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Edwin Rodriguez resigns as manager; Jack McKeon a candidate for interim?

       Edwin Rodriguez bowed out as Marlins manager this morning, submitting his resignation to club officials in St. Petersburg. Bench coach Brandon Hyde will manage today's game against the Rays.

        Larry Beinfest, president of baseball operations, said the team would look immediately for an interim manager to finish out the season. Hyde and former Marlins manager Jack McKeon, who guided the team to the 2003 World Series title, are candidates for the interim job, according to sources.

        ESPN is also reporting that McKeon is a candidate.

        But McKeon, 80, said he had not spoken to anyone with the Marlins about the position.

        "I just walked in from church," McKeon said at 12:45 p.m. "I didn't even know he resigned. I haven't heard a word."

        Asked if he would consider returning as manager if asked, McKeon replied from his home in North Carolina. "I'd have to check with my wife and see what she says. But, no question I could do it."

       Considering the team's rapid plunge, going from 10 games over .500 and a game out of first on May 26 to seven games under .500 and 12 games out in a span of just over three weeks, the decision hardly comes as a surprise.

       Rodriguez was on thin ice even before the season began when he accepted a one-year offer to manage the team, and it's no secret that the Marlins would like a high-profile manager (Ozzie Guillen?) in place when they move into their new ballpark next season.

      Rodriguez was handicapped by injuries to key players, notably pitcher Josh Johnson and shortstop Hanley Ramirez, and Ramirez's season-long hitting slump.

      He didn't quite last one full year at the Marlns' helm, taking over for fired manager Fredi Gonzalez last June 23. Not long after Rodriguez was promoted from Triple A New Orleans to accept the interim title, the Marlins talked to Bobby Valentine about the full-time position.

      But talks with Valentine ultimately collapsed, and Rodriguez was left in charge to manage the rest of the 2010 season.


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Samsons Boyfriend

Marlins need a familar grandfatherly type to put a good Public Relations Spin on the rest of this Calamity to sell tickets for next year...Bring Back Trader Jack and look for 2012 manager after this Season is over..Fire Pitching Coach recycled reject Randy Egg Claire and in the interim have Wayne Rosenthal take over as PC..Keep Espada and Perry Hill..


Well, at least he went out on his own. Better to quit than to get fired. I hope Edwin finds more opportunities with another team.

Lou Vales

Keep that abrasive old fart out of the dugout. Have him hang around Elon and do what he does.These guys will quit on him after one of Jack's outbursts and you may say they have already quit but they are still hustling if they not only STINK but also quit hustling this becomes a Greek Tragedy.

Lou Vales

I really hope Edwin told Iron Man to perform the impossible. Although with Samson he has probably tried it.

Samsons Boyfriend

Hearing rumblings about dealing Hanley...Boston???


You're right, Bob. Always better to quit than get fired. Especially when getting fired gives you the rest of your paycheck, and quitting gets you nothing.

Any other gems?


If Edwin truly resigned rather than being fired, he probably won't get paid for the remainder of the year. That makes a sad situation even sadder. I respect him as much as any manager the Marlins have ever had.

Samsons Boyfriend

Edwin gets paid in full...Hanley to L.A ???


Hanley to LA for Jered Weaver
Hanley to BOS for there top 5 prospects.

Lou Vales

Nice Start!!! 0for 3 with RISP!!!!

PLEASE!!!! No more quotes from SloMo.

SloMo, Quit the tweeting and other crap. It's only amusing when you are producing. When you stink it only reflects on non-preparation.

SloMo, 2nd and 3rd Nobody out.Pull the ball slowly to right side of infield. Speedster scores from 3rd, other speedster moves from 2nd to 3rd and 4th place hitter then gets to hit ball on ground or shallow fly and it's 2-0.Big guy, NOT brain surgery.


Hitting in the big leagues is just so simple, isn't it Lou?

You're a douche. I'm sure the other geriatrics at Century Village think you're an incredible baseball mind.

Stan M

Oh, how I wish. Are you actually hearing rumblings or just supposing? Please say the former.

Lou Vales

Hey Jacob, Talk about being simple, when your mom and dad thought they were practicing good birth control because they were aware those jobs at waffle House would not be conducive to having children, and then you pop out 7 1/2 months later at 32 ounces with more physical and mental defecits than an Afghani Neo-Natal Center, well, that taught them nothing was simple except the son. Make sure you wish the old man a "happy Father's Day"because he deserves it. And if he is no longer with us, wish him a good day anyway.

Jacob, nice reference to Century Village.They are only indigenous to South Florida.

Lou Vales

By the way, SloMO you can't hit 2-0.Take a pitch.Take one in the ribs. Just don't swing the bat.


Just came back home from having lunch with my family and this is what I find. Awesome, if only the players could also stop showing up.



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