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Clay Hensley injures right shoulder

      PHOENIX -- Clay Hensley injured his throwing shoulder when he struck out Sean Burroughs in the ninth here earlier tonight, and indications are he is probably headed to the disabled list.

      "We have to wait and see what's wrong with him, " said manager Edwin Rodriguez. "But the way it looked, it looks like he's going to be out for a while."

      Hensley refused to discuss it, walking past reporters to the training room with his right shoulder wrapped in ice. But pitching coach Randy St. Claire said Hensley said he felt a pull in his shoulder on the strikeout pitch to Burroughs.

       "Top of the shoulder," St. Claire said. "He said he felt something pull. He said he didn't feel anything pop."

       Hensley was making only his third appearance of the nine-game road trip, first since failing to record an out on Friday in Los Angeles when he gave up three hits and walk to the Dodgers, and fourth since coming off the disabled list on May 21 with a bruised rib and hairline fracture to his left scapula.


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Lou Vales

I still remember the Sheik and Dick the Bruiser going at it in Olympia Stadium in Detroit.

Samson's Boyfriend

Sheek...Shake...Shah..what's the diff..Just give me the OIL...


Lou, can you crack this code?


Samson's Boyfriend

Matt..best thing Nick Johnson ever did for Marlins was to influence rookie Cogs on hitting,Johnson hit in 2 hole behind Cogs and young Mr Cogs took Off in August and Sept to win ROY...unfortunately he has'nt hit like that since..Johnson was a hi OB% guy but could never stay on the field..Very Injury Prone..Too Bad


Okay, gang. Clark Spencer here. I'm hearing Ozzie Martinez is on his way back from New Orleans. Not sure yet whether that's for an expected DL move for Clay Hensley or Hanley Ramirez. Trying to find out. My guess would be Hensley, who is scheduled for a MRI in the morning. With the off day, the bullpen is rested and they don't need that 5th starter until Tuesday, so they can wait on Ramirez's back if they have to. This could buy them a little time with him.


Very true Samson. Johnson, during his stay here, had an OBP north of .400. For whatever reason Cogs really buckled down and became extremely patient just like NJ. He's not taking that approach anymore. And Johnson got 5M from the Yanks last year for virutually playing in a handful of games, if that. Great on base guy, but as injury prone as any player in any sport that I've ever seen.


Currently what would be the best area to improve? And who would we give up since our farm system sucks.


Good update Clark and I think your guess is probably correct. They can always DL Hanley retroactively over the weekend and bring up another stud if they need to.

Samson's Boyfriend

Thanks for the heads-up Clark...I would think if Hanley's back is even so-so why risk it getting worse later when he can get some treatment and rest now...But I'm not a trainer...


Well, for me the rotation is a concern as is the lack of depth. You also need production from your CF, regardless of where he hits in the lineup. If Dobbs can handle 3B for the rest of the year at the pace he's playing, then that's taken care of. Bullpen seems steady even with a few injuries. I can't foreee the FO making any big time moves because the biggest chips the Marlins have to deal are already with the big club. And, Skipsworth and Dominguez aren't going anywhere. Other than the waiver wire, I think Beinfest will play the plug and patch game.

Samson's Boyfriend

It's only June 2 between now and mid-nite July 31 things can change dramaticaly in MLB especially when injuries are involved..I remember watching Mike Lowell get hit by pitch in game on July 30 2003..you could tell right away it was bad..enter Jeff Conine in Baltimore who Beinfest signed at the stroke of midnite July 31..the rest,as they say ,is History...They both played in the post season and Marlins would'nt won it all with Conine..He took Encarcion's place in order with an OF of Conine, Pierre and Cabrera in right..So it's kinda early to speculate..

Samson's Boyfriend



Hey, guys. I'm late chiming in again because they only have one computer here at the home, and I always have to fight Debbie, Priscilla and Lou for the damn thing. Thanks for the kind words, Stan M. and Samson's Boy Toy, but the two of you, along with Lou, Matt, Glags and several others who post here know a lot more about baseball than I ever will. I am fascinated by your MLB reminiscenses because I grew up in Oregon and spent (or misspent) my youth rooting for the PCL Portland Beavers, following the exploits of such baseball icons as Frankie Austin, Eddie (The Spider) Basinski and Joe Brovia.
When I was 12, my old-maid aunt came to visit us in Oregon and I talked her into renting a car and driving me 30 miles to watch the Beavers play. She had never seen a baseball game and wasn't all that hot to go, but by the third inning she was hooked.
"This is great!" she said. "I wish they had a team in Chicago!" I told her all about the Cubs and the White Sox. Four days later, she flew back to Chicago, bought a season ticket on the third base line at Wrigley and never missed a Cubs home for the next 31 years, until she lost her sight and could no longer go. She spent the last two summers of her life hunched over a radio, listening to the Cubs games and praying for a miracle that she'd never live to see.
I didn't get to attend my first Big League game until June 1, 1958, when I was 15. I saved up my money, flew to Chicago and my aunt took me to a Cubs-Dodgers game. The Dodgers won 1-0 and I was in line getting my third hot dog when Don Zimmer drove in Carl Furillo for the only run of the day. The Cubs got only two hits, my hero Ernie Banks went 0-3 and in the scheme of things, it wasn't much of game — but it was, up until that point, the most exciting day of my life, even exceeding the day I got Crazy Legs Hirsch's autograph.
It was an agonizing time in my life 35 years later when the Marlins appeared on the scene and I decided that since I was now a resident of South Florida, I had to cast aside my beloved Cubs and dedicate heart and soul to the Marlins. Aunt Esther, please forgive me.
P.S: It WAS funny how much Priscilla sounded like Lou there for a moment. Hmmm. Now let's find out who Juan Yanes is.


Dobbs' hitting has been a real Godsend to the Marlins and he has a hot wife. But he'll be 33 next month and he's never been an everyday player for an entire season, so I'm afraid he's going to wilt like a petunia in the Florida sun. Now is the perfect time to give Martinez a shot (no pun intended) at third and give Dobbs a breather. Ozzie is a cool, tough, smart kid and I have a hunch he's going to be a real good major leaguer soon. Besides that, what choice do they have? Helms is done and Boni is needed elsewhere.

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