we??


Badenhop has a career 3.60 ERA in 95 appearances as a reliever.

Stop posting as if you actually know what you're talking about.

Lou Vales

Erick, What do you think the Marlins could get in return for Badenhop? Now I realize they won't be able to reverse thedeal and get Cabrera back for him, but what do you HONESTLY think they would be able to acquire for the Hopper? You do realize that he NEVER projects as a starter--even for an organization devoid of starting pitchers---and that he is basically "Not Available" for at least 2 days after a day that he throws around 30 pitches?? What actually is he?? Is he a mop up man? is he a set up man/Is he an 8th inning guy? Is he a limited long man? Is he a bullpen "Uncle Wes?" What is his purpose on this team? I guess he is the 12th arm on a pitching staff with no viable alternatives. It's hard to believe the Marlins sent this valuable asset down to the minors when they broke camp. When Hensley comes back in a week I guess the Marlins will agonize about who to send down. It couldn't be the CENTERPIECE of the Cabrera deal? Maybe with Hensley coming back they could inquire about Wright's availability from the Mets and package the Hopper, Petersen and Martinez? the Mets are experiencing all kinds of financial woes---Hey Wilpons, Nice investment with Madoff---and they probably need to shed salary.

Lou Vales

I guess it should not be difficult to believe that the 12th man on a pitching staff engenders such loyalty from the 7 or 8 people who care enough about the Marlins to write on this blog. This outpouring of passion would be indicative of a fan base who would take the opportunity on "e-mail Tuesday" to ask such crucial questions as "Hey Tommy, do they have the design of the caps figured out yet" or "Hey guys, why no sweater vests?"

Lou Vales

In a few days I'll give you the dates for the next home stand i will attend. I always sit right behind the plate in the club seats. I'll hold a sign up for Clark and I just had the idea to bring some signs on a home game Tuesday and hold them up for Tommy and Rich.

I'm sure all you guys/girls--how would I know??--attend a lot of games and I'll show you my appreciation for all your support by buying you a beer. I ain't sitting in the outfield so I'll bring you out some beer before the game gets started. Maybe I'll get to meet Glags. When he/she--again, how would I know--isn't obsessed with me he/she actually seems pretty intelligent.


He's the worst reliever on the team. In comparison to other "worst relievers," he's not bad. Again, a 3.60 ERA in 95 appearances before tonight. And tonight was exciting!

Realistically, Badenhop's only here because Hensley's injured, so I don't really see the amazing amount of loyalty you're talking about, anyway.

There's no reason to rush Ceda. He's a more legit prospect, who will hopefully become a big part of our future pen one day.

At this point, Hopper's probably better than Ceda, anyway. Ceda looked really bad in his brief stint in the big leagues last year. Control issues.


Why are you arguing with this clown? He's a miserable person.

Anton Sirius

I always assume people talk to Lou out of pity. When your cries for attention are that pathetic, there's always some soft touch who'll respond to them.

Gables Guy

Edwin and management should swallow their pride and dump Vazquez. What metrics are they waiting for: an ERA > 10.0 & a WHIP > 2.0? He's almost there. Difficult to get to the post season when 1 of your starting rotation will give up an average of 7.5 runs and only last maybe 3 innings or so!!!


Whatever happened to Shawn Hill?? His milb.com page says he is active, but hasnt pitched in a game yet, is he even still with the organization??!!

johhny boy

Vasquez is basically throwing batting practice.

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