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AUDIO: Beinfest, Marlins players react to Edwin Rodriguez's resignation as manager

ST. PETERSBURG -- Here's what Larry Beinfest and several players had to say after learning of Edwin Rodriguez's resignation around 11:15 this morning.

Marlins President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest breaks the news 

Veteran Wes Helms talks about Edwin Rodriguez's resignation

Catcher Brett Hayes on Edwin Rodriguez's resignation

First baseman Gaby Sanchez talks about Edwin Rodriguez's resignation


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Where is Larry's resignation? He's the guy that put all this supposed talent together. Now who are they going to blame now that Edwin stepped up and exposed this organization? Larry Beinfest should do the same, he's overrated and is stale with this team. Great a 2-1 loss perfect.


Its not Beinfest fault either.


I think it is safe to say that as well respected as Edwin is nobody likes a quitter. I sincerely doubt he'll be able to find a job coaching in the big leagues again. Bear in mind he was only up here because he was "the best option" after Bobby V said no thank you.

James markowski

They definitely played better today! It appeared to be a whole team effort.

Lou Vales

Glags, I don't know if I would call this quitting. I believe Edwin was as deceived as most of us by the alleged talent level. Nobody could have believed it was this bad at both the Major and minor League level. He knew he was going to be fired no matter what else happened. Why give them the satisfaction of assuming stwwardship of their inepitude. I have even backed off on my Beinfest disgust.After talking with people it has become obvious that draft picks are made on the basis of how little it will cost to sign them.

Dade County has been SCREWED by these---how do you spell "sheisters"? and I wish I still lived there so I could really raise Hell.

Samsons Boyfriend

Hey Lou check out Clarks newest post about Jack McKeon coming back...time to Double Down on Trader Jack..


Lou I suppose you're right in that perhaps Edwin didn't want to give them the satisfaction. But what else would you call it other than quitting. Things got rough he knew it wasn't getting better so he quit.


Unless of course he's got other issues to deal with at home.

Stan M

Edwin was issuing positive personal statements just a couple of days ago. And now he resigns right when Loria is out of town! Hmmmm. My personal opinion is that he was given the choice to resign or be fired. What else could one expect the FO to say as long as he chose to resign. This acting surprised business keeps the dung from hitting their doorstep. And Loria being away from the fire adds further credulity to my suspicion.


Who knows but this whole thing is turning into a soap opera. A boring one at that. Someone mentioned that they are hoping that lighting strikes twice.

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