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Cousins' Marlins teammates sound off on Giants GM Brian Sabean

Before opening their clubhouse doors to reporters Friday, the Marlins announced team officials would not be making any comments regarding what Giants general manager Brian Sabean said about Scott Cousins Thursday.

But that didn't mean Cousins' teammates kept quiet. 

Several fired back at Sabean, not only calling his comments "wildly inappropriate" and "immature," but life-threatening. Cousins, who resides in San Francisco, has received multiple death threats since bowling over and injuring catcher Buster Posey for the season in a collision at the plate on May 25. Buck said a teammate had already contacted the players union about getting Cousins "more protection."

As for Sabean, Cousins teammates are hoping baseball takes swift action. ESPN reported Thursday that former Yankees and Dodgers manager Joe Torre, now MLB's head disciplinarian, was planning on meeting with Sabean soon. If given the chance for their own face to face meeting, several Marlins said they would give Sabean more than an earful.

"It seems like it has taken him a week to maliciously come up with a way to try and ruin Scott Cousins’ career, so basically what he is doing is exactly what he is accusing Cousins of doing," catcher John Buck said.

"It upsets everyone in here because not only is Scott a good teammate, it is affecting him off the field, it is affecting his family. It kind of hurts more on an emotional level. We see him here having to deal with it. For [Sabean] to stir this up again, I hope the league deals with it the right way."

Left fielder Logan Morrison, who said several Giants told him they had no problem with what Cousins did attempting to score the winning run, said if the Giants want retribution when the teams meet at Sun Life Stadium Aug. 12-14, to throw at him.

"I’ll take it for us. I’ll put the bullseye on my back. That would be the least I can do for Cuz and for this team," Morrison said. "I don’t have any animosity towards the Giants and I don’t think our team has any animosity toward the Giants. I have animosity toward Sabean for the comments he made and I have animosity toward Posey.

"They have to know that there’s things going on around Scott. For [Sabean] to come out and say something like that is just showing no compassion for a human being. This goes above baseball, this is life and death. This isn’t about a game, this isn’t about a season, this isn’t about one player."

Morrison also said he's been bothered Posey hasn't responded to Cousins or spoken up on his behalf, especially after Cousins sent him a two-page apology letter.

"For Posey not to write anything back to him or to say anything back to him, that’s just immature and childish and I’m being hard nosed and being cocky," Morrison said. "That’s the message he’s sending out by doing that. It’s unbelievable.

"... if it was me running, I would have tried to put him in the third row of the stands and not thought twice about it. If he got hurt, I’m sorry, but that’s part of the game."