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Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez still scratching his head over series in New York

The Marlins trip to New York this week wasn't supposed to last very long -- two games in two days at Citi Field before a return trip home to open tonight's two-game series at Sun Life Stadium versus the Cubs.

But for Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez and his team, it "felt like we spent five days in New York and only played one game."

The Marlins are still scratching their heads as to why Tuesday's game in New York was postponed and Monday's was not. "First time I've seen that," Rodriguez said. "You play when it rains and don't when it doesn't rain."

According to major league rules, home teams -- and not umpires -- have say as to when games are called before first pitch (only as long as there a possibility of a return trip later in the season).

Monday, it was still raining about an hour before pitch and the field was in poor condition. Rodriguez said he expressed his concerns to the umpires when he was told the game was on, telling them he thought the field was unplayable.

"What they took into consideration to call that game? I don't know," Rodriguez said. The umpires said it wasn't their call. It was basically the GM and the organization's call. So, they said we'll see what happens, start the game and see how far we can go. I expressed my concern about having JJ on the mound and playing three innings."

The Marlins ended up winning 2-1 in the 11th inning on Burke Badenhop's RBI single.

Tuesday's rain out, announced shortly after 5 p.m. (two hours before first pitch) was called by the Mets because the forecast in New York was calling for rain at about a 60 to 70 percent chance. But a single drop didn't fall while the Marlins were still at the ballpark. In fact, the Marlins didn't see any rain at all, even as they boarded their flight home to Miami at around 8:30 p.m.

According to the writers who stayed in New York overnight, rain didn't begin to fall near CitiField until after midnight.

"They said it was coming at some point," Rodriguez said of the rain. "I guess it never did."

Coincidentally, the Mets, who have been riddled with injuries, had eight players called up from Triple A Buffalo and on the roster for Tuesday's game. Wednesday, they sent third baseman David Wright to the disabled list.

Could the Mets have been ducking the Marlins on purpose? Rodriguez wouldn't answer that question.

Tuesday's postponed game has been scheduled for July 18 at 7:10 p.m., following a four game series in Chicago to open the second half of the season. The next night, the Marlins open a three-game series at home against the Padres before hosting the Mets. The Marlins have two more trips to New York after that (Aug. 1-3 and Aug. 29-Sept. 1).

"The tough part now is we have to go there on a day off and play there," Rodriguez said. Then again, it is what it is. We had no say in what happens."

Hanley Ramirez isn't the only guy struggling at the top of the order. On the Marlins' 3-1 road trip, their first three hitters went a combined 6 for 56 with 13 strikeouts, four walks and two RBI. One of those hits and RBI belongs to Badenhop, who hit first late in the game on a double switch.

"It is a concern," Rodriguez said. "How long is the pitching going to keep us there? Because it's the pitching that has us playing the way we've been playing and keeping us in the game. So, I would like to see more offense from [Chris] Coghlan, from Hanley obviously, John Buck, even [Omar] Infante. We would like to see some offense so we can take some pressure off the rotation and the bullpen."

Coghlan was hitting .297 before he pulled himself out of the lineup April 27. Since then, he's gone 12 for 67 (.179) with four RBI, eight walks, 10 strikeouts, two stolen bases.

"I'm not worried about him," Rodriguez said. "I think he hit the ball hard about three times every game [in Washington], but right at people. In New York, he also had two hard hit balls right at people. So, I'm not concerned about that."

> Rodriguez said setup man Clay Hensley, on the disabled list with a bruised left rib, is scheduled to pitch one inning, 20 pitches for Single A Jupiter tonight and will pitch the same amount on Friday. "Hopefully everything goes right so he can join the club on Sunday," Rodriguez said.

> Infielder Donnie Murphy, on the disabled list since May 2 with right wrist inflammation, is fielding and throwing, but still feeling soreness when he swings. "Right now, it would take a little while for him," Rodriguez said.


> Marlins: 1. Chris Coghlan CF, 2. Hanley Ramirez SS, 3. Logan Morrison LF, 4. Gaby Sanchez 1B, 5. Greg Dobbs 3B, 6. Mike Stanton RF, 7. John Buck C, 8. Omar Infante 2B, 9. Ricky Nolasco RHP.

> Cubs: 1. Kosuke Fukudome RF, 2. Darwin Barney 2B, 3. Starlin Castro SS, 4. Aramis Ramiez 3B, 5. Carlos Pena 1B, 6. Marlon Byrd CF, 7. Alfonso Soriano LF, 8. Koyie Hill C, 9. Ryan Dempster RHP. 


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Lou Vales

Donnie Murphy's wrist pain has lasted longer than the 100 Years War.

Wilpons Belong In Jail w/ Madoff

The Mutts pulled a fast one ,calling the game before a drop of rain..but by the make-up date July 18, they'll be buried in the standings and their roster will look worse than it does now..

Lou Vales

Have you ever noticed Edwin's favorite response is--"I'm not worried about him", If Edwin would have been with General Custer at the Little Big Horn and George would have asked Edwin--"So what do you think about Sitting Bull?", Edwin would have course responded "I'm not worried about him."

I tried every possible e-mail question I could and they ALL went unanswered so I asked a buddy in South Florida to e-mail them a soft ball about "Hey Tommy, what's that 10 on the Cub uniforms?" Of course FEARLESS TOMMY was all over that question. If you looked up "gutless' in the American Heritage Dictionary there will be a picture of Tommy and Rich up in the booth answering questions on "E-Mail Tuesday(or Wednesday)"


You know they have screeners? They only read what's forwarded to them.

Harry in Hollywood

They are owned by Loria..bought and paid to put a B.S spin on everything...the first e-mail was about the color of the new uni's...great crowd of about 3000 last nite...wait till tonite when they shill for more money at the auction...best thing about last nites game was the Braves blew one in 11 and Chipper Jones knee is already on shaky ground..


You know someone asked about Vazquez and Tommy said there weren't any other options but then defended Vazquez last performance in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th inning. Problem is you can't have a guy in the rotation throwing 80 pitches in 4 innings and allowing 5 or runs. They should just forfit every fifth game and give the guys some rest.


The Mets: Where careers go to die.

They were sandbagging us.


The worst part is that Saturday would be JJ's turn to pitch. Now that everyone has been pushed back Saturdays matchup will be Price vs. Vazquez instead of JJ. Guess who's gonna win that matchup.

Now I'm starting to worry since Cogz couldn't hit a beach ball right now. I think we're getting the best of Hanley and Infante and Stanton will get his HRs but not likely to be a determining factor in the W column. Looks like six guys on a 25 man roster will have to carry the team (Dobbs, Sanchez, Lomo and Johnson, Anibal, Nolasco). Although I'm not ready to panic like most have since they lost the series to the Mets I am concerned that all of our deficiencies are starting to catch up with us.

Oh yeah and not surprisingly Boni is no longer hitting .300.


I don't listen to the email Q&A. I see it as an opportunity to go get a beer or whatever.

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