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Cousins' Marlins teammates sound off on Giants GM Brian Sabean

Before opening their clubhouse doors to reporters Friday, the Marlins announced team officials would not be making any comments regarding what Giants general manager Brian Sabean said about Scott Cousins Thursday.

But that didn't mean Cousins' teammates kept quiet. 

Several fired back at Sabean, not only calling his comments "wildly inappropriate" and "immature," but life-threatening. Cousins, who resides in San Francisco, has received multiple death threats since bowling over and injuring catcher Buster Posey for the season in a collision at the plate on May 25. Buck said a teammate had already contacted the players union about getting Cousins "more protection."

As for Sabean, Cousins teammates are hoping baseball takes swift action. ESPN reported Thursday that former Yankees and Dodgers manager Joe Torre, now MLB's head disciplinarian, was planning on meeting with Sabean soon. If given the chance for their own face to face meeting, several Marlins said they would give Sabean more than an earful.

"It seems like it has taken him a week to maliciously come up with a way to try and ruin Scott Cousins’ career, so basically what he is doing is exactly what he is accusing Cousins of doing," catcher John Buck said.

"It upsets everyone in here because not only is Scott a good teammate, it is affecting him off the field, it is affecting his family. It kind of hurts more on an emotional level. We see him here having to deal with it. For [Sabean] to stir this up again, I hope the league deals with it the right way."

Left fielder Logan Morrison, who said several Giants told him they had no problem with what Cousins did attempting to score the winning run, said if the Giants want retribution when the teams meet at Sun Life Stadium Aug. 12-14, to throw at him.

"I’ll take it for us. I’ll put the bullseye on my back. That would be the least I can do for Cuz and for this team," Morrison said. "I don’t have any animosity towards the Giants and I don’t think our team has any animosity toward the Giants. I have animosity toward Sabean for the comments he made and I have animosity toward Posey.

"They have to know that there’s things going on around Scott. For [Sabean] to come out and say something like that is just showing no compassion for a human being. This goes above baseball, this is life and death. This isn’t about a game, this isn’t about a season, this isn’t about one player."

Morrison also said he's been bothered Posey hasn't responded to Cousins or spoken up on his behalf, especially after Cousins sent him a two-page apology letter.

"For Posey not to write anything back to him or to say anything back to him, that’s just immature and childish and I’m being hard nosed and being cocky," Morrison said. "That’s the message he’s sending out by doing that. It’s unbelievable.

"... if it was me running, I would have tried to put him in the third row of the stands and not thought twice about it. If he got hurt, I’m sorry, but that’s part of the game."


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don't want to sound like the grammar police, and you don't have to accept the comment, but feel free to

"its clubhouse doors" should be "their clubhouse doors" because Marlins is plural.

"former Yankees and Dodgers manager, Joe Torre"--there shouldn't be a comma there.

"showing now compassion"--no compassion?

"this isn’t about one player. --there should be end-quotes.

"unbelieveable" is misspelled


You don't sound like the grammar police, Josh. You LOOK like the grammar police. Is it really that troubling for you?


sabean is a jerk QED

Lou Vales

I don't care anymore.

I do care about Wes Helms.

It's "Bark in the Park Night" so get Uncle Wes up in the stands with a nice bowl of Alpo and some water.


Good on you, LoMo. You just keep giving us more reasons to be our fan favorite. The Marlins, us fans, and Scott Cousins are lucky to have LoMo.

Lou Vales

We are VERY lucky to have LoMo.We are EXTREMELY unfortunate to have WesHelms.With 1st and 2nd and nobody out in the second inning he chases a 3-2 pitch out of the zone and basiclly shuts down the inning.

Woof Wof Woof

Lou Vales

When his career is FINALLY over I believe we would all appreciate if if Wes would share those pictures he has with the rest of us.I can't imagine what they could be.


It's going to be fun to watch Cousins get beaned. You've gotta love Sabean.


Blond blue if Cousins had it his way he would prefer to get hit already and for this thing to go away. Although after hearing Lomo's remarks it's more likely that he will get hit. This stuff gets settled on the field not through incendiary statements that may have a dangerous outcome. This MAN, A HUMAN BEING, is being threatened with his life in the city where he resides. Why can't you understand that? You guys have called him a thug and a criminal. That's awfully hypocritical considering it's you guys sending him death threats. I sincerely hope that these moffugers get caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Thanks, Manny! Now I can love the post for its content and its grammar! Go Marlins!


What is Posey suppose to say to Cousins? "Dude, no problem. You only broke my leg. It's cool." C'mon LoMo. Easy to say since your an OF. Whatever!

MIke Adams

Giant fan here:

Yes, Sabean was out of line and emotional with his comment. Cousins was not malicious in his intent, IMO (only he really knows the truth on that), but like it or not his career is going to be defined by that play and the fact that he ended Posey's season and may very well shorten Posey's career.

Cousin's needs to man up too though, and stop whining about death threats (do you really think he is in danger?). If he is man enough to play his brand of hard-nosed ball and take Posey out the way he did, he needs to man up and take the heat. As they say "That's baseball"...well getting plunked in the head by a 98MPH Lincecum fastball is baseball too folks.

Not that it will matter, as there is no way Scott Cousins will ever see another at-bat against the Giants.


Mike, you need to step back and examine what you just said. You are one of those dangerous people who confuse a game with real life situations. Hurting someone during the course of a GAME is not an event that should require someone to 'man up' when facing actual threats outside of the GAME. You admit Cousins didn't aim to injure Posey for the year. It was a hard legal play.

Take the 'heat'? Really? Are you serious? By your rhetoric you probably see no issue with someone threatening Cousins life because, as YOU alone put it, he's not in any real danger.

Where is Cousins from? Where did he play college baseball at? Where is his offseason home? If the incident at Dodger Stadium taught us anything at all, it's that there are plenty of cowards out there who are dangerous enough to hurt an innocent person simply going to a game to support his/her team. Brian Stow didn't do anything wrong and you saw the outcome with that.

Do I think Cousins' life is in danger? Not necessarily, but he was threatened and the threats are coming from his own backyard. It shouldn't be taken lightly as you seem to enjoy doing.

Also like your beanball comment. You're advocating throwing a near 100mph hard ball at someone's head. That could actually kill someone or at the very least end their career. That's not baseball as you put it. That's head hunting and that is not within the framework of the rules. I know Lincecum has too much class to do something as stupid as that. It's too bad that fans like you don't possess that same common sense.

That's as stupid a post as I've seen relating to this whole saga. Congrats.

MIke Adams


Cousin's play was legal within the confines of the game, but Posey was NOT blocking the plate, and the general code of conduct is to try to score without mowing over the catcher if he is not blocking the plate. Cousins chose the aggressive route, deciding from the jump to try and jar the ball loose by running him over. Again, within the "code" of hard-nosed baseball, but not the only choice for someone in that situation. Now he is catching heat because of the damage done, and he wants to hide behind where he grew up and his heartfelt 'apology' and make himself out to be the victim. Again - man the f up Cousins and realize that you made your bed and now you have to lie in it.

Regarding Cousin's "death threats" - come on...players who are in the news every day get threats of all kinds. The 'death threats' are a PR ploy by the Marlins to try to gain sympathy for a player who made a very questionable play that may have ended one of the most promising careers in all of baseball. Cousins should consider himself lucky to warrant all the attention he has gotten. How else is a career .220 hitter going to make a name for himself?

Comparing the Stow situation to Cousins is beneath even commenting on. Big difference between a random act of violence by a fan that actually happended, and 'threats' on a player.

The Giants won't go after Cousin's head, but if he ever has the stones to step in to the box against a Giants pitcher (a less than 1% chance really, unless it is done in the minors where Cousins will be soon), it is perfectly within the code of conduct of baseball to drill the guy. You may not like it, but just as I will admit that any Giants player could have been guilty of the overly aggressive play like Cousins, the Marlins would do THE EXACT SAME THING and drill the player if given the chance.

You Marlins fans want to claim the high road, until you actually examine the situation and see that that is exactly what Cousins did NOT do. Stop whining about being the victim here - Posey is the one who's season is over. Great job Cousins - you may have ruined two potential careers in baseball. Your own with your lack of talent, and Posey's with your poor decision making.


The only people whining here are the Giants. They can't seem to let it go. Over a week after the fact the GM brings it back in the news. Giants fans keep coming over to this blog and claining we're the whiners and taking pot shots at Cousins and the Marlins in general. To say that Cousins is trying to garner up attention for himself is beyond stupid. He let it go the day after the fact by issuing apologies and actually writing to Posey. He didn't have to do that but he did. The more the Giants keep this whoa is me charade going the more positive sentiment will be displayed toward Cousins. So keep it up Giants fan. We all respect your team because they are the defending champs, but your feeble attempts to continue to discredit Cousins, as a person, player or otherwise, is boorish.

Good luck to the Giants going forward Mike. Now get lost.

Samson's Boyfriend

Could'nt have said it better myself...way to go Matt...As far as last nite's game went it was a Yogi..deju vu all over again...LoMo has not been able to get the big hit needed in the cluth, but that will change, hopefully sooner than later..Stayed for the knock-off Beatles concert after the game..they brought their own sound system, instead of using the stadiums, made alot of difference..Ed Sullivan MC'd the really 'Big Shoe'...Pretty Good...more to come..

MIke Adams

Sorry Matt but the Giants are not the only ones keeping this in the news. Comments like the one Morrison "I would have tried to put him in the third row of the stands" is simply fanning the flames. I guess the Giants are supposed to just tuck their tales, thank Cousins for being such a standup guy and put a friggin' plaque of him up in the dugout? Payback is a bee-yatch, and it is coming your way. That is part of the game too - deal with it. When the Giants come to town in August believe me the players will be looking for payback. You guys seem to love hard-nosed ball - nothing better than a bench clearing brawl to soothe your old-school desires.

I'm sure those 'death threats' have resulted in extra protection for Cousins from the FBI, right? I mean, come on, the guys life is in danger, right? Actually, I heard that the FBI looked in to putting Cousins in the Witness Protection Program, but after review decided that his .150 average would result in his complete disappearance from public view very soon, so no action required on their part.

Don't worry, the Giants have moved on - right in to first place in the division, on the path to defending the World Series championship.


Were you on GET SMART in the 60's..Oh that was Don Adams...never mind...


Mike, your humor is in poor taste regarding Cousins. Grow up, man. Death threats are to be taken seriously, whether you think they're a joke or not. All it takes is one whack job out there.

Regarding LoMo, he was obviously responding to Sabean opening his yap and taking shots sounding off a week after the fact. Sabean kept this story in the news, the Marlins certainly didn't as they had moved on. I suppose he's defending his teammate. He's a free spirit and I did not think what he said was very intelligent or productive. Whether HE alone was seeking attention could be his mantra, I don't know. You'll need to ask him.

Old school desires, headhunting, bench clearing brawl, blah, blah, blah. It's you guys who want to see a brawl. All I keep seeing is Giants fan threatening this or that. As if any of you play or even have any say in what ever goes on during the course of game. I couldn't care less what happens to be honest with you. I'm not the type who takes things so seriously in a GAME, in which I'm not involved with, where I feel the need to throw threats, insults or the like around. Those who think that way need to grow the f up. My sister was blocks away from the WTC on 9/11. That's real life. This is sport. That's what keeps my mindset grounded during these stupid altercations in sport. Yeah, I have an opinion and I'll express it, but I don't take it so darn personal. It's too bad that simple minded people (not saying you are one Mike) can't comprehend that what happens on the field, court, pitch, etc is not a license to go off the reservation and become an enraged lunatic.

I've already wished your club the best of luck going forward. I'll leave it at that. If you want to continue to debate this then go to your local pub and talk with your own cronies who will cater to your every word.

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