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Stanton breaks out with big night versus Cards

ST.  LOUIS -- The Marlins patiently waited through the month of April for Mike Stanton and Hanley Ramirez to start resembling the hitters they can be where they are at their best.

Mike Stanton Two days into the month of May, it looks like Stanton is a lot closer to returning to form. His 3 for 5 performance Monday night against the Cardinals wasn't just crucial in a 6-5 come-from-behind victory, which tied the Marlins with the Phillies for the best record in the National League at 18-9.

The way Stanton swung the bat and connected -- belting a 417-foot line-drive into the second deck to tie the game, and a frozen rope line drive to center that led to a triple and eventually the game winning run -- was reminiscent of the player we saw putting on laser shows throughout spring training. Although his legs aren't totally healed yet (straigned right quad, left hamstring), his swing sure looks like it is.

""The home run was very impressive. But that triple, it was a hard hit line drive," Rodriguez said. "The good thing I saw today not only the way he's hitting, but he's driving the ball, middle, middle away. That's a very good sign."

Stanton's home run came an 0-2 changeup from Kyle Lohse. He entered Monday 6-for-38 (.158) on 0-2 counts. "He was trying to freeze me with a changeup," Stanton said. "Obviously, if it doesn't work it's a bad pitch. If it works, it's a good pitch."

The triple? Well, that was just sick. "That ball was absolutely scorched," said Greg Dobbs, who drove Stanton home with what turned out to be the game-winning run on a sacrifice fly to right.

"He's so strong. The home run too. When he gets it, the ball explodes off his bat."

Stanton struckout in his final at-bat in the ninth with runners on the corners. But all-in-all it was a good night for Stanton, his first three-hit game of the season and a strong sign he's about to break out.

"It was good for him. He needs that," Rodriguez said. "Now, we have to get Hanley ready, get him on track."


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Lou Vales

Stanton IS a BEAST, Morrison is a future batting champion, Sanchez is a productive hitter who works the count and puts ball in play, Coghlin is a leadoff hitter with pop, Buck has helped the staff and does not hit much but gets huge hits, Hanley will hit--OR we are blanked, Infante is better than what he has shown,Dobbs and a yet to be acquired guy can handle 3rd, Bonafacio may have finally got the idea, Johnson is 1 of top 3 in baseball, Nolasco a SOLID #2, Sanchez has his velocity back, Vasquez MAY have made necessary tweeks and bullpen is solid with only a few bleeps by Mujica and Webb causing concern.

Will need a 5th starter--thought answer was at Triple A and VERY CLOSE to being ready until injury bug. By the wat, Ceda is pitching way marlins expected him to a couple of years ago.

They finally followed advice of the Blog and told Donnie to take a walk in traffic.Need to rest Infante for day or two. Either play Martinez or move Boni to 2nd and Cousins or Peterson a game in left. Volstad is and will remain a 6'8' SOFT TOSSER who would not challenge Steven Hawking with hard stuff. IF you want this team to win---which means you care about the team--and NOT one of those MORONS who parrot "Be a good fan and just root for them" you MUST realize this team needs some tinkering. I'm not talking any HUGE expenditure to scare this ownership but just some "Moneyball" moves to get a RH bat at 3rd and a "competent" 5th starter. The best thing now is to keep an eye on New Orleans and see if they can make move within. Team is very good BUT to WIN they are NOT good enough. Is that what you want???

Lou Vales

Clark,Any way on finding out status of Sanabia and West at New Orleans?? How far away are they?? If you want I could make the calls but I would assume you have more access.


Guy above me is right. This team is very close to being ELITE. We match up well against anybody in a series. We have only lost one series all year so far. And that was the first series of the season, before we got into a groove. We really need a solid 3B. A 5th starter isn't as necessary as say another bullpen arm or two, but definitely up on the priority list. I for one like Volstad more than Vasquez, because I know Vasquez is only going to lose velocity while Chris will only get more command and a better use of it. We are in a great position, but we need to make a move or two (because we know others will be soon) to ensure we stay where we are. Other than that, Edwin please just keep everyone healthy and we'll be great!

And Thank You Mr. Stanton and Mr. Gaby Sanchez! You both rock!


Is it July already?

Lou Vales

Funny how they count the games in Arril,May and June.An astute baseball man said "Can't win a pennant in April and May but you can lose one." Tigers 8 out, Sox 9 1/2 out, Twinkees 10 out, Cubs already getting buried, Giants 5 1/2 behind the Fish.

It's a marathon and now 1/6th of season has been played.In a REAL marathon that would mean you have run about 4 1/3 miles.Unless you are a super Kenyan, it's probably not too good of an idea to already be the equivalent of a mile behind when you are running against talented people.

raul llata

i think hanley should not be batting third. yes, physically he has all the tools but the mind, oh the mind. hanley's mindset, i believe, is that of a flashy table-setter, batting leadoff or second, not a big homer, RBI guy that usually goes with hitting 3rd or 4th. ok maybe last year was an exception.
i see a little fear in his aura when batting w/runners on 2nd and 3rd and the team in need of a big hit. trailing 4-2 in the ninth.
anybody feel the same?


Lou, it's obvious that you are smart baseball person. However, it's too early to push the panic button and start making moves for the sake of making moves. 3rd base should be a non-issue for now with Boni/Dobbs. We now have four outfielders so I would assume Boni and Dobbs, who are both raking right now, could hold down 3rd until a permanent solution is needed or available which ever comes first. Lomo will be back which will certainly close the door on murphy, much to your delight. Then its a toss up between Petersen and Cousins. There really is no defending Volstad but again it's too early to tell if he'll straighten out or not. Plus you have to take into consideration teams don't look to sell until later in the year. Be patient. It'll all work out. I'm sure of it.


Yes to your Hanley question.

infante grounds out to 2nd base

Volstad is terrible ! Why not give Brian Sanches a start ?

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