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Did Uggla's decision hurt Marlins and Braves?

   Take a look at the NL batting averages, scroll down to the bottom, and here are the three names you'll find riding on the back end of the caboose.

    John Buck  .214

    Hanley Ramirez  .210

    Dan Uggla  .172

    Name take a look at the last name on the NL earned run average board (min: 60 ip):

    Javier Vazquez  6.50

    With Atlanta in town tonight to open a three-game series, it's worth a look back to see what has transpired since Uggla spurned the Marlins' four-year contract offer and was traded to the Braves, where he loaded up on a five-year deal for $62 million.

     Uggla hasn't exactly been earning his keep with his new team. But the fallout hasn't exactly been pleasant for the Marlins, either. As you'll recall, they took the money they would have spent on Uggla (according to them) and applied it toward the signings of two free agents, Buck for three years ($18 million) and Vazquez for one ($7 million), who have failed to live up to the Marlins' expectations.

     Buck isn't producing at the plate the way he did for Toronto last season when he established career highs with a .281 average and 20 home runs. And Vazquez is looking very much like the aging veteran  who struggled with the Yankees, going 10-10 with a 5.32 ERA that is actually a run better than his ERA with the Marlins.

     The Marlins obtained reliever Mike Dunn and Omar Infante in the Uggla trade. Infante is a clear upgrade over Uggla defensively, but offensively isn't coming close to mirroring the .321 average he posted with the Braves last season. Dunn has looked sharp at times and not so much on occasions.

      So give us your thoughts. Which team got the worst of it when Uggla left packing for Atlanta?


      Marlins: 1. Chris Coghlan, cf; 2. Omar Infante, 2b; 3. Logan Morrison, lf; 4. Gaby Sanchez, 1b; 5. Greg Dobbs, 3b; 6. Mike Stanton, rf; 7. John Buck, c; 8. Emilio Bonifacio, ss; 9. Brad Hand, lhp.

      Braves: 1. Jordan Schafer, cf; 2. Alex Gonzalez, ss; 3. Martin Prado, lf; 4. Chipper Jones, 3b; 5. Freddie Freeman, 1b; 6. Dan Uggla, 2b; 7. David Ross, c; 8. Joe Mather, rf; 9. Tommy Hanson, p.


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Samson's Boyfriend

Will let you know when Uggs leaves town on Thursday, hopefully with his slump intact..Let him break out of his funk on somebody else's field,thank you very much...

Flav C

Agree with Samson. I'm not going to jink anything right now. All i'm going to say is the Atlanta fans want to pack Uggla (and Fredi)back to the Marlins.

Flav C

I meant "jinx" or "jynx", not "jink".

Stan M

Some of you "old timers" from Joe's blog might remember how I criticized the Buck signing right from the start. He never hit in a hitters park in KC, he was probably the worst thrower in baseball for 3 consecutive years at KC; although better last year. And 2 different teams let him go, with KC one of worst teams in baseball at the time. Vazquez seemed like a good gamble; only one year. Not ready to give up on him just yet. For one that got away, Marlins got virtually nothing for Jason Vargas. He's now 4-3 with a non hitting Seattle team. Has 2-9 inning games with no runs allowed and one 7 inning game with the same. Too bad. Poor Uggla. He's the enemy now so can't wish him well, but always admired the way he always gave his all. I fear the Braves much more than the Phillies. They seem old and are old, and that means injuries and DL time. The Braves are young and with a great farm system. Their only weakness is a manager who is, and always has been, over his head. Over the next 5 years it will be the Marlins and Braves with the Nationals coming on strong. Samson, if Dominguez does well at SS, he doesn't have to hit a ton to be brought up. Have to watch what happens there. Flav, where have you been before joining this blog?

Samson's Boyfriend

Stan the Man ...checked boxscores.. Matt D is playing 3B..must be typo on Zephyrs Web site..My guess is they figure to keep Buck around long enough for Skipworh to develope..then it's the Kid's Job..Buck probably won't be with the Marlins for the duration of his contract..depending on how fast Skipworth progresses Marlins will call-up the kid if he can match Bucks'offense which won'i be much and learn how to handle this pitching staff and improve his catching skills over the next 2 seasons..

Flav C

Hey Stan, i've been posting comments in the marlins/mlb.com website under southFL-fan nickname. I've been called moron and other not-so-nice names in that website since the beggining of the season for over-criticizing the FO for the acquisition of Buck and Vazquez. It was just so logical to me that a .230 career-hitter (not including his only 1 good season)was a bad idea that i was surprised very few people saw the same.


OK Marlins are loosing because Morrison, Gabby and Stanton are struggling with runners in scoring position in the last six games. OK in this case the manager should move these guys in the lineup batting order; but Mr.Edwing did nothing, like with struggling Handly Ramirez was third in the lineup for more than 30 games; it is insane; like Boby Bragan and Preston Gomez say (after 4 continuos straight games struggling hitting with runners in score position) the player should be moved.




Wren might have made a huge mistake signing Uggla to that huge contract. Even so, the Braves will still be fine since they are actually willing to spend money (Plus we have 8-9 pitchers who should be starting in the MLB).

I feel for you Marlin fans. It has to be really hard to remain a fan when your management ships so many great players away and spends so little.

Stephen Hanes

I think the Braves made the right decision because Uggla will sort it out around the All Star Break...The Marlins received a excellent pitcher in Dunn and took some money off the books. Also, Omar Infante is a excellent player and I think by the end of the year it will level out. I'm a Braves Fan and I think that Uggla needed to go through this because he has become a better defender and when his bat comes around it will ignite the Braves.



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