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Buster Posey releases statement on Scott Cousins

Giants catcher Buster Posey releases statement through Giants about Scott Cousins. Courtesy of Extra Baggs blog.

“I appreciate the continued support of Giants fans and others as I begin the process of working my way back. But in no way do I condone threats of any kind against Scott Cousins or his family.

"As I said last week, I’m not out to vilify Scott. I appreciate that he made the effort to reach out to me on the night of the play, but I was in no physical condition to talk to anyone. I have not been back with the team since that night, so I haven’t even been aware of any other messages he’s left for me. We all need to move on, so it isn’t necessary to have a conversation with him at this point."

"My only focus right now is looking forward, getting healthy and returning to catching for the Giants.”


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that's a roundabout way to accept an apology, but hopefully everyone can put it behind them now.




Posey should ask Cousins to sign his cast...


Cousins could have broken Posey's neck or spine and made him a paraplegic for rest of his life. In that case, Cousins will be feeling much worse than he is now. I hope he SLIDES the next time he tries to score. It is only a game.

Samson's Boyfriend

If my grandmother had balls,she'd be my grandfather...why don't you just blame Boni for hitting a short fly ball to the rightfielder with the good arm...Enough of this Posey crap,time to move on...

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