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Ramirez doesn't sound optimistic about injury

    LOS ANGELES – Shortstop Hanley Ramirez came out of Sunday’s game after complaining of stiffness in his lower back in the first inning, and his status for the rest of the road trip is unclear.

   But Ramirez did not sound optimistic when asked whether he thought he could play Monday in Arizona.

   “Bad,” Ramirez said.

    Said Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez: “We’ll find out tomorrow. I have to find out what’s the situation , what’s the status with Hanley and then we’ll go from there.”

    After popping out in the first inning, Ramirez told Rodriguez that his lower back was bothering him. Ramirez took his position at shortstop in the bottom of the first, but he didn’t return for the second inning.

   “I sent him back to take the field that first inning, but I didn’t like what I saw,” Rodriguez said. “When he went out there, he said he would try. Swinging is one thing. But when he can’t perform defensively, now he’s going to be hurting the pitcher, he’s going to be hurting the whole team.”

    Ramirez said his back was bothering him before Sunday.

    “It’s been bothering me,” he said. “But it got a little bit worse with that swing. I don’t know. It’s day to day.”

     The Marlins were already playing with a short bench due to having 13 pitchers on the roster. If Ramirez is unable to play, they’ll have only 11 available position players when they open a three-game series in Arizona on Monday against the Diamondbacks.


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Hanley Wants A Bone

Put Hanley on the DL and call up Ozzie..it will be BIGGG improvement....Hanley won't be missed...

Fed Up With Losing

Hanloaf is a lazy jerk and we're better off without him. My least-favorite athlete in the history of local sports.

Lou Vales

He really wants out.You guys have won me over.make him happy.

Lou Vales

Clark, This is your blog. I know it would take an extraordinary amount of guts and I can barely comprehend how Ramirez would cut you off at the knees as far as access, but having said all that--wouldn't you really feel good about yourself if you described the perception of Ramirez by this organization. The man appears to be nearly toxic in what he can do to a bunch of young players. It appears he does not want to be out there and therefore he is benching himself. I understand that few care with the Heat Hysteria but don't you think that is a little more motivation to write the TRUTH that gets you and the Herald some national notoriety that comes not from falsehoods but rather a true description about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi this guy ias evolving into.

Watch his facial expressions, his grimaces, looks of anguish when he slidesand i won't even get into the most blatant forms of self-examination that I've ever seen on a baseball field. I've had exams by urologists that were not as rigorous as what Hanley subjects himself.

C'mon!! Clark Be The Man.You Know You Want To Say It!!

Hanley Blows

Hanley is cranking up the excuse-o-meter... I'm curious, what are his stats since he signed that big contract?

The guy is a bum and they better look into a trade before it's to late!

He is by far the least likeable "face of the franchise" athlete in sports... Just my opinion

Lou Vales

I actually am envious of all you guys that continue to come up with the:

"hanley (and then fill in your own verb", Well,I;m fixed on the task at hand.No more worries about lack of pitching in the minors, Baker's perpetual rotator cuff issues, West's work--LOL--ethic or anything else. It's full bore ahead as we work to get Hanley moved while he still has SOME value.I will need your help.

We can't stop poor Cishek being demoted tomorrow but we do need Martinez up here.


Would not bother me in the least if the Marlins dispatched Hanley. Even with his struggles he'd bring back a haul. Not only top prospects, but also MLB ready talent.

Perhaps he's been playing hurt all season and simply hasn't disclosed the true injury, we've seen that before...or he simply has lost his interest of being a Marlin. He always has these little knicks and what not, but they were always overlooked because he was producing. That isn't the case now, thus the microscopic examination.

I personally have not seen him display a bad attitude this season, as I think Edwin would not put up with such things. However, there simply is something wrong with the guy. Only Hanley knows what's going on. For better or worse he is the face of the franchise and the Marlins have heavily marketed that with the opening of the new ballpark next season. With that being said, a trade at this point would be shocking.

Stan M

Glad to see so many are on the same page. Now we must all contact Beinfest with our opinions. And he is booed in his home park as well. A team shouldn't even think about building a team aroung a player so disliked by the fans. Move him NOW before he looses even more value. We can't possibly have a poorer defensive shortstop and we might get much better. Considering how little he has contributed this year, his overall performance might be negative for he has to hit quite well to overcome his many negatives. This bad back business has shades of the Posada fiasco two weeks ago.

Frank Llaca

Was at the game today at dodger stadium. Recent transplant, big Marlin fan, former season ticket holder. They played awful. Mike Stanton in particular, too much home cooking and LA night life? Nolasco seemed to be cursed with half swings and bad defense. Hanley out of game seemed a precursor of things to come. All in all a disappointing performance. I will comment that Hanley, Logan and the rest were very good about signing autographs before game and generally being fan friendly. Keep the faith.


Nice to hear about Hanley and LoMo willingly signing autographs. Speaking of those two, it would have been nice if Hanley found the time to sign LoMo's cast that was sold on Ebay a few weeks back. Only player not to sign if I'm not mistaken. Typical Hanley. I digress...

Yes, Stanton did play horrendous...costly error, not swinging on batting practice fastballs at 3-0, but readily swinging at junk at 3-1 and 3-2. Not a big deal though. Nolasco is the one whose performance was head scratching. Too much added pressure in front of the many friends and family? Just an awful outing. He'll bounce back though. It's important now to play well in AZ and not waste the sweep in SF.

RE: Hanley, Beinfest and the booing. S.Fla is not a baseball market. There simply aren't enough people, let alone fans, who care Stan. If he, Hanley, were playing in an actual large media market that was comprised of media members who asked the tough questions or called out ballplayers, then he would be getting fried. The media in S.Fla is a microcosm of the fanbase...below average and in some instances well below.

The front office cannot afford to get rid of Hanley. Sure, he may be getting booed at home, but those fans are overlooked because they aren't in large numbers. It's the casual Marlin fan that the front office is targeting with this new ballpark. No matter what the Marlins do there will still be former/casual fans that won't support them because of their past fire sale ways. Hanley is really the only player, other than JJ I suppose, but to a much smaller degree, that the casual fan can identify with because he's the SUPERSTAR. Trading him prior to the stadium opening would cause severe backlash and a public relations nightmare. The casual fan won't care about or even be informed about what we are discussing on these blogs. All they'll see is that the Marlins traded away their best player once again and the public sentiment will be horrible, which presumably would lead to attendance numbers well below the predictions.

Like the idea of letting Beinfest know about what we think, but I doubt he cares.

Hanley The Enigma

Have never encountered a player,the star of the team,that is so disliked,even despised, by the hometown fans that have watched him play going on 6 seasons now..At the stadium the majority of fans can't stand him. On All the Internet blogs the majority of hard-core Marlins fans can't stand him...Mlb fans of other teams think he's a stiff and don't respect him personally...Evan at the national level,they respect his physical talent,but have little respect for the man personally..All of this cross-section of people can't be All wrong...The Marlins have trouble on their hands with this guy..They should seriously consider their options sooner rather then later...


Why is Hanley always getting himself injured? Either the athletic trainers working with him are useless, he doesn't know how to play baseball, or he just doesn't want to play. I hope he knows that if he doesn't turn it around, he can expect to "earn" much less than he does in his current contract with the Fish. If he wants to earn superstar dollars, he better put in a superstar effort.

Stan M

Probably too late for you to see this. Although I no longer live in Florida, I do feel that some of my opinions are valid and here is a defense to some of your points. As Lou and I both posted on last night's blog, Tommy Hutton finally put a major dig into Hanley. When Hanley came out of the game, he said that with our limited players available, a player should stay in the game even if only at 70 per cent. Was Tommy given permission to speak more frankly by the front office, or was this a new spontaneous decision? Unlikely.

Regarding Marlin fans, I think you sell them short. Yes, attendance is horrendous for several reasons. However, the TV audience is excellent, so the fans must be out there. When the formerly most prominent player is unpopular, expensive, a mediocre fielder, rumored to be unpopular with his teammates, and unproductive over a significant period of time, there is nothing to lose in trading him. Do you really think he is still our star? I would place Stanton, JJ, and LoMo above him and possibly Gabby as well because of his many community ties. I think that if a fan is a Marlin rooter, then he must have some degree of sophistication in that football and basketball town.

I think Boston, Cincinnati, and SF would all like him and have the talent to make a trade.
One point in his defense. Many from my family went to Atlanta to see the Marlins, had seats right next to our dugout, and got there at 5 for a 7 o'clock game. They reported that Hanley was a prolific autograph signer and was particularly attentive to a large group of youngsters. This collaborates what the fellow above said.

It is nice seeing you active again.

Lou Vales




If you guys/girls wish to see a real baseball blog go to the AJC.Com--Atlanta Journal Constitution---go to sports, braves and then go to Dave O'Brien's Braves Blog. Over 3,000 rssponses over a 2 day peroid for the last one and Dave always comes back to respond to certain points. I can understand why Clark may not think it is worth his time with the limited participation, however, maybe if this blog took on an EDGE we could build something.

Stan and Matt, have you checked to see what Joe's "blog" has morphed into. It's not really a blog it's something similiar to a one block neighborhood news letter. Take the power hitters away and the blog dissipates.

Lou Vales

Stan, Great comment on Hutton being given "permission" to assail Nanley. I don't believe Tommy would say "Boo" without having first been given sanction.Maybe something is up and they are finally starting to get the word out that this guy is a malcontent. He appears to be his happiest and most relaxed and least pained when he is practicing medicine. he will be able to hang a "Shingle" pretty soon as he continues his practice sessions.

Tomorrow is "E-Mail Tuesday" how about we all BRING IT!! We know they will not be read but let's set loose a barrage to let The Sweater Vest Boys know we are out there. I've contacted 8 Marlins fans around the country and they and I are going to be sending multiple messages. Maybe Laurel and Hardy can be shamed into not talking about color patterns, concourse widths, naming rights,vies from the bathroom, speed of the escalator and ALL those other vital points that the astute audience sends in.Let's show Abbott and Costello REAL "angry e-mailers.'

Lou Vales

By the way, my thanks to Matt who was the first one observant enough to pick up on Hanley's "mammerisims", you would have thought that someone like myself who has had every medical test known to mankind would have noticed. This preoccupation may have reached such epic proportion that Hanley is no longer interested in baseball. Maybe Hanley with the 40,000,000 or so guaranteed is now content with existing in his own little "Xanadu"--Check out Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "Kubla Kahn",and especially 1st sentence.

The more I think about it that "act" yesterday may have signaled Rock Bottom.He probably realized how Kershaw was throwing the ball, didn't want his average on the screen in LA and just decided not to get any closer to .200. I'm beginning to think that Uggla and Hanley may just be missing each other to the point they can't concentrate on baseball.Alex Gomzalez is getting up there and is a free agent after this year, maybe Hanley can go to the Braves for a --hesitate to say this--large package of players and reunite with dan.The fans will understand and just make Morrison, Stanton and Johnson the Faces of the Franchise. Now we would want something good back and NO Millers, Maybins, treaherns, rabelos, d la Cruzes. Let's do it!!

Lou Vales

Dear Clark, Do you really have NO thoughts on what went down yesterday??/

Woof!! Woof!!


Stan, your opinions are valid. Simply though, the Marlins don't care what you, I, or anyone outside of their little inner circle thinks. Ironman and Beinfest have always put up a Chinese wall in terms of info getting out, whether it be sensitive or not. It took deadspin or whatever that website was last year to expose their fiscal fraud because the media in S.Fla is too gutless to call anyone out or even question certain tactics employed by the front office, individual players, etc.

Any trade that involves a player like Hanley, who, for better or worse, has been marketed as the face of the franchise will not go over well. Again, the die hard Marlins fan will understand such a move, but the Norman Bramans of the world and the rest of the clueless public will simply view it as another slap in the face by the Marlins and an action that calls into question their promises of fielding a big time lineup. In a way they are in an untenable position from the standpont of dealing with Hanley. His mug has been all over the new ballpark marketing platform that the team employed. Remember also that Hanley signed that long-term extension at the site of the stadium prior to any construction being done. That was touted as a signal that the Marlins were done trading away their 'superstars'. It was a 'big' media event in Miami at the time.

Guys like LoMo and Stanton are great, but they're not mainstream just yet. The casual Miami fan viewed the Cody Ross move and the Dan Uggla trade as fire sale type actions. If Hanley were to be traded, then another superstar would have to be coming back to appease the masses who really won't have a clue about the circumstances involving the trade only that it's business as usual in Marlins land.

Regarding the TV rating, I'm well aware that the Marlins do very well. However, with a new stadium being opened on the horizon the Marlins aren't necessarily concerned with whose watching them on tv. They're only concerned with who's going to be coming to the new ballpark. A lot of those fans watching on TV may be die-hards or they may be casual fans, it's impossible to know. Trading away Hanley may not necessarily impact the TV viewing audience, but it most certainly would impact stadium attendance. With all the shenanigans that have happened over the years in this market I can't envision it being any other way. Informed people, such as yourself, bring up the tv viewing audience as a defense, but the only thing that is universally seen is the number of empty seats. Those are the ones that count.

Lou, I stopped posting on the Post because none of my messages would go through. I'd post a message or two and they were either deleted along the way or I was somehow banned. This is over a period of months as well. Who knows. One thing is for certain though regarding the Marlins blogs in S.Fla...they're the least interactive in all of MLB probably.


I dislike Hanley not for his performance but because of his lack of interest in fan interaction. From personal experience. Anyways, I agree with Matt in that if he is traded most fans would not evaluate what was received in return and simply interpret it as typical Marlins operations. Let's say he is traded, any suggestions in what area the organization is looking to improve? I know Lou has mentioned a nausea that there is no one in the minors ready to pitch. Evidenced by the Buente experiment and last Saturday's bullpen day.


Hey Lou, you get in your normal round of shuffleboard today?

Lou Vales

Jacob, Shuffleboard?? I'm about to play 9 holes at The Cliffs. The bad thing about the internet is you never know the position of people you are talking with. As a special treat I'll give a week's notice for the next game I attend in South Florida and I will sit in the club seats right below the pressbox and Tommy and Rich and I will make myself heard to all the faithful members of the Blog.

Jacob,Let me guess the Early Boid in Perrine, Delray Beach or Hollywood?? I always thought people like Jacob would wake up at 3:00 AM if there was a restaurant that took $1.00 of the price of all entrees. Jacob, did I nail it?? You know the State Bird of Florida?? The Early Boid. Cheapest state in the United States.It is all those treansplants from the 5 boroughos--How in the Hell do you spell Borougho??--who can't make it in New York and first words out of their mouths are--"That's not the way we did it in New Yawk"--Well, there is a reason for that.You just left New Yawk. Moron!!

Samson's Boyfriend

Hey Lou...Checked out the Braves blog in the AJC...very passionate baseball fans...Poor Uggla..either they're ready to run him out of town to Gwinnett or they're Praying and Hoping he snaps out of it and starts to hit..They're not too fond of Fredi either...thanks for the heads up..will be following the AJC blog now,especially when Braves come here June 7-9


I slept in this morning and am just now catching up on what all my favorite bloggers have to say, and I want to hop aboard the bandwagon. The Marlins have to shed themselves of this albatross, and now. If Hanley really does have all these nagging injuries that make him grimace and wail with the slightest bit of exertion, they are only going to get worse. Has anybody ever heard of an athlete (or anyone else) fully recovering from a bad back? And if all this nonsense is just Hanley being Manny, that's even more toxic (to use Lou's term) to team chemistry. I think the majority of even casual fans will forgive the team for trading away this so-called face of the franchise if they get someone halfway lovable in return and can field a winning team. But time's running out. This might be the Marlins' last chance to restock a woefully inadequate farm system and get a good everyday player to boot. So, as a not-so-great man once said, hasta la vista, baby.
And moving on — I think the experiment with moving Coghlan to centerfield has been a dismal failure, as most of us predicted. Cogs has performed adeqately if unspectacularly in center, but the pressure of learning one new position after another is clearly playing with his head and has turned a once-solid, promising young hitter into a pathetic lost soul at the plate. Too late for this year, but it would have been more reasonable to put Hanley in center, Infante at short and Coghlan back at second base. Now, if there are any other problems y'all need solved, just let me know.

Stan M

That's an interesting supposition about Coghlan. Personally, I think he's adopted extremely well to CF and is by nature a cocky so and so. However, your point could definitely have validity. I just wrote a lengthy post but got a "sorry, this material will not be posted" sign. Don't know why.

Lou Vales

I was TOTALLY WRONG about Coghlin's ability to play CF.He appears to be far better than I ever imagined.Now I don't know if some of these Sabremetrics would show him not getting to balls but his range factor appears good.

Laurel, I doubt if that is affecting his hitting.

So fraustrating to continue to watch the Phillies get clutch hits and the Braves induce DP's with the bags loaded.Our old body Cantu just grounded into a 3-2-3 with the bags juiced.


Stan M,
It's bizarre that occasionally they don't want to publish a post. The same thing happened to me a while back. Ordinarily, I'd get on the phone and try to ask someone what's going on, but I was busy at the time and let it slide. At least now I know I'm not the only one whose comments are deemed leprous.
As for Cogs, I'm just guessing, of course. I also have serious doubts about a batting coach who has no answers for struggling hitters like Hanley and Coghlan, and doesn't seem to be making great progress with Stanton, either. Isn't there somebody out there who's better than old what's-his-name?

Stan M

You weren't the only ones banned from that blog. It has suffered greatly without all of us. This blog has become very interesting and new posters have been met. Hello Glags, Juan and many others .And it's good to see Matt and LBowie posting again. Matt your point about the front office being close mouthed is well taken. I've posted this in the past. Once...and only once...I read that our TV announcers were told to stop complimenting Gerardi after his spat with Loria. If that is true, it would prove that the front office can control input on the TV broadcasts. But it might also mean that permission has been granted to offer more frank judgements on Hanley's actions and attitude. Lou, let's bombard the broadcast with Hanley comments. I send many anyway and they have read either my or my son's posts many times. We go by Stan & Stan from Asheville which is more recognizable than Hendersonville. Matt, I seriously doubt that the Marlins will pull satisfatory crowds after the first year of curiosity. Old goats, and I'm one, always want a "deal" before spending their SS and IRA money. And I wonder if people outside of that area aren't somewhat afraid to go there. However, that theory doesn't hold up if tourism in Miami has increased as much as had been suggested. I know that I was skeptical the first time I went to a Marlin game. And it was completely groundless. My son and I had nothing but pleasant experiences going to that ballpark. Regarding Hanley, you are right about his place within the promotional scheme. But he isn't enhansing that position lately.

Stan M

LB, tried again and it's posted above. There is nothing controversial there so don't get it. You also have a good point about the batting coach. The prior guy was a big hit, no small ball, Ks are OK kind of teacher so I was very pleased with this new fellow last year. But you are dead on about a lack of progress. The only conflicting point that I would make is that hitting is way off throughout all of baseball. And Infante has finally started to show his worth with a bat. I blame the manager for his batting order placemant for rally killing. Buck should never hit higher than 8th and he needs more rest. I prefer Hayes both with the bat and as a thrower. However, there does seem to be some credence to Buck's handling of the pitching staff. Someone, somewhere posted the question as to whether or not Hanley has been hurt all year. It is an interesting thought.

Stan M

As a former New Yorker, I grew up with Jackie Robinson and the Duke. In my middle years there was the great Tom Seaver and his crew followed by Dwight Gooden, Keith Hernandez and those "bad boys." Of all of the prominent players of my past, Hanley reminds me most of Darryl Strawberry. The front office would say but he's only 23, then only 24, then suddenly he was pushing 30 and traded with an uggly reputation for personal and family problems with a "good riddence" tied into his departure. Well, Hanley's only 27. How does that follow up?


While Hanley is out, why not try Boni hitting leadoff and Infante batting second again, to maybe get something going for the meat of the order? Move Cogs to 8th to take some pressure off him until his bat comes around.
Stan M, I agree that Buck needs more rest. Let Hayes catch every third day. He can handle this staff just fine.
Edwin, you listening?

Mrs ramirez

I'm sick of all you people complaining about Hanley. Any of you making his money? Any of you own a big boat. We are doing fine.If Hanley wants to play he will play if he doesn't he will rest up and nothing the Marlins can do about it. Just shut up!!

Lou Vales

Stan,You nailed the Buck thing.I actually thought he would hit around 260 and drive in 85.I'm kinda hit and miss with my predictions.

I post as Earl Williams on the AJC Blog even though it's a big joke because I went on there and said i would not post as Lou Vales anymore.They hate my guts because of my Uggla bashing.they keep saying over and over and over again that he will snap out of it. I kept saying over and over and over again--WHY???

Stan M

Dear Mrs. Rodriguez,
Are you keeping the man happy? Here I refer to his mannerism of grabbing his brains every chance he gets. Puzzling!

Stan M

yes and yes on Bono and Infante at the top of the order.

Lou Vales

Stan, I think you meant "Mrs Ramirez", I'm positive that Mrs Gonzalez would have nothing to do with--Oh, Never Mind!1

Mrs Ramirez

Jealous!! Jealous!! Jealous!! Lou, Stan and all you other old farts.Hanley has the money and the fame.you have nothing.Hanley is nearly adored in South Florida.All the fans at the games are there to see him. they aren't there to see you, and I'm really getting tired of stan, Matt Lou and others who make fun of these alleged mannerisims. Give the man a uniform that fits and he will be fine.Marlins are so cheap.Bad uniforms and should have given hanley more money.did you ever think he is having a few problems because he is so underpaid. LOSERS!!!


at this point, it doesn't matter. let him sit, or trade him. it is a pretty big sample size of failure this far (this season). bring ozzie up and trade for pitching or a big bat.

Stan M

Dear Mrs. Ramirez,
You are so prescient! Far ahead of us in your thoughts. Of course it's the tight uniform. Sometimes it's hard to fit area bulges on a uniform when they are so contradictory to the norm. But you would know much more about that than us dinosaurs as you point out. In fact, you have really said a mouthful!
Thanks for the correction, Lou. My thoughts were distracted to the destination of Hanley's interaction; it's my only excuse!

Stan M

Join the crowd, Tim. To quote a great female leader, "You betcha!"

Samson's Boyfriend

Hanley hurt his back trying to pat himself on it the last time he hit a homer....No Hanley in line-up tonite...a Marlins fan delite...Hey Mrs. Hanley, keep him at home doing the housework for as long as U like..Let him wear one of your housecoats..It'll be easier for him to reach under and stroke his ego...


I often wonder what the over/under in Vegas would be placed at regarding Hanley handling Mrs. Hanley's special place. I'd say over 500 and that just may be extremely conservative.

So, some of you also have been banned from the Post's blog? Really wasn't aware that the majority of posters over there have now gathered over here because after being silenced by the Post I stopped looking through blogs.

By the way, nice prediction LB. Spot on...Perhaps Edwin was reading.

Tampa Bay Ray

What is Manny's wife doing, posting on Hanley's behalf...What's going On? Does Manny suffer from roid side effects and she's been envious, watching Hanley handle his package?Oh! the shame of it all...

Stan M

Here's another compliment for LB. Horrible game, but the manager sees the same things we (mostly you) do. Let's hope he leaves the lineup this way for a while. Unfortunately, his first 3 at bats show why Dobbs sits vs. lefties. And Buck is still ineffectual. Pretty soon we'll be repeating a line from my youth, "Wait till next year!" if the team can't get out of the doldrums. They're flat.




most of all the comments on here are total B.S. !!! Why is Hanley always hurt?? are you kidding me!!! he's never been on the D.L. in his life !!! Hanley has no fan interaction? are you serious...I've never seen another player sign so many autographs !!! You people are Idiots !! Us true Marlins fans love Hanley !!

Hanley's a Lazy Mutt

Hanley plays like a lazy Mutt.Period.

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