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Marlins looking for some O from the top of the order

       LOS ANGELES – As 1-2 punches go, the combination of Chris Coghlan and Hanley Ramirez (and before him, Omar Infante) at the top of the Marlins’ order has been the least productive tandem in the National League so far this season.

     “To take this team to the next level, those two guys have to show more offense,” said manager Edwin Rodriguez.

    The Marlins’ .296 on-base percentage from the No. 1 spot in the lineup (predominately Coghlan) ranks 14th of 16 teams. And the team’s .577 OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage) from the No. 2 position ranks 15th.

   “Coghlan has been very inconsistent sometimes,” Rodriguez said. “One game he shows up and looks like the best hitter on the field, and then, for two or three games, he struggles.”

     Coghlan, who brought a .237 batting average and .304 on-base percentage into Saturday’s game against the Dodgers, said he is heeding the advice of hitting coach John Mallee, who watched tape of his 2009 season when he was named the league’s Rookie of the Year.

    He said Mallee approached him in San Francisco at the start of the road trip and suggested he “stay back more” to wait longer on pitches before swinging.

   “I was just pulling a lot more balls than I do normally,” Coghlan said.

   Ramirez has not snapped out of his hitting slump in the nine games since being moved from the No. 3 to the No. 2 spot in the lineup, where he is hitting just .200.

         "We need their offense,” Rodriguez said. “They know that.”


          As the Dodgers series is a homecoming for quite a few Marlins players and executives (president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest was an All-City shortstop here) tickets for family and friends are in high demand.

          Mike Stanton, who is from nearby Panorama City, has his own cheering section in the right field bleachers for the three games. And catcher Brett Hayes also went to Stanton’s Notre Dame High School.

          But no one has a larger following than Ricky Nolasco, who expects a contingent of anywhere from 100 to 200 just to see him pitch Sunday.

          “I try not to let it affect me,” said Nolasco, who is from nearby Corona. “But I can’t help to get motivated from it. All my family and friends – everybody – grew up Dodgers fans. To come here and have their support is truly amazing.”

          Nolasco used to attend about 10 Dodgers games a year with his father and sat in the front row of the loge section behind home plate.

          He’ll be making only his second lifetime start at the ballpark, and first since 2008 when he did not receive a decision.



    Marlins: 1. Chris Coghlan, cf; 2. Hanley Ramirez, ss; 3. Logan Morrison, lf; 4. Gaby Sanchez, 1b; 5. Greg Dobbs, 3b; 6. Mike Stanton, rf; 7. Omar Infante, 2b; 8. Brett Hayes, c; 9. Brian Sanches, p.

   Dodgers: 1. Rafael Furcal, ss; 2. Casey Blake, 3b; 3. Andre Ethier, rf; 4. Matt Kemp, cf; 5. James Loney, 1b 6. Jerry Sands, lf; 7. Rod Barajas, c; 8. Aaron Miles, 2b; 9. Hiroki Kuroda, p.      


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Imagine that, two former rookies of the year can't bat their way out of a paper bag.

Aggie 67

The Marlins have had their run. By the All Star break they will be a third or fourth place team. Hello, Jeffery!

Lou Vales

We'll talk later about what this may do to the pitching staff for the rest of the week.

Lou Vales

Maybe we can also talk about how if a team can't hit 3-1 and 2-0 they probably should not hit 3-0 like Gaby.

Lou Vales

Maybe that smoke is symbolic of the Marlins minor league pitching prospects.

Such a GUTSY team and they have to tolerate not having ONE guy who can come upand make an emergency start--PITIFUL!!!

Lou Vales

Imagine if Ricky has the audacity not to be sharp for 1st time this year and gets shelled and allows 7 in 4 innings---What then??Bonafacio??

Lou Vales

That's the way to drive the ball Uncle Wessie. I'll take anything you do!!

Don't Believe What I Just Saw

Can u believe Helms hits the ball out of the catchers mitt down the 1st base line for a seeing eye 2 run double??? Unbelievable...Just when u think you've seen everything, something like this happens...


That is a scary thought.

Lou Vales

BRILLIANT EFFORT--Now get this team the help it deserves to win this thing!!

Lou Vales

Skipworth now hitting 172 in Double A and striking out 1 of every 3 AB's.Maybe instead of taking him with the 6th pick 3 years ago we could have --JUST MAYBE---taken a PITCHER!!!!

Lou Vales

Wes Helms was quoted in the Sun-Sentinel as saying--"I didn't hit that ball too well", WSes you NEVER hit the ball too well.I'm grateful that luck and the Law of Averages conspired for 1!!!!! of your "balls put in play" to actually find a hole. You have driven in 4 RBI's this year.2 on the baqll yesterday that was probably foul and the ball you somehow hit off of Chapman. I'm hoping an embarrasing day off of Kershaw today might do some more convincing of your lack of worth to this team.Hopefully they will be able to overcome your 0-3 or 0-4.


I can't believe you people, all of you are haters and why. Maybe because you're pretty stupid. This is a fun team to watch, they have the 3rd best record in all of baseball, and all you want to do is hate instead of enjoying them, you're lives must be pretty bad.

Lou Vales

Michael, ASk Stan how "bad "my life is. Maybe you like finishing 2nd and congratulating the winner.I like finishing 1st and offering condolences to the loser.

Now little man, you pick the city on an upcoming Marlins road trip and I'll meet you at the stadium of your choice and buy you a couple of beers. As far as my being "stupid", you can only wish you were as stupid.

I appreciate the GREAT record that this overachieving team has and now I would like management to provide the tweaks they need to turn this into a wonderful story leading into a new stadium.

Helms does not belong on this team. I don't "hate" Helms, I don't know Helms, but I can guarantee you could put him on waivers tomorrow and every single team in MLB would pass on the opportunity to claim Uncle Wessie.

I'm serious about the beers. Give "Stupid" Lou with the "Bad life" two weeks notice and IF you can make it there I'll buy you those beers.

Riddle Me This, Marlins Fans

Marlins beat Kershaw back on 4/26 4-2...Helms started at third with Dobbs coming in the game as a PH...Does Edwin give Helms the start today because Kershaw is a lefty? Would Edwin sit a hot hitting Dobbs to start,then use him later in game? Any Opinions or Ideas...I would not sit a hot-hitting Dobbs just because of the lefty/righty crap...

Stan M

Last night I finally agreed with Lou about Helm's on field value and suggested that he be made a coach. That way we ulilize his value within the clubhouse. Lou, you and I agree on much, but I can't be as critical of our minor league system. In my opinion, the top of the system was naturally depleted when the team brought up so many very successful players over the last couple of years. Now as a very young team, we won't need premier call ups for a couple of years. And aren't the A level minor league teams loaded with 4 or 5 potential major league starters in 2-3 years? And regarding signing a pitcher instead of Sizemore, wasn't it the year before when they had all of those high picks and used them all for pitchers? And speaking of catchers, remember how down I was on Buck's signing? Granted he is good with the staff, but Hayes also seems to do well and both throws and hits better. We need several lineup changes and the first should be to move Buck to #8 in the order where he will kill less rallies. And the post just above is dead on about Dobbs. He's hot so play him. A fellow named Juan has been recommending lineup changes for some time, and I heartily agree. This would be my lineup:
Bono, Coghlan, LoMo, Gabby, Dobbs, Stanton, Infante, and Buck/Hayes. (however, for today;s game I'd switch Dobbs and Stanton.) If you notice, Hanley is benched for a better fielding and more explosive hitting SS. And Hayes would start every 3rdgame. Maybe Buck's hitting problems have to do with overwork. Remember what was done with Paulino last year? This team has done very well with little input from Hanley. Well, Lou, there is your route to all sorts of organizational help. Trade him now before his value falls even further. We would also improve our infield defense. I hated to see Uggla go, but now must admit that Infante has been a boon. One last word. If I were manager, I would insist that Stanton swing at every 3-0 pitch. He's taking that strike and then swinging at balls.

Lou Vales

Stan, Good points as ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!! I understand your points about ALL the very good players that have been called up,however,NONE of those have been pitchers. it seems at least 1!! guy would have been deemed worthy of an emergency start.

8-0 Mets top ofthe 3rd. Worley spun Reyes with a pitch at his head. Could get interesting.The Mets are already aggravated.

dear RiddleMe, I'm not sitting Dobbs until he stops hitting, however, I guarantee they WILL
bench Dobbs.

Stan M

Some thoughts on Hanley:
1) He is hitting so poorly this year that I would want his eyes examined. Could there be trouble in his private life that we don't know about?
2) In my opinion, he is a far below average fielder and teams don't win pennants with inadequate fielders at SS. He can't go to his right, is an erratic thrower, and probably uses too big a glove for he frequently has trouble transferring the ball from glove to hand. To his credit, his innate athleticism does allow for an occasional superlative effort, but we need consistency there.
3) Whether we fans who post here (and in other places as well) agree or disagree on most topics, it does seem that most of us loathe the guy. And one universal about all of us posters; WE CARE! And as far as the less fanatical fans go, isn't he being booed in his home park? If a team is going to make a player a cornerstone of the franchise, isn't the first criterion that he at least be popular? Even the dispicable Barry Bonds was loved in SF.
4) Hanley is still thought of as a franchise type player by many other teams.
5) Hanley costs a lot of money.
6) There have always been rumors that his teammates don't like him.

Sooooo....if he isn't hitting, is a mediocre fielder at best, is unpopular with the fans, is expensive, and the team is consistently winning over a significant period with little help from him, doesn't it make all of the sense in the world to trade him?

Lou Vales

Stan, I would agree except for now we would be selling extremely low. he really has adifferent batting stance than a couple of years ago. he also refuses to swing at very hittable first pitches as if it is beneath him.

Woild all you guys do me a favor and for the nxet 4 games keep track of what these guys hit 3-1 and 2-0. i;ve been keeping track but i want you good people to see for yourself.

Looks like Mets will FINALLY beat the Phillies. Both friday and saturday the Mets led going to the 8th.

Lou Vales

Goody.Goody.Goody> NO Uncle Wes in the lineup.I guess Edwin was not fooled by that "smash" inside the ist baseline yesterday. It was hilarious to see Wessie respond as he trotted off the field.Lady Jane Seymour probaby said--"Hey Muscleman, way to rip it."

Samson's Boyfriend

Baseball Gods reached out and touched Helms last nite...He looked terrble against McDougal,only to reach out in desperation,at the last possible millisecond..The ball took one bounce about 15ft to the extreme right of home plate.wentover the right corner of first base,bounces on the chalk once and dribbles down the line for a seeing eye 2 run double...rather be lucky than good..Reason why Marlins are void of pitching talent to call up is simple: Beinfest and Co. have crapped out on every #1 draft choice except Volstad and that's not saying much..Look it Up..All BUSTS in the pitching dept..Boni gets start at 3rd..


Stupid Lou, Helms is a utility infielder, he does the job he's assigned. 2 months from now his 2 base hit looks like a line shot, with 2 RBI's. The team is fun to watch, with really good pitching. And remember the 3rd best record in the majors. Coghlan will hit, Hanley will eventually come around, and the pitching will hold up. Have fun with this team, don't be such a crumudgeon.

Lou Vales

Poverty Stricken Mike in His Stepfather's Basement, Tell me what park, Hotshot. Hit your old lady--Mother--up for some money and take a road trip.


Muttley wimps out again....WUFF WUFF WUFF,throw the dog a bone...let's send Hanley to somebody else's home...

Lou Vales

Sounds like Mike might be an abusive relationship so first let me say to mike---There are agancies that will help you.

Hanley did appear to want no part of Kershaw.

Stan M

You have been very critical of Tommy Hutton for not being critical when it's called for. I thought he put quite a knock on Hanley for coming out of the game. In case you weren't watchiing, when he left the game, Tommy remarked on how a player should stay in the game when we are shorthanded, even if only at 70 per cent. As the poster said above, he wanted no more of Kershaw and it is another indictment and reason to trade him in my opinion.

Lou Vales

Stan, He did nail him and I'm an IOTA away from being converted to what you have been calling for. Almost every physical movement seems to cause him to wince. It may be time before the whole league realizes there is cyanide in the dugout. He has really carried this Dog Routine a little too far.And when Hutton is FINALLY given the green light to bash him, something may be up.

Stan, You nailed it!!

Lou Vales

You guys----with the exception of the reprobate----are right!! I did not want to make a move because of the extraordinary talent but he just MIGHT be a lazy piece of refuse who now that he got his money is shutting it down. That act today was really bad. I mean really bad. It really might be time. The Marlins have at least 4 other guys who can be the Face of the Franchise is does not have to be the gutless chijuajua. I'm beginning to think you really can't trust him. All the money he would ever need and now he is thumbing his nose at everyone.

Stan M

It isn't his nose he's thumbing. Watch his hands more carefully. Ha Ha

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