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Cousins heads to DL with lower back strain; Marlins hit the road with Hanley after 1-10 homestand

The Marlins will head to first place Philadelphia losers of 14 of their last 17 games. Hey, but at least Hanley Ramirez will be back in the lineup.

The Marlins activated Ramirez from the disabled list after Monday's 12-9 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks and sent outfielder Scott Cousins to the DL with a lower back strain.

In all honesty, the Marlins couldn't be happier to be getting out of town. With Monday's loss, they fell to 15-22 at Sun Life Stadium. They'll hit the road now to play 16 of their next 19 away from this place. And that might be a good thing considering they're 17-11 on the road.

"There's no scientific explanation for that," manager Edwin Rodriguez said about his team's home record after Monday's loss. "We play better when we're away. It's sad to say, but yes it will be good to hit the road and see if we can start winning some ballgames."

Ricky Nolasco, who had his shortest outing of the season (3 innings, 8 hits, 9 runs, 5 earned, was quick to shoot down questions about him having any mechanical issues despite issuing a season-high four walks. Rodriguez said otherwise.

"I think he was flying up a little bit," Rodriguez said. "He wasn't hitting the corners. It was a matter of getting behind in the count. The arm was fine, the velocity was fine."


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Tonights game was the irony of all ironies. These guys can't buy a win right now.


Anybody think Edwin will make it to his one year anniversary,June 24, of being the first PR manager in the Big Leagues..he'll also be the first PR manager fired in the Big Leagues..


If this continues they will be 10 games out by the time they leave Philly. I don't think that firing him will prove anything at this point. You scratch the season and start over again next year. He certainly won't be back. On the other hand, they might just turn it around once Hanley and JJ are back. If you go back in time the Marlins went from bad to worst around the time that Hanley sat out a few games before being DLed.


Hanley wasn't producing worth a squat when he was cough cough...healthy, so how can his disappearance from the lineup play any part in this current funk? I think JJ being out has more of an impact because I think it's fair to assume that he would have won at least one start within that homestand. The Division has been lost already. Philly wasn't playing up to their potential, but were still comfortably ahead. Marlins were/are a pretender. Injuries impact every team, so that's not an excuse. The good team's don't let them ruin a season in an 11 game stretch. Everyone is to blame, from the GM to Edwin and to the players for not stepping up and picking up the slack by JJ anyway. Don't think Edwin survives much longer if the road trip goes poorly. That road record was achieved largely with a full cast of characters and ones that were playing well. That's not the case now. Doesn't look good.


Then maybe it was just a coincidence. Or maybe these guys thought that if two highest paid players don't have to play then why should they have to. Or maybe they just plain suck. Who knows?! Certainly not me.

Dr Casey Stengel

Marlins are in a day to day,game by game death watch to their season...The patient is very sick and in the next week could take a turn for the worse...OR could put up a good fight,and show signs of life,and be on the road to recovery...As for tonites game against Hamels in Philly,its time to sit Cogs ,start Boni in CF and used Cogs for double switch and LHPH off the bench...

Dr Kinsey..& Dr Doolittle

Marlins are suffering from the dreaded 'Curse of SanFrancisco'...since sweeping the Giants and the Posey fiasco,the Marlins themselves have become a fiasco,going 3-14..Marlins players will have to do strange and un-natural things,that can't be mentioned here ,to break the 'Curse'..Hide the women, children and farm animals..

Lou Vales

Clark, You know SloMo,is he just a silly young man? Now he is quoted in MLB.com as saying "It's hard to relax when everyone is in a panic", has SloMo considered you can't go into this kind of a streak where YOU get your batting coach fired, soon to have your maanager get fired and not have people PANIC?? Maybe, just maybe, IF SloMO would have delivered in at least 3 8th or 9th inning situations where all they needed was a flyball, in that event this streak does not look so pathetic. I would suggest SloMo stop the tweeting BS and start looking at more film and maybe get an idea how to hit3-1 and 2-0. People really don't mind if you shoot off your BIG mouth as long as you deliver commensurate with the size and gravity of your comments. Now he goes back to Philly with all his Tweet Friends and maybe he can concentrate on baseball and not all the ancillary events.

Maybe?? But don't count on it.

Samsons Boyfriend

Lou...LoMo was in La-La-Tweet land strolling around the bases last nite on Stantons double off the wall..Gaby had to slow down behind him and stop at third..LoMo thought it was a Homer..he looked Shocked and Stupid crossing the plate,looking up at scoreboard for replay showing it didnt go out...

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